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Paul McCartney: MJ Was a Talented 'Boy Man'

6/26/2009 6:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney, who warred with Michael Jackson when he bought up the rights to the Beatles catalog, released the following statement:

"I feel privileged to have hung out and worked with Michael. He was a massively talented boy man with a gentle soul. His music will be remembered forever and my memories of our time together will be happy ones."


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oh my    

"Boy-man" is a compliment. All of Michael's closest friends have come out and said that he has always verbally identified himself as a person that has never really grown up (due to his childhood in the limelight). You can have an issue with someone and still feel sorrow about their passing! HELLO! How many times have we seen or heard people say, "If only I would have told so and so that I loved them." Even his own brother (Tito) has said that!

1915 days ago

Paul McJackson    

To begin with, Paul didn't own the songs himself at the time Michael purchased them. He out bid Paul and won the rights. Paul was upset and thus began a "feud" between them. It was a one-sided "feud" because (as one said) MJ never returned Paul's phone calls. That's quite a cop out. I would hope that Paul has mellowed over the years in regards to this issue, although you can never tell. His "man boy" comment is, I think, a referrence to MJ's being successful starting in his pre-adolescent years. Remember, he began with the Jackson 5 in 1966, when he was seven/eight years old. I also read somewhere that MJ had planned to alter his will and include Paul's name as the sole owner of MJ's share of the Beatles' catalogue. This was back in January of this year. I see no harm in this statement. You'll notice footage of Paul's reaction to John Lennon's murder in 1980 was, "it's a drag, isn't it?" That reaction was out of shock and I believe his reaction yesterday was the same.

1915 days ago


What Paul said was not wrong. And with THAT said, I hope like HELL, he really gets those rights back.

1915 days ago

Jeff W.    

To bad they never patched things up ... Now, it's to late.

... Just like with Lennon.

Paul ... "Give Peace a Chance" LOL.

Hey, for good karma Paul you need to go and give Yoko Ono a BIG hug and kiss .... Maybe, let Ringo sing on your next Album. Just don't marrie again ...

1915 days ago


I donot appreciate the comment boy man. Yes, he has sinned, and no man is without sin, some greater, some lesser, but sin is sin.Micheal was a talented performer/artist. It seemed, he tried to be cordial, but i feel he insulted him with boy man.

1915 days ago

paris phillippe    

he has some nerve calling michael boy man

1915 days ago

John the Baptist    


When you refer to the humanitarian Michael, are you talking about the loving way he dangled his own
child from a balcony? Or is it the gentle nature he showed in referring to Tommy Motolla as a
"racist". And who can forget the kindness he has shown to his many creditors, buy refusing to pay them. Denial is not a river in
Egypt, sir. I'll side with the "bitter hag" over the pedophile any day of the week.

1915 days ago


You take care of yourself. You are the last living icon in music we have left.
There will never be another Michael, Elvis or the Beatles.
Thriller the greatest album of all time will live in my heart forever.
The joy and fun we all had dancing to that in the 80s was one of the best experiences in my life.
That was so exciting to walk into a club and hear the beat of Michael songs and to dance to them put you in heaven.
The best!
Yesterday was a ugly day. Poor sweet Farrah and then this....shocking!

1915 days ago

Marcia Manzello    

I don’t buy that boy-man theory.
Michael Jackson was more like a very talent gal trapped in a man’s body. Endofstory.

1888 days ago


I think everyone forgets that little Richard music catalog was among that music,and M.J.returned it for free.LITTLE RICHARD deserved his own music also,but Paul did not think so.There is nothing fair in life. neither was Paul. And calling someone something other than what they are is always disrespectful
It was business. The world knows about Michael Jackson troubles. He was the greatest of are time,and he deserves respect as do Paul, but the greatest is the greatest, no matter how you fee.l The world thinks so. So you Beatles fans get over it. Paul McCartney is a man of his generation,a man can only be as smart as he allows himself to be.

1383 days ago
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