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Lawyer: Doctor Found Jackson with Pulse

6/28/2009 7:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonDr. Conrad Murray's lawyer is now saying that when Murray found Michael Jackson, he had a faint pulse.

Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, says Murray went into Jackson's bedroom and saw that he wasn't breathing. Chernoff told the AP, "He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn't breathing. Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse."

Chernoff says Murray immediately began administering CPR.

Chernoff says Murray did not prescribe or give Jackson Demerol or OxyContin. Chernoff says any drugs Murray did prescribe were given in response to a specific complaint from Jackson.

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J. N.I    

1st off ... #12 go f*uck urself!!!! 2ndly when are the police gonna get their finger outta their arses n realise he was murdered?!?!?!?! someone with such a high status you wud think the cops wud do everything they cud to bring the doc or who ever is to blame to justice!!!!!

1907 days ago


Will the Jackson family please bury this child molesting SOB already. I'm sick of hearing about him.

1907 days ago


Saying MJ had a pulse was dumb on his part. It makes him look more guilty given the fact he probably could have saved him if he actually knew how to correctly administer CPR! What an idiot. It also makes me more sad knowing there might have been a chance that MJ would still be here today if his doctor wasn't a dope...

R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson - The one and only King of Pop/Entertainment

1907 days ago


Hey you,"Princesspink" get the FnCK outta if here!
You outta be in hell!!!
Should change your nick to "HaterFnCKER"

1907 days ago


he's trying to pull off his guiltiness with that crap of michael's complains...ok. But he must be responsible for not call immediately the 911... What kind of CPR did he gave to mj? I'm sure that michael jackson's bed was soft not hard like those on the there's no excuse for this doctor... He was well paid and do not do his work... It's sad such a young talented person dying like that...

1907 days ago


Princespink, I thought you were out of here on Post #3? Hmmm...just as captivated aren't ya :)

1907 days ago


Who the hell gives CPR to someone on a bed ? What kind of medical school this doctor go to?

1907 days ago


A cardiologist should know that you don't administer CPR to someone with a pulse. That means his heart was still beating. He should have been given mouth to mouth or bagged.

1907 days ago

who gives a shit    

Gee are we ever going to get the truth! They keep changing the story.................................

1907 days ago


Everyone knows that when allegations of child abuse is made they are taken seriously. I have aaid before that the chandler family wanted money and that Michael did nothing to jordan chandler.He even admitted it himself recently. I am reading reports he was with his son in the sitting room when he collapsed and that his son thought it was a joke and that the doctor moved him to the bed. Come on its so confusing to hear different accounts of what happened.

1907 days ago


If he had a pulse, but was not breathing the doctor should have assisted his ventilation NOT STARTED CPR! By starting CPR while there was still a pulse It could kill him.

Of course doctors probably don't know this becuase they are not required to update there knowledge or even KNOW CPR unlike a paramedic who updates constantly for his or her entire career.

No offense to ER docs who are ALWAYS on the ball with this stuff.

1907 days ago


No one can say that they knew what went on in the private life of MJ. Think about it, how many regular people do you know that aquired the amount of fame as this man. He was rasied in the music industry, and never had a chance to enjoy a normal childhood. Music lovers should be blessed that this man graced us with his talent, and also tried to do so much for the world as he did. Everyone knows, once you get to a certain level in life, there is someone always there to try and pull you down. No matter what your profession is. People can call Michael what they want, but if there was ever any speculations on his behavior, then why as a responsible parent would one send there child to a total strangers house. hmmmm probably to try to extort a chunck of the billions he's has earned his entire life. Everyone knows someone who tries to find an easy way to make money. The people saying these horrible things about him, never even knew him as a man, and are probably the same as the parents that sent their loving children to a total strangers house no matter what there status is. I learned something from Michael Jackson. I WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE FAMOUS. WHAT A HARD LIFE. MORE MONEY, MORE PROBLEMS. However I would like to thank him and his family for contributing to the soundtrack of my life. God Bless you and your family RIP. Your worries are over.

1907 days ago

Whitney LaShelle    

I just think your arrogant trash.

1907 days ago

Very Proud    

I believe now the Dr. is trying to cover his tracks so that he can not be liable. It will come out for sure as there were many people in the house from staff to security guards. Someone will be offered enough money and will come forth with what really happened.

I am very saddened by this loss as MJ has had a very troubled life from a very young age. I wish someone would have been more worried about him than his money and would of had him committed long ago for his drug problems. I feel his father is still looking to this date to find a way to make money off of MJ and the rest of his children. What is important more than money is LOVE. A tent in the middle of a field with Love is better than a mansion filled with monotary items, drugs and people that just want money. I hope his soul can rest in peace and he find the happiness in death he never found in life. My prayers are with the Children.

And for Janet.... Please don't let them do this to you. You have enough money that you don't need to exhaust yourself and let happen to you what happen to Michael. Do one or two shows a year, change you spending and lifestyle to live from your royalities. Be happy and have a good life with a family of your own. Live for yourself now. Not the public or you parents or siblings. God Bless Always.

1907 days ago


You perform AR on someone with a pulse, not CPR. CPR runs the risk of STOPPING the person's heart if it's already faintly beating. Think about it: If you perform CPR on someone without a pulse, and then you manage to detect a pulse, you don't go "not strong enough!" and keep going until the pulse is stronger. You're just happy to have their heart beating again, and you carry on with AR until you get can them to the hospital.

1907 days ago
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