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Michael Jackson -- Rare Family Photos

6/28/2009 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Over 20 never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson have emerged showing him as he lived his everyday life.

Michael Jackson

From birthday to costume parties, these pictures show a candid, unmasked, genuinely happy Michael as he interacts with his children, employees and friends.


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The kids look beautiful and MJ looks like he's having fun. No matter what those kids were his world and he was a great father. For those who say they may not be his I'm guessing you are not black and have probably never met biracial kids cause the kids are half white. Take a look at this link

♥♥RIP MJ♥♥

1819 days ago


ahhh..great pics..i know these kids raised by their father, stilling good manners and godfearing children..i can't imagine my life without a prayers are always with you..

1788 days ago


oh ,i miss him so much,mj,left us a legacy,u can tell stories through a persons eyes ,take a look @ this guy,he is mourning inside,just could not tell us,because he wanted to please his fans,yes his fans,and this is what he got in return,mj sings ,did an excellent performance,got children,change himself,all but for the fans.ur love ,ur free now,all those demons,i still cry.his family will never get over in peace my bro!

1508 days ago

MJ's l'll girl    

God!!! It's cool but... Scary.

1454 days ago


I'm very late..but if anyone would actually look at whats in front of them rather than base conclusions upon listening to useless reporters who do NOTHING for this world. If you were smart, you'd know Michael Jackson had quite a bit of money, yes? You are trying to tell me with regards to his ridiculous fame, that he wouldn't mind to have stayed blotchy rather than get treatment? That should speak for itself, seeing as he was constantly targeted with humiliation. The guy covered himself in dark make up for years until the white blotches started to cover a majority of his body. Tell me, why would he would want to constantly have full bodied make up..everyday. No, I think not. There are treatments. And the most efficient one for Michael was to de-pigment the unaffected skin which will render the skin an even colour. You people are crazy for not seeing simple truth in all that was discussed and distorted about this man.

1446 days ago


MJ was so free looks like he's an ordinary neghibour living an ordinary life.Love you r in my heart

1443 days ago


michael was a very great man. and was loved by many. there are a lot of people who say he was the king. but, he was not. Jesus Christ was our king. michael was just the king of pop. and, no. i am not trying to be mean to no one. i am just saying. and yes i love michael jackson. very much. and i think he was very beutiful. and i would never say anything to hurt no one who like michael. or knows michael. because i knew him. he was a great guy. and i'll never forget him. and i love his kids. and so did he.

1354 days ago


Michaels death went and how the Doctor will probably get away with it because it all goes beyond just the Doctor. Michael was not meant to go on that tour and they made sure of it. There are too many people like Michael who mysteriously die under strange cir***stances and it is all hidden by someone higher up. It happens everyday and no one notices. I would want nothing more than to talk to someone in Michaels family about my own knowledge on it all. I personally know of someone going thru the same scenerio, somewhat, and he is constantly followed, illegally serveilanced, and even get some of the people you may know to go against you and work on their end for whatever reason they may say, even if it is not true. Your everymove is watched and you have fears of playing anywhere, eating anywhere, or even just visiting friends, for one day that very friend may be taking info for them against you whether the reasinging is true or not.Michael was a good father, brother,son, and uncle and he truly cared.

1353 days ago


i love u somuch jak

1344 days ago


every1 can do the moon walk my bf he 9 and im 9 he showed me and my bff on 2 do the moon walk

1238 days ago


we'll always miss you michael and no one can take your place . rest in peace .....

1168 days ago

a mad fan    

i love d frst pic . mj is soooooooooo coooooooooool

1130 days ago


mj was an amzing person ,and father .his kids loved him .i do not think he should have left this earth.he was loved by millons of people.he was talinted,good with kids,he loved god,&he will never be forgotten.everyone who hated him they need to talk to the man in the mirror.

1121 days ago
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