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Michael's Estate May Turn Around

6/27/2009 9:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the ultimate irony -- Michael Jackson's death could make his struggling estate flush with cash.

It's simple math. Jackson spent millions of dollars every year. He was paying $100,000 a month just for renting the Holmby Hills house.

We're told the bottom line could get significantly better and quickly.

That brings up an obvious point -- with significant child support on the line, there's even more of an incentive for Debbie Rowe to fight for custody. If she does, there will be an epic fight between Rowe and Katherine Jackson.


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1859 days ago


Debbie Rowe will crawl out from a rock I'm sure of that, in fact I can see Gloria Already with a new broach sitting next to her shortly at a news conference. But custody? no way never going to happen

MJ's mother? not going to happen either, one she is not well enough and two Joe dose not need to be around those children on a daily bases, I believe he would abuse them mentally while taking from them financially, In fact I hope none of the family gets the children. They would be better off with the nanny(s) who most likely has been the parent(s) anyway.

1859 days ago


This is the death of Elvis Presley all ogain, roo much stress, too many prescription drugs, a massive heart attack. Lisa Presley said micheal told her about 14 years ago that he would die like her Father did. it seems Micheal willed this on himself mybe he was so depressed inside, he could not deal with it all, and he let himself go down. he could have stopped this death from medicine if he tried. Sounds like he was another sad addict, whom no one could help. I am sure Micheal ws a pedophile. but this end of him is truly sad.

1859 days ago


MJ was NOT castrated to retain his vocals, why dose that rumor remain?

In a interview Lisa Marie Presley stated she and Jackson had sexual relations while married, why would she lie about that? The marriage didn't end bitter but nor did it end on a happy note, she had no reason to lie for him, besides would you admit that if it wasn't true? lol come on people!

1859 days ago


This upcoming cat fight is gonna be bigger than the whole whoop-de-doo over the death. IMHO neither of the beetches should get the kids. None of the Jacksons, they are all way too freaky and Debbie is demonic. Although it is usually not preferable but this could quite possibly be a first and let the DHS take them and maybe something good will come out of the whole shebang. These three kids might end up with a normal life after their early years with the freak. So something good will eventually come to pass. Those three kids have been in jeopardy all their short lives and now they can be rescued.

1859 days ago


Uh, Romperroom- I am FAR from convinced those are his biological children, they are whiter than the Pillsbury doughboy! At least ONE of them should look African-american in nature- look at Seal and Heidi Klum's children for a logical comparison.

1859 days ago


Rumor, Sure Lisa Marie is gonna maintain she had sexual relations with MJ otherwise she looks like as much of a freak as him. Yeah, she would lie. It's called "show business"! She ain't the most sane honest person either. That marriage was to promote Lisa Marie's non-existant music career and it just didn't happen (and it never will cos she just can't sing). It ended on a happy note cos she was glad to get out of it (and her mother was very happy to see it end) and sure she's gonna say they "did it" or else she will look as freaky as MJ and she doesn't want to promote herself that way.

1859 days ago


them kids need to be protected period, come on, what ever contract he had with the mother is over, anyone whos seen bi racial kids, black/white... myself included, knows he anit the father. please protect the kids and dont turn this into an anna nicole circus. i loved micheal, but we all have to admit it, he was off! protect the kids.

1859 days ago

michael jackson    

she signed an agreement with me other paris and prince im not expecting her to want custody. Debbie knew what she was doing when she signed it, cha'mone

1859 days ago


I think they should go ahead with the concerts but make them tribute concerts. Flood it with celebrities and gets all the Jackson siblings in there. People need a place to mourn/celebrate and Michael's bills need to be paid.

1859 days ago

What the Hell?    

I agree with most of the comments, (#10 in particular) -I also believe his financial situation will be turned around, completely!
However, to put the kids near Joe Jackson-bad mistake(after all the song "Ben" and the story behind it tells it all-at least the pain of his childhood- "#2 is right"!
I hope other celebritys are taking stock in what is about to unfold regarding the kids-
I also thought "Neverland", could be started back up and it would definately be as big as "Graceland" in it's own sense!
I wonder if Gloria Allred has contacted Debbie Rowe?!
#1 I'm not sure about what you are saying, but in this case anything could be true-the real stories will be coming out and they won't be pretty, I feel sorry for the kids and the mother!
Shame on all the (ENABLERS) in this case!

1859 days ago


No way Michaels' parents should get the kids. Look how bad they screwed him up. As for Rowe, I don't know. I wanna know what's gonna happen when DNA proves they weren't his to begin with!

1859 days ago

nikki c    

I hope they are placed with family members or at least someone close to them. I am sure it would be difficult to lose a parent and then be forced to leave with a complete stranger. I would hope that the mom will begin some type of visitation or joint custody over time. The family is saying the kids don't even know her so i am assuming she hasn't been visiting them on a regular. I believe they all she play a role in making the kids lives as normal as possible. I don't think people know that katherine is seperated from the father and has been for years now. I don't think they have to worry about growing up in a hostile environment. I am sure he had to leave some type of will regarding his kids.

1859 days ago


First off, his diehard fans know without a shadow of a doubt that Michael is NOT the sperm donor to his children. I don't care what skin disease he claims he had, his DNA in his sperm would have produced Mulatto children to say the least. Not Blond haired and blue eyed children. Second, if any of the 2 mothers involved with his 3 children, demand custody, let me tell you how his AFRICAN AMERICAN family will react to this. FIRST and LAST with NO inbetweens, Mrs. Jackson will lay down the stipulations as to this, If any mother goes forward with seeking custody, the FAMILY will go to court to PROVE Michael was NOT the father of any of them, demanding DNA testing and this itself in a court of LAW will exclude the CHILDREN and MOTHERS from getting or seeking any child support. They will care and raise the children on their OWN, with no money from his estate or family. As talk is going on in African American communities across the U.S., They better leave well enough alone and don't mess with mother Kathryn, she's not having any of it. The children will stay with the Jackson Clan and will carry on Michaels Legacy. This answer should shut down all the naysayers. NEXXXXXXXXXT

1859 days ago


Great job TMZ for the quick inside information about MJ death. But what I do not understand is that i.e. TMZ never really has investigated the true DNA-background of MJ 2 oldest children. Here in Holland we have a lot of mix race children. And you can see quick well from their complextion that they are mixed children. From what I have seen, none of that with those 2 kids .I think that in the future it will come out that the true DNA-background of MJ 2 children was MJ's biggest cover-up. TMZ, do your Job in this!

1859 days ago
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