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Billy Mays -- 'I Got a Hard Head'

6/28/2009 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what would turn out to be his last interview, Billy Mays recounted his experience aboard US Airways Flight 1241 which landed roughly at Tampa International Airport yesterday.

Billy Mays -- play video
Billy Mays was found dead in his home early this morning.

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HollyWood serial killer is on the loose killing famous people, Spencer and Heidy are ripe for the pickin

1910 days ago


I didn't like his voice at all, but his eyes looked kind.

1910 days ago


Holly Madisons boyfriend is known as Holly Wood

1910 days ago

two cents    

Wow!!! Yet another shock for me. His personality was larger than life. Poor guy, RIP Billy Mays!! My deepest condolences to his wife and family. =(

Ok, back to the original statement from the airlines...

Excuse me but WTF difference does it make if someone is wearing their seatbelt or not, if something FALLS on their HEAD during a landing. Belted or not, that doesn't affect gravity. Idiots.

Poor guy, so sad, I'm in shock.

1910 days ago


Seems to me, Billy suffered from a head bleed after hitting his head previously during a flight he had taken. Head bleeds sometimes are slow in detecting and that's why anytime one sufferes from hitting their head, they need to be seen by a physician if any vomiting, headache, blurry vision or becomes less alert.

1910 days ago


Willie Mays was a famous pitcher, billie Mays a famous pitchman

1910 days ago


Billy Mays. Now that is a legend, you will always live on,

1910 days ago


If you get hit on your head you have to get checked out!!!!!!!

1910 days ago


My sympathies and prayers go out to his family. It won't be the same to see anyone pitching the "as seen on tv" products anymore. I hate this for them. It's been a rough week for all of us.
God Bless his family. RIP Billy!

1910 days ago


I wonder if the airlines had him sen by a Dr after he said he had been hit on the head, if Dr referred him to ER for xrays or if the airlines did nothing since there was no visable injury. A concussion can take hours to show up. I'm feeling a lawsuit coming on and I bet the airlines PR dept is working overtime

1910 days ago

steve shawn    

The tires blew out on landing and Billy Mays said in a video interview at the airport right after he got off the flight that stuff was flying everywhere and he got hit on the head.
The airline says he wasnt wearing his seat belt.On the other hand it wasnt just not wearing a seatbelt that killed him.Even if he wore the seat belt something would of fallen on his head.It was an unavoidable death.Also,who are the witnesses who said Billy was'nt wearing his seat belt. The airline is trying to cover its ASS from being sued.

1910 days ago


R.I.P. Billy, condolences to the Family

1910 days ago

Middle Class    

First of all, HE LIED. He said, "IT hit me on the head." Not possible. IF MAYS was NOT wearing a belt, and there was strong turublence, he COULD have bouned up and HIT the top of the overhead, but EXTREMELY UNLIKELY. NOTHING HIT HIS HEAD, BUT HIS HEAD COULD HAVE HIT THE OVERHEAD................I am sure an autopsy will clarify speculation....and bet his FAMILY is praying he wasn't on DRUGS and HOPING the AIRLINE is somehow to blame so they can BANKRUPT THE AIRLINE because this dumb bsturd wouldn't put his belt on. P.S. WHEN THE PILOT SAYS YOU MUST SECURE YOU LAP BELT, DO IT! Pilots have no way of predicting SOME TYPES of TURBULENCE like you morons believe they do.

1910 days ago


He seemed like a really nice man. It is very sad to see him so young. What a terrible accident too!

1910 days ago


By all means this is not meant to be racist but if he were wearing a turban he would still be alive

1910 days ago
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