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Michael Jackson CPR Mystery Unfolds

6/27/2009 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonOne question investigators will have for Michael Jackson's personal physician: Did he botch early CPR efforts on the King of Pop?

On the 911 tape obtained by TMZ, one of Jackson's staffers tells the dispatcher that Jackson is "on the bed" and that a "doctor is here." The doctor is Dr. Conrad Murray.

Several EMTs tell us it's odd that a veteran cardiologist like Murray would attempt CPR while Jackson was on a bed.

Common CPR practices call for the patient to be on a hard surface -- because it is difficult to compress the chest on a soft surface. The 911 operator told the staffer to "get him on the floor."

Cops have yet to officially interview Dr. Murray, but this will almost certainly come up.


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Let the chips fall where they may...this is, yet, another story of drug addiction and the loss of life before its time. It is becoming obvious that MJ was a drug addict and would not have been able to function on the upcoming tour without a physician (this one hired either by his manager and/or the promoters) by his side to help feed his drug addiction so he could get through the next round of grueling activities...the Jackson Family understood he was a drug addict though they were all planning this world tour and big "come back" on behalf of their entire family. There is nothing honorable about this story and the blame needs to stop. All of the pathetic fans are beginning to look terribly foolish as they now blame the doctor who, also, foolishly agreed to unethically participate in the drug life of Michael Jackson (so he, too, could say he'd been close to MJ) who would have soon died anyway due to his own narcissistic and psychologically-destructive lifestyle in a multi-leveled life of addiction. People...find the hero within yourself instead of looking to the outside world of those absorbed in secret, narcissistic, and full-blown lives as drug and sex addicts. The "man behind the mask" indeed...!!!!

1944 days ago


Perhaps he left him on the bed because he didn't really want to save him. You know with him being a child molester and all.

1944 days ago


#18 your on to something. TMZ just had a video of the paps talking with him a couple a weeks ago give or take a day or two, he looked and sound good.
Also, the medical examiner found nothing wrong with his heart, brain or any of his vital organs. To me this all screams murder.
The Dr. Knew when he was going to be alone with MJ and when to do his deed. I don't care if MJ asked him to give him a shoot, which I don't think MJ agree to a shoot from this guy, but nevertheless, if the Dr.gave him the shoot it's murdered and being a Dr. he should know how much a patient can take. That Dr. should go to trial and let the courts figure out what happened. I think the Dr. is guilty.

Finally it seems that MJ was dead for at least a couple of hours and I notice he looked like he was dressed to go some where and not in bed or lounging around the house or his bedroom. When I'm in bed I'm in sleeping clothes and if I'm just relaxing at home or around my bedroom i'm in sweat pants and tank top.

This Dr. Is Creepy and why was he there in his sister's car? where was the Dr's sister? something is up with the Doc and his family. Creepy and Spookey.

1944 days ago


Whew Mary...........take a breath.

1944 days ago


I wonder how much money the 'good doctor' was being paid. He had a position of great importance as a cardiologist in Nevada. On June 15, 2009 he sent out letters to his patients stating that he was leaving his practice but would continue to manage some aspects of the practice but just would no longer be caring for patients. He also stated in the letter that this would be a temporary situation and he would be returning to the practice in the future. Why would a physician jeopardize his prestigious practice to become a glorified nanny to the King of Pop? What they were paying him must have been astronomical!!!!!!! If that is not the reason, then perhaps his medical license was in jeopardy in Nevada and he had nothing to lose by moving into MJ's house.

#69: I did not hear that part of the 911 call that said that MJ was slumped over in a chair. That's very interesting.

Perhaps I heard it wrong, but I know one of the cable news stations said that the doctor accompanied MJ to the hospital and continued to administer CPR. I'm wondering at what point did he sneak off without his car and disappear onto the streets of Los Angeles.

It was also said that the reason for the autopsy was because there was no personal physician to sign the death certificate. I don't understand why this doctor would not have signed the death certificate, knowing that his signature was all that was needed to make the autopsy unnecessary.

1944 days ago


So if the Production Company AEG hired this doctor and required Michael Jackson to take a 4 hour physical exam did they also require him to sign a Life Insurance Policy. If so maybe in 20 years we will find out just like with Jimi Hendrix that Michael Jackson was indeed Murdered, how many people didnt believed Jimi died from an Overdose, he did drugs so who like now would think outside the box, no one thought Jimi Hendrix may have been murdered for money except for those who now tell this evil story. Just like now except there are people who do believe Michael Jackson has been Murdered too.

Dr. Conrad Murray was hired by AEG Live to accompany the pop star to London for his comeback series of concerts, said AEG Live President and Chief Executive Randy Phillips.

1944 days ago


Yes the dr . botched the cpr for mj. mj was dead for a while. I think the doctor wanted 911 to come to the rescue just to take mj to the hospital. Seems he wanted to clean his hands with this. But guess what he is responsible in the end .Just because he has a license to give med injection he gave mj to strong a dose. We have to get rid of doctors like this.

1944 days ago

susan debrah    

i think the doctor needs to be question.he knows something about the dead of MJ.If he is innocent then why did he refuse to make a public hearing on the effect of the injections and the pain killers given to MJ.The families need to get to the root of his death cos it seems like a setup.

1944 days ago


A friend of mine recently said "The story of one of us, is the story of all of us." In Michael's life, I bet someone can relate to drug addiction, an unhappy childhood, narcissisim, self-pity, self-loathing, neediness, happiness, sadness, forgiveness. No need to throw stones Mary and Hal. His story is not unique. People loved his music. Even if you hate him, so what? Some loved him and his music. It's not about thinking he's God or a god. His music reached out and broke down barriers. And your hardened hearts could never understand that. Obviously you haven't looked at the "man in the mirror" and made the change in your lives to ever fully grasp the concept.

1944 days ago


Very surprising the doctor would be administering Demerol (a narcotic agonist) without having Narcan (a narcotic antagonist) readily at hand to completely reverse any overdose effects. Sounds like the precipitating cause was the repiratory depression leadling to respiratory arrest and secondary cardiac arrest. Demerol overdose is so easy to treat compared to most other overdoses, including Tylenol and Aspirin overdoses.

1944 days ago


#93 Thats really Good Talk Nita.

1944 days ago


i agree this dr. didnt do much to help, he knew what Demoral does, why wouldnt he put Michale on the floor to do CPDr if y ioou don;t have a solid place to lay them down on it wont do any good, i say this dr is guilty and I hope the familiy sues him if anything for the kids.and id make sure i go after whatever else he has so this dr never practices again. this is not common procedure why did he take off he should stayed and faced the muisc,

1944 days ago


Wow Nita....................well put.

1944 days ago



Posted at 11:03AM on Jun 27th 2009 by Carmen

100% agree Carmen, seen some scary things in my time

1944 days ago


The doctor gave Michael a compassionate shot.... and it killed him. Just too much sedation/pain relief. Same sad old story.

1944 days ago
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