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Michael Jackson CPR Mystery Unfolds

6/27/2009 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonOne question investigators will have for Michael Jackson's personal physician: Did he botch early CPR efforts on the King of Pop?

On the 911 tape obtained by TMZ, one of Jackson's staffers tells the dispatcher that Jackson is "on the bed" and that a "doctor is here." The doctor is Dr. Conrad Murray.

Several EMTs tell us it's odd that a veteran cardiologist like Murray would attempt CPR while Jackson was on a bed.

Common CPR practices call for the patient to be on a hard surface -- because it is difficult to compress the chest on a soft surface. The 911 operator told the staffer to "get him on the floor."

Cops have yet to officially interview Dr. Murray, but this will almost certainly come up.


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99.9 percent of these comments are so judgemental and self-righteous. Most of you act as though you personally know Michael adn have first hand knowledge of exactly what happend. Most of your comments are so ignorant and devoid of any possible fact or reality it is amusing. For the claimed NURSES who are posting - a heart attack and cardiac arrest are not the same thing. Why did he not have a defibilator handy - DO YOU? KILL THE DOCTOR, really are you serious? Did you call for MICHAELS death when he molested children. Debbie Rowe had him killed? Why did the doctor not use NARCAM, a word you looked up on google? How do you know he didn't? Why did he not have a nurse sitting by his bed? You say he was fine, but want him to be under a nurses care . . .I can go on and on with your stupid comments

You are all such uninformed hypocrites it makes me weep for this country.

1891 days ago

Young E    

Too many negative things were said about MJ, too many people caused him so much pain. During the Last trial Nancy Grace and a host of others judged MJ and repeatedly denounced his ways and his lifestyle. But MJ was a brother, a Father, a son and friend to many imagine the humiliation, the heartbreak all the negative media scrutiny would have caused him. He was a human being yet we treated him like an object. We tried to destroy him so often and now he is no more. Congratulations to sites like TMZ and Perez keep up the good work

1891 days ago


Ive taken prescription drugs and been hooked, had to go to therapy. Anyone on here that knows what Demerol is knows you cannot function on Demerol especially at Michael Jackson weight nor can you trick Demerol into behaving when you want it to, and I believe this is the weight Michale Jackson enjoyed especially to perform it made him lighter and easier to move his body so dont say he was anoxitic. This has always been his weight. Anyway Demerol would have not allowed him the life he lived, I have saw him yes looking like he was on sedatives or something but that was rare during trials most of Michael's "weird behavior came from his dressing and just being out and media wanting a story". I guess it would be a shock to think Michael Jackson was not even doing drugs this year, but may have had another issue and that is why he had a Cardiologist instead of a GP, you people need to learn what Demerol is, I understand why the Coroner wants more "Special Tests" done because whats in Michael body/Toxiology is not agreeing with his body condition.

1891 days ago


Michael Jackson lay on a FLOOR?????? Heavens NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was a King and would never stoop that low to be put on a floor!!!

1891 days ago


I am an EMT in VA and it is odd that a person of a MD level would do CPR on a bed. But then again its not...doctors are used to having a patient on a bed, propped up, at waist level. Getting down your knees and feet to intubate or do CPR? They're not used to that. Unless the doctor was able to apply a hard board underneath MJ, then it may have helped. But if it turns out the bed was soft, and no hard item was placed underneath MJ, then yes, chances are the doctor was not able to compress the chest to the correct depth and most likely was compressing MJ into the bed, not his chest. Which means, oxygenated blood was not getting to MJ's organs and he had irreversible brain damage before medics arrived.

1891 days ago


I just heard the greedy concert promoters still want the show to go on. The want his family or other celebrities to perform.

Also I agree with 30 and 38. When I seen the picture of him, I could tell instantly he was dead. Not to be morbid or anything, I said "that's a dead person" .

Also I think that crooked Dr. Didn't sign anything because he didn't want the death to be on his watch, although the paramedics said they new MJ was dead already. And if that Dr. would have signed the paper the picture of him dead would have never been seen in that capacity at least, because they would have covered him up or put him in a body bad like they did Heath L.
I don't mean to repeat myself but I knew that last picture of him was a dead person and he didn't look bad at all. God has him now and he's safe and surrounded by love.

1891 days ago


What I can't get over is who was that guy that made the 911 call. And why wasn't the ambulance called when he was complaining about not feeling well. Because the guy on the phone said that "Micheal was not responding to any thing." Something just do not add up, and I am hurt that some one so gentle and missed understood was treated like this. R.I.P Michael Jackson and pray for the well being of your children.

1891 days ago

Tired of it all    

The doctor is a quack! I am an RN and before you begin cpr or about a minute or two later YOU CALL 911. Don't depend on doctors knowing this. They hardly perform cpr on anyone. Nurses are more well versed in cpr as they practice it alot more. Also I had a problem with the doctor calling the shots when the paramedics arrived. Just because a doctor is insisting another medical professional continue cpr is not a reason for them to do so. The paramedics arriving on the scene were now in charge and if they deemed MJ was dead that was their call, not the doctor's! I would have told the doctor that if he wanted cpr continued on a dead person then he could do it himself. Why subject MJ to alot of unecessary trauma? I agree that the doctor was trying to cover his ass due to his negligence. But then again, MJ was an addict and an alcoholic. Doesn't anyone remember how drunk he was most of the time Martin Bashir interviewed him on tv a few years ago? What's happened to the boy, now adult probably, that brought the trial for molestation? Poor kid, we all know he was telling the truth.

1891 days ago


Michael Jackson is a child molester ! and i can not believe everybody is supporting him it makes me sick!!!! HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED!!!! no other little boy will have to suffer because of this monster!!! RIP FARRAH.

1891 days ago


Wait, I thought Elvis was the King! Did MJ become the king when Elvis died? Who decided? Should I have had a vote? Who is the King now that MJ has died? Will there be an election? It's true, MJ's death has raised a lot of questions.

1891 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I say this Doctor should be Crucified for incompetence. The family deserves vengeance.

1891 days ago


To everyone who continue to call Michael Jackson who was found "NOT GUILTY' by 24 Jurors, anyone who continue to call him a Molestor or Pedohphiler may they find themself in a situation that their Life and Character be Judged with as much doubt and hatred as they have sowed seeds back to themself until whatever the situation is they repent and let it go and learn to walk in Love.

1891 days ago

Young E    

Making fun of celebrities is a trend that has evolved and changed over the past decade. Online blogs actually permit ordinary people to express their hate and envy of famous people. They trash- talk celebs and even fuel baseless rumours a typical victim was King Jackson betrayed by the people he loved and vowed to assist. No one ever cared about his children, his brothers or worse his mother. This man died too young and withdrew from society because he must have felt everyone was against him. TMZ Bring down all the celebs and people who inspire, conspire even more with Perez your work is truly art of the highest perfection

1891 days ago


So sad to die from a narcotic overdose since the side effects like respiratory depression can be reversed, if recognized early enough. Of course, respiratory depression or cessation from narcotics like demerol can lead to cardiac arrest. CPR by a cardiologist? These DOCs are too specialized to bother with practicing CPR. I wonder if this DOC was ACLS certified. I love MJ and really hope that his family, and maybe our president, Mr. Obama, will move forward with our healthcare reform to curtail legalized drug pushers like this cardiologist who should be pushing medications to improve our heart function...not enabling the death of our most talented superstars!

Thanks for letting say my peace. RIP, Michael - loved you from the beginning and always will!

1891 days ago


that's what happens when affirmative action meets stupid black people. probably was coddled all the way thru med school lest the professors be accuded of "raceesm and sheeet"

1891 days ago
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