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Jackson's Kids: 'We Want to Stay with Grandma'

6/27/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the Jackson family tell us Michael Jackson's three children -- Michael Joseph, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine and Prince "Blanket" Michael II -- say they want to stay with their grandparents, specifically Katherine.

michael jackson Katherine Jackson

Sources say MJ's kids will continue to live with Katherine Jackson at the family's Encino home. We're told the family is 100 percent behind this -- feeling that Katherine and Joe Jackson are the only people who can help the children understand who their father was, help them grieve, and teach them to deal with life in the spotlight.

We're also told the kids are healthy but, as expected, they "miss their daddy." They have no relationship with Debbie Rowe, who is the biological mother of Michael and Paris.

All of this will be critical to the case if, as expected, Rowe fights for custody.


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Despite YOUR WISHES and the dysfunctional Jackson family wishes, this will fall under California law period. Based on California law Debbie can file for custody since it was not legally terminated and as their birth mother if she desires and there is no reason to deny her this claim.

Michael created this probelm for his kids with all of his excentricities and bizzare lifestyle. The kids will now suffer the actions of their sperm donor father. His selfish desire for children outweighted the welfare of these kids. It is a very SAD situation.

1855 days ago

nikkis mom    

Joe Jackson was abusive, Katherine let it happen. They have a bunch of dysfunctional kids who have no knowledge of reality. They are great REOLE MODELS. GIVE ME A BREAK. All of you want these kids to be raised by 2 people who are in their 70's? I am sure that they can adjust to another death. Why don't we let the courts decide what is best for these kids instead of getting all self- rightous and all-knowing about it. ARE ANY OF YOU ON THE INSIDE? I am not - so I have no idea where these kids will end up or who they want to spend their NORMAL lives with.

1855 days ago


I didn't read all the comments here. I can't with all the negative. I'm still hurting over this great loss. But I did see a comment saying DNA testing should be done. Why? These kids was with Michael and his family since they were born. He was their father. Joe and Katherine are there grandparents. No more discussion. I think the kids should stay with their family....The Jacksons. -Steve

1855 days ago


I think the children should stay with their grandparents as well if that's who they want to be with, but it is really none of my or the public's business.

After all it is the year 2009 and there are child protection laws and I am sure that authorities will oversee and be involved and the children will be where the children want to be.

1855 days ago


One thing that many of you folks are forgetting is the fact that their are LOTS of Jackson Grandchildren who are not part of the music biz- college educated who never been in trouble/made tabloid headlines! Rebe's, Jackie's, Tito's, Marlon's, Jermain's children ALL grew up without any problems. very smart and well rounded young adults now-

1855 days ago

love her!    

This absolutely sucks!!! Joe Jackson is the reason for Michael being so damned. Michael would never have gone through any of this if it weren't for Katherine enabling Joe to be abusive to ALL of the children now he is going to abuse Michaels kids. This is a fact the cycle has never been broken for this family. OMG I pray for these kids.

1855 days ago


Are Katherine and Joe Jackson separated?? Keep Joes paw of any of Micheal money.

1855 days ago


these "castration rumors" are not absurd, unfort this is how the catholic church USED to build their choirs, castrate the little boys before puberty. when you castrate a little boy before puberty many of the issues michael had will happen. i could see pretending this was a secret when michael was alive, certainly this was joes fault not michaels. but now michael is dead and can't be hurt by this anymore, punish joe, he won't be able to raise michaels kids then. as for the kids not being michaels, no one ever returns adopted children to their birth mothers do they? no they stay with the family they were adopted into, same here

1855 days ago


Weird as the Jackson's may be, this has been these kids' lives since they were born. To send them to their biological mother who has been pretty clear about not wanting them from day one would be devastating for them--especially if they have to be split up. There is literally no one else in the world who can comprehend what their lives have been like. They need to have each other. I don't get this assumption that just because Rowe is not a Jackson, she will somehow be a better parent. We certainly have no evidence to support that.

1855 days ago

blues fan    

Gotta say, I think Real Deal sums it up best.....California law will make the final decision, and all the legal experts are saying that Debbie will get them if she wants them., although the judge will listen to the two older children's preferences because of their age. Doesn't mean he/she will agree to place them with the people they want to live with, but their wishes will be considered. I do not consider a woman who sold her children for money to be a true :"mother", but the fact is, she did birth them and that gives her rights that the Jacksons don't have. Very sad all the way around...Michael may have loved them dearly but I think he made some bad choices and followed a strange lifestyle by most people's standards (always forcing his children to hide their faces in public is just one example) and now all of that is going to have a negative effect on the kids he's left behind.

1855 days ago


My cousins have a Phillipino mother, yet both kids are blonde haired and blue eyed. There is NO resemblance to their mother whatsoever. If I hadn't seen her pregenant I wouldn't have believed they were hers. It is possibly, but very unlikely those kids are his.

1855 days ago

nikkis mom    

I would like to add that Katherine is 79 years old and Joe is 80. WQhat are the chances of these kids being orphaned again? Use your heads - and let the courts decide - instead of a bunch of people -like me - who have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning then to write their "know-it-all opinion. I do not think anyone will listen to what I say but I am smart enough to know that my opinion is squat in the L.A. courts.

1855 days ago


Of Course there will be DNA testing, and you can be almost 100% sure that MJ was NOT even the sperm donor.

Debbie R has the most right to her own two children. She seems to take good care of her horses, so why wouldn't she take good care of her own kids.
If she wants the kids she should get them.

1855 days ago


I feel bad for the kids. Michaels parents are no prize, between the image issues all their kids have to the stories Michael himself has told. The mother certainly shouldn't get them, she didn't care then so she is out now ... still sadly it's going to be a fight about money because where the kids go the money goes.

1855 days ago


Those kids better prepare to start working for grandpa he is going to use those little ATM's and grandma is going to look away as usual and play innocent.The circus will start all over again.The Jackson 3 is on the way.

1855 days ago
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