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Second Autopsy for Michael Jackson

6/27/2009 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

michael jackson A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ the family has requested a second autopsy -- and it is currently underway somewhere in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Coroner conducted an autopsy on Friday and while he said there was "no indication of foul play," the official cause of death could not be determined.

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Wombat, Diana Ross had a statement read on Larry King I found it online,

"I can't stop crying, this is too sudden and shocking," Ross says in a statement. "I am unable to imagine this. My heart is hurting. I am in prayer for his kids and the family."

1942 days ago


Hope they find the answers they need and somehow find peace. Hurts like hell to lose a loved one, especially so suddenly. I have doubts this will help them but at least it gets rid of the "what if" factor. :/

1942 days ago


The Jackson family should get someone like Dr. Shanklin to look at Michael. Dr. Shanklin testified in the congressional hearings for breast implants. I am sure Michael was exposed to toxic silicone elastomer and could have had a foreign body reaction. What was the pain Michael was dealing with in the first place?

1942 days ago

Alexandra Datig    

Having worked on murder and wrongful death cases as a paralegal, I have seen some of the sleaze ball tactics that have come out of the L.A. County Coroner's office. Good for the Jackson family! They should get a second opinion. TMZ should also investigate if there were any samples taken by the ER docs. They have to take blood or urine samples right away in the ER, it's part of the procedure in figuring out how to help the patient.

1942 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Michael's family wants to collect insurance money, that's why they want to put the blame on somebody, the scapegoat.
They all knew he had a big health problems, they only wanted money from him.

1942 days ago


18. I believe that michael Jackson was given too much narcotics and it put him in cardic arrest. Seems weird this Dr. went and got a lawyer . I believe there was foul play, and i am glad the family is getting a second autosopy. by Sherie

Sherie if I was a maid in the house when this went down I would lawyer up, none of this is going to get pretty and it would be a cold day in hell before I would walk into any PD w/o a lawyer to make a statement on a suspicious and/or famous death while I was present. I will add I agree with you something went wrong, incompetence at the minimum beginning with multiple scripts and ending with cpr on a bed by a cardiologist.

1942 days ago


Lie in pice MJ. We will remember and love you.

1942 days ago


I'm interested in how the physical he underwent for the insurance company came back normal. If he was on as many drugs as they say, his blood work would have been a mess. I question if that was somehow rigged.

1942 days ago


As per your #12 post: can you please give a URL or website where this is posted about Evan Chandler? This is suspicious as Evan Chandler was the name of the boy's father, not the boy (Jordan Chandler)

1942 days ago

Emily Chapman UK    

Oh how I loved Michael Jackson - the man who is responsible for my love of music and dance. I will never forget the time when I went to one of his concerts, became FAR TOO excited, had a nosebleed and started fainting. This is how Michael got you, the concert was not just any old concert but the best stage show I have ever witnessed. Nothing has ever come close to it. I doubt anything ever will again in my life time. I hope and pray there is unheard and unreleased footage and music that will be released. Not to have anything more from Michael again is too much of a sad thought to think about. May God now look after and protect him, he will no longer feel any pain nor sadness but will finally be at peace. XX

1942 days ago


@Ruthie mj broke his leg and fractured a vertebrae in his spine, he also was still suffering reprucutions from an acident a few yrs ago during a stage stunt were his head caught fire

1942 days ago


I hope it is not Wecht or Perper. Paging Dr. G!

1942 days ago

Sam I am    

Though I never was a huge fan I too believe that this molestation crap was not real, I mean look at his up bringing with all he had to endevor from age 6... Do people ever stop to think that if they could be a kid again they would? this man could and oh by the way he has a huge soft spot for kids.... and can make him have the happiness he has and he never had growing up, I love kids, I wish I could do what he did for them does that make me a monster too? (btw I'm married for 15 years with 2 kids of my own, so piss up another tree) everyone says he was a monster, good chance he was not and the losers that saw him as a piggy bank were.

Now for the 2nd autopsy... The family is right on having it done, I mean really don't you think the 1st guy may have been just a bit under pressure? half the world was waiting outside his doors to find out whats going on......

So I say good for the family for thinking on the right track, don't let this divide you but keep you united, it's a huge loss for us but it happened, you can't change it now it's time to focus on the most important thing....THE KIDS, lets remember they have lost a FATHER...

1942 days ago

kevin glancy    

SKY NEWS: Isnt it great, Kay Burley from sky news flies to the usa, interviews people at the house "Why are you here", err, because MJ is dead, my question, WHY R U THERE, you are not a reporter you are a newsreader, thats it, your crap at your job, go and interview Diana Ross and ask her why she aint said anything about the death of MJ, Wait till Madonna goes, she'll be remembered for taking kids away from their families, oh but shes giving them a great life you scream, oh really, you tell that to a 10 year old when madonna has arthrisits and is going senile.

Ask ANY of her ex husbands how much happiness she brought them!! No didnt think so!!

1942 days ago


Ten bucks says Dr. Michael Baden will perform the second autopsy, who for a fee will tell the family what he thinks they want to hear. This is the same Dr. who insisted on performing a 'pap smear' on a job applicant interviewing for a job as his personal assistant! Thankfully, she declined both the job and the 'pap smear'.

1942 days ago
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