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Moving Van Spotted at Jackson's Home

6/27/2009 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A moving van was seen leaving the home of Michael Jackson this afternoon after, we're told, his father Joe ordered Michael's belongings removed from the home and put in a storage facility.



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Now what now?    

Michael has 10 living adult immediate family members. It doesn't take all of them to make funeral arrangements. Nor do I think they are out there doing the moving themselves. I don't know why people think this is so strange. When my mom died we had her place packed up within two weeks. If we had the money to hire someone to do it we probably would have done it sooner. They don't have to steal from Mike. Stop being silly and coming down on this family at this difficult time.

1942 days ago

Thank you for the Joy Mr. J    

They are getting his things out of the RENTED house because they are afraid of GHOULS breaking to steal and then SELL things that are Michaels. Smart move. I hope the Jackson Family does more smart things like this. They have to protect Michael and themselves as much as they can.

1942 days ago


there is picture of joe on the website laughing

1942 days ago


Wow. I can't believe that Joe Jackson is even involved with this...doesn't anyone remember MJ saying that he used to beat Michael when Michael was a boy? This is very very very veryyyy strange and extremely sad. =(

1942 days ago


maybe it is too soon. but other people have access
to jackson's home.
and there's been reports of the 'vultures' that had fed of jackson
all way through his life, what is going to stop someone entering his
home and stealing his belongings and making cash out of it?
because obviously things the value of anything michael jackson
related has increased..
plus i imagine there's personal effects such as photographs of his
children, which is something michael wouldn't want the world to see,
as he's kept them away from the public eye as much as possible.

1942 days ago


I don't blame his father. he had alot of people around him that didn't mean him any good. If he don't the landlord would help himself to what ever he wanted, like what happen to Anna,s place, in the Bahamas.

1942 days ago

Sleezy Relatives    

He is the bread winner in death too. Sad so sad, his fathers greed looms in MJ's death. What is the rush? No wonder MJ had so many issues! Everyone the media included rushing to bank roll on his death. What a death.

1942 days ago


All of you who keep insisting he was a pedophile need to visit the site and read the truth! There were only three individuals who EVER alleged inappropriate behavior on MJs part and DOZENS of others who said he NEVER did anything inappropriate! Do you honestly trust the media to tell the truth? Do you really? Michael was 100% innocent, and never molested any child, EVER. End of story. Read the facts at the link supplied.

1942 days ago


I sure the items removed for security reasons. The family probably wanted to make sure his items were moved to a secure location so they wouldn't be taken or stolen!

1942 days ago


Michael was found NOT GUILTY twice. You should watch the Geraldo Rivera special on FOX. He followed the investigation for years, and put his reputation on the line ... the man was INNOCENT. He was being pursued by blood sucking vultures. His affection for children is because he was denied his childhood. You wouldn't know what it's like to be an "adult" at 6 years old. He was eccentric, but not a molester. Why would the moving van be hiding evidence??? It's a rental house! What evidence? You're showing your stupidity and I.Q. level. Get a life.

1942 days ago


I think they should get his stuff out of there before crazy people break in that poor mans home just to get a peice of him!!

1942 days ago

What the Hell?    

I "understand" why the quick removal of his things-
What I don't understand is why is "Joe" involved?
Didn't Michael have someone watching over the estate-or did he not leave orders in case something like this would happen?
P.S. his stuff needs to be at a home and not in a storage shed where they will disappear one by one and end up somewhere else!

1942 days ago

MJ is ♥    

i hope they comb every fiber of artifact and hold all accountable for their part in MJ's demise.

my thoughts are with the Jackson family united strong, united in justice and peace in MJ's sudden passing.

1942 days ago


Remember how when Anna passed some of her belongings were stolen. Belongings that would of went to her daughter. Don't blame the family one bit to protect assets for his children.

1942 days ago


TMZ i am offened by this, your facts are wrong like some other people have posted, Post facts... or Don't post at all!

1942 days ago
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