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Michael's Estate May Turn Around

6/27/2009 9:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the ultimate irony -- Michael Jackson's death could make his struggling estate flush with cash.

It's simple math. Jackson spent millions of dollars every year. He was paying $100,000 a month just for renting the Holmby Hills house.

We're told the bottom line could get significantly better and quickly.

That brings up an obvious point -- with significant child support on the line, there's even more of an incentive for Debbie Rowe to fight for custody. If she does, there will be an epic fight between Rowe and Katherine Jackson.


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Please stop the crap, if you really believe that Michael J. was broke and/or in debt, then you're just as gullable as the media found out during the pre presidential election days. They constantly spoonfed you with idiotic bull and you drunk it down until you were drunk and mindless from it.

Let me say this and let me say this LOUD, Michael was not and IS NOT Broke or in DEBT. He's been a shrewed business man and like most knew how to put his money in hiding from those seeking his information. They're telling you all this to UP their ratings and sell their newspapers or what's left of them.

If you're constantly believing what the media says is Gospel, then you all need some serious detoxing. Those of us who know the truth, keep on spreading it and shut these negative folks DOWN.

1907 days ago

love her!    

What judge on their right mind would allow ANY kids to be raised by Katherine? She is NOT a saint and let me tell you why... She allowed Joe Jackson to be the MONSTER he is... Michael is the way he was because of Joe his dad... The kids would be raised by Katherine's "protection" as Michael was..obviously her protection was not enough...Katherine is NOT a saint she allowed Joe to destroy Michael and Michael is dead now because of her wonderful parenting skills

1907 days ago

Grace Olsson    

Why Debbie cant fight for her children?If I am her, I would fight, yes. MJ did not give value to his family...cause he suffered so much when he was child. But a question: WHO IS THE MOTHER OF THE THIRD CHILD?
I am sad for the children...poor kids.

1907 days ago


AAAAAh the poor little cash cows. They will have the gold, and who ever has them will also have the gold. Its, its justa Thrilla!!!!!!

1907 days ago


fan should save his Never Land Ranch and some of his properties and build a legend memories.

1907 days ago


Thank God for MJ

- He had a will so all of you should rest easy

- The kids will be taken care of (so don't worry by whom) legal guardians have been appointed to sort it out!

- MJ died doing what he loved best

Rest easy my inspiration to many, you are now on the other side where true music is not heard but felt, enjoy as you moonwalk with the angels and break dance with the saints.


1907 days ago

Illinois person    

Just show that slut Rowe the money, she'll go away! Every whore has their ultimate price. While many called Jackson the freak, she's by no means any better. Much like the Ana Nicole case, there was her mother wanting a piece of the action. Ana could not stand her mother and doubtful she ever gave her grandkids the time of day until she saw dollar signs. Who would have thought Jackson's own demise would mirror Ana Nicole's life in this manor? And like Elvis who died almost broke (without any real cash), Jackson's estate will become very lucrative once all of the creditors are paid off. This may take years and years but then again so did Elivis' estate. Unlike Elvis', the Jackson estate has no Graceland of its own to fall back on. Also unlike Elvis, there will be no Prissilla to take charge. Jackson's mother is too old, his dad and brothers are too evil and Janet has her own life and her own money so she'll possibly be the only one who could take charge of her brother's estate without any vested interest. For those like me who feel Jackson had way too many evil, hangers-on in his life, just you wait. Even in Jackson's death, they'll still stick their hands out which is what those kinds of people do best.

1907 days ago


His parents were typical "stage" parents. Michael destroyed his nose because his father mocked him about its size, and Katherine Jackson stood by and listened. Debbie Rowe may not be a perfect parent but I think the kids have a better chance with her. But what about the youngest?

1907 days ago

TMZ Staff    

Mike's mystery baby moma;

1907 days ago

Sue McDonald    

Surely 3 siblings who have grown up together will be kept together? I would have thought that was in the best interests of the children whoever gets custody. Personally I don't think it should be Debbie Rowe, although she should have access. Time will tell. But look to Michael Hutchence's death (INXS) and the subsequesnt decision that his daughter should remain in her family of half sisters...meanng Bob Geldof became her guardian despite the fact the child was his ex wife's daughter with Hutchence. The best interests of the child, and not any adult is paramount no matter what country surely?

1907 days ago


OMG!!! Its always about the money! He's only been gone 48 hours and theres already money arguments! you people make me SICK!!!! Let the man rest in peace!!!

1907 days ago


Jackson used to talk frequently about being bullied from childhood through adulthood - by his family members, by so-called friends, by extortionists. Go to to try and change that bullying culture - nobody knows what bullying can do to innocent people more than Missy does. May Michael finally rest in peace.

1907 days ago

who gives a shit    

Michael came from an abused family and Mrs. Jackson knew what was going on. Those children can not be raised by that family. Look what they did to Michael. Totally screwed him up! And Joe Jackson will be right there as well as his mom. They want the money and if they get the kids they will do the same to them as they did to Michael.........

1907 days ago

who gives a shit    

It amazes me all of you who keep saying that Kathryn should raise Michael. She let the abuse go on in that family, Plus the kids don't know the Jacksons any better than Debbie Rowe. Michael kept them out of most of his life once he was able to get out from under their thumbs. Why do you think he was so screwed up to begin with????

1907 days ago


I don't think Katherine Jackson would be eligible for consideration of custody because of her age, and because there was apparently abuse in the home when Michael was growing up that she either (1) didn't know about, or (2) turned a blind eye to. If you don't know what's going on in your own house then maybe you shouldn't live there......if you're turning a blind eye to child abuse, you're just as guilty as the guilty party, unless you're an accomplice.....which is even worse. In my opinion, Debbie Rowe has been a victim in all of this, controlled by Michael and his money to accomplish what HE wanted. He wanted children, no matter what the cost. She wasn't a surrogate, this was someone he MARRIED. And in looking back at photographs, it appears Debbie was in love with and over the moon about being married to Jackson. If only she had known what she was in for. At any rate, I think Debbie should have the children.....and Blanket too, so as not to upset the family unit the kids have with each other.

1907 days ago
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