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Jackson Fam -- Debbie Rowe Can See Her Kids

6/27/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ if Debbie Rowe reaches out to them, and wants to see her kids, they won't stand in the way.

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson

However, we're told the family is holding strong in its position that the kids should stay with their grandmother Katherine.

We're told the family believes it would be "unfair" for the kids to grow up not knowing their biological mother.

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Ms. Rowe sold those children for millions. She should not be given custody of them. It would be horrible if the kids were forced to live with a mother who used them for money and had already sold them once. God bless the Jackson family...I hope the children stay with them.

1851 days ago


Ms. Rowe sold those children for millions. She should not be given custody of them. It would be horrible if the kids were forced to live with a mother who used them for money and had already sold them once. God bless the Jackson family...I hope the children stay with them.

1851 days ago

Michael Madsen    

12. Keep the kids away from Joe.

Posted at 7:47PM on Jun 27th 2009 by maggie mae

Without Joe... there is no Michael Jackson... he'd be turnin' tricks on some street corner in Gary...

1851 days ago


Honestly! Have any of you thought about the age of Jackson parents? If he left a will then custody of the kids is left up to Michael! If no one is appointed, then the courts will decide. Like any of you have a say, Get a grip people!

1851 days ago


So Debbie does have some rights after all.

Anyway, all this talk about what family member is going to run the estate, who will have the children,

I ask,

What does Michael's trust say? Who is designated trustee/s? Will? Who is the executor? Did Michael make any child care decisions? He could have given the kids to the Rwandan nanny, and therefor the nanny and Rowe will have to fight it out. (Go nanny!)

The way this is decided is not by some family committee.

1851 days ago


Everyone needs to get along. It's a long road.

1851 days ago


Debbie Rowe is on record saying the kids do not refer to her as their mother..she said they are not her kids they are Michaels..that says alot about her and even though she gave birth to them does not mean she can be any kind of mother to them..she sold them and has had no problem living without them and spending Michaels pay off money...keep the kids with their real family

1851 days ago


Smell Debra Opri is the background. Has a certain ANS scent to it, n'est pas? By appearing magnanimous, PR stunt to make Row'es push for custody a dastardly dead, rather than her legal right. So, Gloria Allred, time to turn the tables on the Jackson clan and offer the same consideration, as the children have spent very little time with his family as well. Missing in this whole fiasco - where does Nanny Grace fit into the picture? Chances are Jackson family holds her responsible for contributing to his drug addiction, so they intend dto cut her out of the picture since she has no legal grounds. And Debbie Rowe, having the bio mom fact on her site, needs to find Nanny Grace to "team up with" to give her best shot at children "choosing" to live with their Mom. Gloria vs. Debra? I put my money on Gloria. One last thought, get in touch with Larry Birkhead and get more ammo on Debra. Make the mean-ass Debra back off even more with her threats.

1851 days ago


How very gracious of them, considering that they have no legal way of stopping her. Technically, she can probably call the cops and have the kids brought over to her place tonight. IF THAT WAS WHAT SHE WANTED. They need to play nice with her, she holds 100% of the cards.

1851 days ago


While the passing of MJ is truly the saddest news that has gripped the world, I am glad that the Jackson Family are coming together to do what is right by Mike, his children and Debbie. It would be unfair for the kids to grow up not knowing their biological mother. What compounds this is the irony that Blanket does not know his mother at all. She is an unknown - or is she? If Debbie fights for custody of the eldest 2 children, this would tear apart the siblings who NEED to all grow up together as full brothers and sister. The only way I see this happening is to let the children have the stability a full family offers with protection from the media (or as much as possible) by living with their Grandmother Katherine. I am sure the love the Jackson Family has to offer and share with them will be far better than the possible exploitation they will certainly get with living with a mother who all too happily intended to give up all rights to them. I feel if she were to get custody of the children she was too happy to relinquish to MJ, these children would definitely grow up not knowing the love Michael intended for them to know. Let's face it - the Jacksons have had their share of ups and downs - what family hasn't? But the LAST thing anyone can say is they don't stick together and that there is no love holding them together. That being said, I would also like to say this to Tito. Please know that we all know you loved your brother. Just because we don't speak to them does not mean we do not love them or that they do not love us! Siblings go through these things and I pray you find peace within your heart knowing and believing in the love you and your brother shared. Remember the good times... the funny conversations and let not your heart be saddened by a lapse in conversation. There was NEVER a lapse in love.

Praying for you all and may Mike's body rest blissfully as his spirit rejoices in the land of Angels!

Signed, A True MJ Fan!

1851 days ago


Amazing what a MESS MJ left for his kids!!! Can I say irresponsible????!!!!!!

1851 days ago


they are posturing. They know that in court, biological parents have the upper hand. They will throw her a bone and then cut her out of the kids' lives just like Michael. Michael ran out of the hospital with Paris with the placenta still attached without Debbie even seeing her. I'm watching the Bashear tapes right now and that came out of Michael's mouth. He also said that he actually had a relationship with Blanket's mother. He's searing fight now that he's never had plastic surgery.

1851 days ago


They only know Jackson, his entourage, and his immediate family. Katharine should take them. Ms. Rowe is a stranger to them. At such a traumatic time, they need familiar faces and places.

1851 days ago


@16: untrue. Kids in CA are not property that you can will away. You can appoint who you wish to be their guardian, but it isn't like leaving a favorite lamp to your sister in law.
Secondly... Jackson's parents did such a BANG UP great job with their own kids, I wouldn't let them raise my parakeet let alone my kids! come on!!!!!

1851 days ago


LOL Ball really should read up on the law before you make such ignorant, untrue statements...the woman does not hold 10% of the cards let alone 100%..the hag has been more than content being paid off to NOT be a mother and nothing changes that now..get a clue you idiot

1851 days ago
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