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TIME Mag Rushes Out Jackson Issue

6/27/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is your first look at the cover of the Michael Jackson commemorative issue of TIME magazine being rushed to newsstands Monday morning.

michael jackson time magazine

The last time the magazine published a special edition in between weekly issues was in the days following 9/11.


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Craig James    

I am not a pedophile Seth. I don't lie down with little 12 & 13 year old boys.
I can meet my maker with a clear conscience. Don't hate on me because I speak the truth. Michael Jackson loved little boys, in the WRONG way. Hate MJ for his sick sexual desires!

1911 days ago


Finally a story, headline or picture not covering the Obama's

1911 days ago


Racist white people never surprise me!:)... The worst of the worst.

Last time i checked, most pedophiles were white. And most are racist too.

1911 days ago


Just because you are uneducated, and ignorant and get all your education and knowledge from the crap the media dishes out, doesn't mean someone is guilty of anything.

I guess Elvis was a pedophile since he started dating his wife when she was like 14 years old

1911 days ago


[quote] "A drug addicted pedophile gets a commemorative issue of Time magazine. Where is the special issue for our soldiers who have died serving our country? Where is the issue for the baby who died at the hands of an abusive parent or from neglect? Where's the issue for the single mom/dad who dies trying to feed their family?"

You're a typical uneducated US moron.
If you would have followed the trial back in 2003-2005 as I did, (getting every day official reports by Associated Press or Reuters about what was going on in court), you would have known that there was nothing against him. Just a few people, now sued by the government for swindle on social services. Those people who came at other celebs such as Jay Leno or Chris Tucker;;
So don't buy this issue, TIME isn't for you, that's for sure.
Keep watching Fow News, idiot.

Now a lil' respect for Jackson, the guy's dead for christ' sake.

1911 days ago


It is this love his was missing the last few years. Innuendo and rumors can ruin a persons spirit. The people that left when he needed them are now showing him love...It is too late!

1911 days ago


Great photo! Time magazine has made a wonderful choice as Michael looks angelic...

Thanks for all the late breaking coverage TMZ!! You have proved yourself the #1 source for online news period!


1911 days ago


Aww... This is such a nice picture! I really think I should go out and buy this.. It's HISTORY! I really wish he was still alive and well.. =(

1911 days ago


Descansa en paz Michael, gracias por tu legado al mundo.

1911 days ago


Wish they had put the 83/84 Michael on the cover. There was no person in the world more famous than moonwalking, sparkly-single-gloved Michael Jackson of that era. That is how I will always remember. It's like the 67 comeback Elvis vs. the sad Elvis who died in 77.

1911 days ago


That's a great photo.

1911 days ago


I happened to stay up the whole night in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia when I found out MJ had died- i thought the news networks had got it wrong, I mean, the great King of Pop dying? Like many others, I could not imagine a world without Michael Jackson, I thought that there was a conspiracy to fake his death to get him off the limelight so he could live normally in disguise or escape the 50 night concert series he had to do in the London o2. But MJ had really died. Everyone knows MJ and has grown up alongside MJ and his music - he was such a Global International MegaSuperStar. His life was cut short; it was not his time to go yet- he could have a Part 2 to his life - we could have seen so much more of him. He was truly a One-Of-a-Kind singer and performer. He was a trendsetter- the moonwalk, the glove, the black and white suit, the red zipper jacket, his signature trademark dance moves, his music videos, his music, his showmanship, his signature "he-he" sound, his appearance. Michael Jackson will live on in our hearts and in his legacy to people all over the world. We love you Michael Jackson forever. Like what Motown Records founder Berry Gordy had to say about the death of Michael Jackson, "“Michael Jackson doesn’t just come along once in a century or a lifetime – he only comes along once. And so we had the benefit of enjoying him while he was here; we will enjoy him forever through his music. Michael was and will remain one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived … one of the greatest entertainers that ever, ever lived.”

1911 days ago


This TIME magazine cover of MJ will go well with my January 1938 issue TIME magazine cover of their 1938 Man of the Year: Adolf HItler.

Both of them are also meeting in Hell right now too!

1911 days ago

What the Hell?    

Here's a refreshing thought -why doesn't time take all the $ and give it to Michaels favorite charity?

1911 days ago


Unbelievable! Cesspool scavanger Martin Bashir has suddenly created some kind of 'memorial' newscast for Jackson on Nightline. Does this man even have a clue how low he stands in the eyes of the public???
This filthy muslim Martin Bashir needs to be stoned to death! I am not a Jackson fan, but his journalism was nothing but pure vindication and I have felt revolted by this lowlife ever since. No human being, be he famous or unknown, should be tricked in the ugly and vile manner to be slandered in media the way Bashir did to Jackson. He acted like a vulture in his career, by vilifying and smutt-campaigning another person for his own career moves - and caused a lot of suffering to someone who never did anything wrong to Bashir. Bashir is a criminal, as far as I am concerned, and not a journalist. He should be fired from ABC and blacklisted in the entire profession. No one admires a smutt-slinger.

Complain to ABC to fire this ass of a filth-journalist!

1911 days ago
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