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TIME Mag Rushes Out Jackson Issue

6/27/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is your first look at the cover of the Michael Jackson commemorative issue of TIME magazine being rushed to newsstands Monday morning.

michael jackson time magazine

The last time the magazine published a special edition in between weekly issues was in the days following 9/11.


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This is how I choose to remember you, Michael........and your kids will never forget you either...........just shine your love down on them, from Heaven..........for you are up there I am sure. God is Love, are Loved!! By God, and all of your family, friends and fans.
To all the naysayers, critics and scammers........the real deal will be told. Can you just let Michael have Peace, for once in his eternity?

1945 days ago

Lisa Warner    

#121 Samantha....have you heard the saying "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?" A "Human Being" died, not just an Idol. Check yourself out in the mirror and tell me--are you better than he was? I doubt it, so leave the poor man alone! He was sad and lonely, he never thought he was good enough, he performed for us because he knew it made us happy, and he paid for it with a lot of pain. So Samantha, go take an aspirin and... Shut the F*** up!

1945 days ago


#128, i APPRECIATE THE COMMENTS THAT YOU HAVE LEFT FOR MICHAEL. They tell it like it is, and Im sure he would appreciate that. There is enough HATE and NEGATIVITY in this ol' eay to spew that instead of good, kind words. And, I am going to spend some time watching that video you mentioned,, as well as all of Michael's others....just as my own personal tribute. I hope this somehow brings his grieving family some confort, knowing what HAPPINESS Michael brought us, and continues to bring. Yes, there are big huge problems in this crazy world, but making someone else happy, as he did, eases our troubles.

1945 days ago

Lisa Warner    

Hey #122, was it Michael's job to do "something" for "his" people or "Black Americans?" Michael's job was to be Michael, not Black America's shining symbol of a black man or a Muslim making it to the top. Newsflash----OUR President is Black and Christian/Muslim. And "his" (Michael's) people were everybody on this Earth, no matter what color they were. Did you ever SEE the video "Black and White?" Why don't YOU make an example of yourself and do something for "your" people and "Black Americans?" Or is that not your job.....

1945 days ago


that picture makes me very sad, i went on youtube and listened to michaels song never say goodbye and that made me miss michael even more, this is terrible what happened i am still in shock

1945 days ago


If the Michael Jackson commemorative issue is supposed to honor him,
what's up with the choice of the cover? I DOUBT Mr. Jackson would have
approved that picture for a cover at any time. There's no eye contact, and
he's in a t-shirt, an underwear t-shirt at that. A keepsake yes, but what a poor
choic of picture. Of course millions are going to purchase this whether a can
of cat food were on the cover...but in HONOR of Mr. Jackson and in RESPECT
for him, a little more time could have been taken in consideration of him.

1945 days ago


Don't you people have anything else to report besides this? I mean i'm sure there's a Brittney crotch shot or Amy Whino pic out there that would be a lot more enjoyable to look at!!

1945 days ago


#130 Lisa...Unless you something differant Michael did not create himself but was created by the Supreme Being. As such, he like other human beings have an obligation to make a contribute to his kind. Michael used his money to buy zoo animals, fancy clothes and drugs. His biggest problem was deciphering friends from enemies. His kind was black Americans but he claimed everybody. As such other than his kind burned him on his scalp, accused him of child molestation and sought to strip him of all his positions.

Unlike Oprah Winfrey who put money into Africa to help her people by opening a school for girls, Michael could have similarly put money into Africa to open up a school for boys. He ran away from the his predators to the Muslim country to find peace of mind. Unfortunately for him, he chose not to commit. Its like wanted to jump in the water without wanting to get wet. Trying to foil Islam was not a good things. He should have done like Mike Tyson and converted to Islam and God may have helped him. Unfortunately, his selfishness lost him his ticket to remain now he is gone forever.

1944 days ago


what a fantastic choice of photo for the cover of Time in his memory. I always felt bad for all he's gone through in his life. How isolated he lived because of it. He always thought he was so ugly, I always thought he was beautiful, soft spoken, misunderstood and misrepresented. I hope he'll finally find peace in his eternal rest.

1944 days ago

Lisa Warner    

#133, Michael would love this picture of him! It is from his video "Keep It In The Closet" with model Naiomi Watts (I thought it was Beverly Johnson at first, but I was wrong), and it was the first video he produced himself. He dressed himself like this, so I'm guessing he liked what he saw. Jeez, in an undershirt on TIME Magazine's cover! OH MY!

1939 days ago

George kimmel    

11/08/2010 edition, page 20' "The World, Briefing, 10 Essential Stories, Numbers" said 1 in 5 of worlds vertebrates threatened with extinction. Suggest noting vertebrates make up less then 5 percent of all animal species may have offered perspective.

1449 days ago
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