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Second Autopsy for Michael Jackson

6/27/2009 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

michael jackson A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ the family has requested a second autopsy -- and it is currently underway somewhere in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Coroner conducted an autopsy on Friday and while he said there was "no indication of foul play," the official cause of death could not be determined.

Story developing ...


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Daily routine:

Jackson was injected three-times a day with narcotic Demerol. He was also taking three 3mg tablets of another strong narcotic painkiller, Dilaudid and was recently prescribed Vicodin, an opiate drug derived from codeine.
The other medicines that the singer was reportedly taking are, Soma, a muscle relaxant in 2mg doses twice a day, Xanax, a sedative taken in 0.5mg doses twice a day, Zoloft, an anti-depressant was taken in 100mg doses.

Another anti-depressant Paxil was also taken by the star to treat anxiety and obsessive behaviour. Michael took it in 20mg pills and Prilosec, an over-the-counter pill for heartburn, the newspaper reported citing sources from Jackson's entourage.

And who has prescribed all of this to someone they clearly knew had an addiction problem and was walking on borrowed time? Doctors need to be made responsible for entertaining addictions in patients they treat.

1911 days ago


MJ was a great entertainer that helped many people in his life. He was never convicted in a court of law; only by malicious rabble of haters and jealous S.B. cops. At 50 years old with multiple knitted bones in his body, pain undoubtedly flared after rehearsals. Chronic pain can be terrifying. We shouldn't fault someone for seeking professional help to ease the pain. In this world, sometimes things go tragically wrong. I can't imagine why any Doctor would use Demerol when there are far safer alternatives, or why the Dr. was doing CPR while Michael was on the bed--the mattress absorbs the compressions! MJ should have been on the floor. I think the Dr. injected him, then left the room, and returned to find him in arrest. The tapes says "pumping"--was he doing mouth-to-mouth too? MJ never had a chance.

1911 days ago


I'm so sorry Michael Jackson died and even more sorry for the demons that seemed to plague his life. But for heaven's sake, can't the vultures, Jesse Jackson senior and junior, and Al Sharpton leave us and his family alone? Why do they feel it necessary to intrude in every event, no matter how tragic, sad, and personal? I know it is for their personal self-aggrandizement. They are sick and sickening!

1911 days ago


Has anyone wondered if AEG, the promoters from his upcoming London concerts, had him murdered in order to cash in on the insurance they had on him had he not did the shows (which I don't think he intended on doing). Rolling Stone magazine said he had missed 75% of rehearsals, and if you had seen Michael lately, he sure didn't look like he was in any shape to do any performances. Dr. Conrad Murray, who performed CPR on MJ, for allegedly an hour before 911 was called, was hired by AEG. In addition, he had $400k worth of judgments against him, and some still pending. Why would a cardiologist give demerol to someone who was experiencing chest pain if that was the complaint? I don't know you guys, something seems off here.

1911 days ago


Medical doctors & nurses hate giving/prescribing demerol because of just this! I see no one doing a story on this & it should be done! I am an RN and dreaded giving demerol because exactly what happened here is why....most MD's and RN's wanted demerol outlawed because of the side effects that could happen at any given time after administering it!

1911 days ago


Call Dr. Cyril Wecht the coroner from Pittsburgh PA. He wrote the book about Anna Nicole Smith's drug death and performed her son's second autopsy.

1911 days ago


41. @Ruthie mj broke his leg and fractured a vertebrae in his spine, he also was still suffering reprucutions from an acident a few yrs ago during a stage stunt were his head caught fire

Posted at 3:38PM on Jun 27th 2009 by helena

Nonsense. Many people break their legs and hurt their spines everyday and don't get pills and injections of Morphine, Demerol, etc. every day years later. I know someone who had 11 fractured and damaged vertebrae in his neck and spine, has had 3 operations, can't walk more than a few steps and he doesn't get injections of heavy duty pain killers.

He was a drug addict, plain and simple. And if you have money, there are always greedy, evil, unethical Dr.'s around to
indulge you to death.

1911 days ago


Even though autopsies help determine cause of death and essential it is still so disturbing to imagine his body all cut up like that, and all his organs taken out. What a sad story. This man touched so many lives, and what a testament to this when people who never knew him begin to cry because he has died.

1911 days ago


I really hope someone snaps a pic of his corpse just like Tupac or Saddam.

1911 days ago

Some Fishy Going On With Cardiologist    

When you listen to the 911 tape the 911 operator asked where Michael was and the guy answered that he was on the bed and that the "doctor" was pumping him, etc. Everyone knows that you don't do CPR on a SOFT SURFACE!!!!! Why wasn't Michael on a HARD SURFACE like the floor, while the so called Doctor was doing CPR. The 911 operator had to tell them to put Michael on the floor!!! This doctor is supposed to be a cardiologist?????? Something is wrong with the whole thing right from the start!!!!

1911 days ago


Xanan ,Zolof and Paxil is enough to stop a heart alone add Dilaudid and You got a Dead Person.,,,,

If He was taking all of the above, Death is not a shock....

65. Daily routine Ann.. do you know these meds were taken for a fact ?

1911 days ago


R.I.P Michael Jackson, will never forget your amazing songs and your sweet soul xox

1911 days ago

Think a bit    

He`s been a druggie for eons. It`s not new news. His family knew it. His friends knew it. He`s been in rehab before, This second autopsy is not needed and they all know it.

1911 days ago


hopefully the rest of the family is next , the sooner the better to help save the coroner some work.

1911 days ago



Of all the "recovered" people you know who "don't need injections after injuries", how many were dancing 6 hrs/day, 4 days/week, in preparation for a 10 stadium sold out our? None. Not to mention that SOME people needs chronic pain management for the rest of their lives after an accident--professional entertainers or not!

1911 days ago
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