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Michael Jackson's Demerol Tonic

6/27/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson had a habit of getting Demerol injections -- he even had a special name for them.

We're told Jackson called it "health tonic." He would have a doctor inject him because, we're told, he didn't like needles.

Our sources have told us Jackson was injected with Demerol at 11:30 AM the day he died. Shortly thereafter Jackson went into cardiac arrest.

You'll recall, Jackson also had a name for wine -- Jesus juice.


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Um, re: Farrah, one of the risks for ANAL cancer is ANAL sex and STD's....Not sayin' to be mean, just a fact.

1923 days ago

donna wolf    

you knjow i have been watching all the reports on M.J and he has made his share of mistakes in his life but now that has come to an end so all who read this i hope will do what he ask in one of my favrite songs (man in the mirror )and change our way and all the ways that we think of the things he has done in my mind yhere is only one judge that M.J. needs to answer to and that is god so please let M.J rest in peace

1923 days ago

mjs neighbor in hollywood    

I was mjs neighbor in hollywood and was not home when all this went down. But was he ever so weird.I strongly feel that there was some really weird stuff going on with this guy..he has been on prescription drugs for so long it's no wonder this didnt happen sooner.Shame on those in his camp not to get him the help he needed. They were with him for the free ride,now it's over let's see where they will be a year from now. I see the Anna Nichole Smith saga happening all over again.Look where her camp is at now possibly facing jail time. I guess if you have money you can get the drugs you want and as much as you want. I have no sympathy for him at all yes he was a great talent but he also new what he was doing to himself with the drugs. by the way I have heard that michael is 97% plastic and his family has decided to have him melted down into legos so little kids can now play with him..don't reply back to me it's what I heard after the coroner spoke today.
I cant believe that there is not more news on FARRAH FAUCET She should be the one getting the coverage not Michael she wanted to beat her cancer and live..she put on a brave strong fight only taking the drugs to help her stay alive!!! Not to get a high like MJ. Rest in peace Farrah you will never be forgotten

1923 days ago


unfortunately, I was a demerol addict in the 1970's. I developed abcesses all over my body from using the wrong needle to
inject it and talwin and nembutol into my system. it made the world better. it made be feel more alive. it took away any pain i had, physiscally or emotionally. i lived in bel air, california and was married to a dentist. thank goodness i got cut husband lost his license for a while. i have been sober in aa since 1979. it wasn't easy but it was worth it. it really is a disease.

1923 days ago

Tonya from Indiana    

Come on TMZ! First you say you love him, then you mock him! And of all times! Haven't the press already had enough swipes at him!!!! What makes some of you judging him think that it isn't judgement like this that leads to drug addiction? Listen to what DR. Deeprok Chopra says about his friend's (MJ) addiction, why it got started and how.

This man had a huge heart, all he ever wanted was a childhood, to be loved, to be accepted. He had to work from day one because of his dad, he suffered from people making fun of his facial features so of course he changes them. You don't know how you would react in similar life situations. NO ONE has had it like MJ but we see examples of how the really really gifted all the way in history have seemingly odd behaiors and ways with dealing with things, odd decisions. Geez, even Britney lost it for awhile and shaved her head. Elvis was all doped up, Classical artists and famous painters and authors--the greats have had odd things about them too. And nnone of them came close to the growing upp this guy had from age 5 on. None of them had the constant barage. None of them can compare to the constant media and the lose of a whole childhood--life for that matter--driven to isolation, mocked and made fun of. None of them had to deal with the horendous accusations and humiliation caused by them. Many of us wouldn't be strong enough to live through that. Many of us would have commited suicide. His addiction to pain relievers started when he had an accident on stage. His first nose job was after breaking it. Many people, once they get started on either of these can have a difficult time stopping. It can easily become addictive--and that is for people with normal lives. Think of all the pressure and scuitny he has ALWAYS been under--never letting up. Could you deal with that? As a young girl I had really hoped to meet him. I could sense how lonely he was and I could tell he was so dear. I wanted to be a friend to him and for him. I loved the person I saw, his beautiful heart, the kind things he did, and his gentle nature. I enjoyed him emensley as an entertainer, but it is the person, not the performer I feel for now. I know he is finally feeling the joy he has always desired, love he sought and the acceptance he needed. He can also feel the love from all of us now too and I'm sure it is bringing him satisfaction. I love your heart Michael. Until we meet, enjoy Heaven! Love, Tonya Marie Miller

1923 days ago


A wonderful performer , perfect in his art. Earned compassion from all around the world , was admired all around the world during his life time and even after his death. The only people who were being mean to him were the americans themselves, his own people. Now when he is no more they are showing their grief. Americans never understood his innocence , even though he belonged to them , they never really knew him. His childhood issues made him to love kids . That was misinterpreted by the people of the United States. and that misinterpretation cost his life. He took that to his heart. He was and will be loved for ever all across the world. Shame on Americans who made him suffer like this. Americans never deserved Michael Jackson ...... he was for a different world mate. May Allah place him in the heavens.... Ameen.

1923 days ago


His death is NOT tragic. The tragedy was when a seemingly normal guy turned into a child molesting freakshow. As a parent I now breathe a small sigh of relief knowing there is one less of his kind in this world now. May God have mercy on his twisted, disgusting soul.

1923 days ago


I can't believe TMZ hasn't pointed this out yet.

When you perform CPR you need to be removed from the bed to the floor. It is common knowledge and CERTAILY something a Doctor would know and do. Why was Michael's body still on the bed when 911 was called? Was this Doctor really performing CPR or was he really just cleaning up the scene?

1923 days ago


AllahKoolaid (aka) JesusJuice

you are a riot dude!
Where do you come up with all this crazy disrespectful nonsense....(even though it makes me laugh) idiot!

1923 days ago


karin, Glad you're clean!

Michael was the lay person. Conrad has/had the MD, and was the professional here. He should have known better. He was a complete enabler. My state has a law now, that if a person of any sort, provides drugs, that prove to have killed someone, that person is guilty and will go to prison for life. I know the tox report is not due back for weeks, but all clues point to CONRAD as being the guilty party now. Go to and check out his profile. Um, his days as a doctor are done.

1923 days ago


11. technically you could call it Jesus juice cause yeah for one it is supposed to represent jesus blood and wasnt there one time when they turned water into wine....wanted all to be drunk, would have been better with more water instead of turning it into wine.

Posted at 2:20AM on Jun 27th 2009 by anon

Beer and wine of today are both considered "hard drink". "Wine" of that day was actually only wine flavored water. It was extremely watered down, it just had a flavor. You should stop acting like you know better than Christ, when you obviously don't even know what you are talking about. Jackass.

1923 days ago


Why does the media insist on saying he left the house in a "coma"? The 911 call you released says he was "unconcious" and not breathing. I'm not a doctor but I thought that if you are not breathing that means you are dead. And that was the case at his house.

1923 days ago


when someone dies of that big personality, it affects the whole world..

1923 days ago


Doctor Demerol is such deep doo doo! No wonder he took off to Las Vegas right after calling 911. Probably had an illegal stash to hide in Nevada. He had to come right back because he is probably at this moment being grilled to the max by the LA Police. Hope his fake license is made more fake and he does jail time for accessory to murder.

1923 days ago

Interracial facial    

Drugs Docs give out to nutjob celebs are worse then the street stuff. Homo pedophiles like Wacko Jacko are born insane or mentally ill. And talent does not make you a good person.

1923 days ago
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