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Michael Jackson -- Rare Family Photos

6/28/2009 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Over 20 never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson have emerged showing him as he lived his everyday life.

Michael Jackson

From birthday to costume parties, these pictures show a candid, unmasked, genuinely happy Michael as he interacts with his children, employees and friends.


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In Memory of Michael Jackson The pictures say it all he was a child of the world at 50!

The music world stood still today,
In a silence and disbelief,
The “King of Pop” had suddenly slipped away,
Leaving hearts with unbearable grief.

Michael you left us too early,
It was too soon for you to go,
But up in the heavens the call was heard,
And it was your time we know.

We’ll all remember where we were,
On the day when He called your name.
We’ll play your songs in memory,
But it will never be the same.

You spanned the generations,
We all knew your songs.
Some of us even tried to moonwalk,
Your great memories will linger on.

I remember the day I bought your first album,
You were special way back then.
I remember the store and even what I wore,
There will be no one like you again.

My children know your music as I did,
And my Grandchildren too.
We all like the song “Thriller”,
It’s our favorite music video too!

As the day winds down and the hours have passed,
Our hearts remain so broken apart,
We sing and reminisce of your magic,
With a big huge hole in our hearts.

Today I took a picture with your album,
The Jackson Five I bought in 1969,
This part of your legacy I’ve kept all these years.
The music still plays all the time.

I can imagine the concert you must be at now,
With clouds of angels and heaven your stage.
And all the great artists that were waiting for you,
This must be a glorious day!

The King of Pop meets The King of Rock Elvis,
The Godfather of Soul James Brown was there too.
The stage was set and the musicians ready,
They all had been waiting for you.

The receiving line is lengthy,
Sammy Davis, Nat King Cole, and Luther were all waiting there,
You’re home Son now and we’re ready,
You can sing now without a care.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is being sung,
The music is oh so grand,
You recognize this sweet angel voice,
It’s non-other than Judy Garland.

As you walk along to greet all those waiting there,
Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Tyrone Davis, Bo Diddley with his “Lucille”.
Outstretched hands from The Godfather Of Rock n’ Roll Ike Turner,
You know this is a BIG DEAL.

Also in the line is Gerald Levert, Wilson Pickett, and Rick James,
John Lennon with George Harrison the Beatles are here too,
Oscar Peterson, Buddy Miles, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly,
Jimmy Hendrix, Sam “Buzzman” Taylor just to name a few.

The Harps are playing the songs from the “Nutcracker”
You see Tchaikovsky and Debussy standing there.
The Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra with Dean Martin,
Lucinao Pavorotti along side Jerry Garcia and even Fred Astaire.

The line goes on for as far as the eye can see,
Many more are waiting with the love you’ve been shown.
The Heavens stage now awaits your “Moon Walk”.
For you now know “You Are Not Alone”!

So Michael you are at peace now,
You were a “Thriller” like no one else will ever be.
You will never be forgotten,
For you left us “Too Young” with and all we have left is just your memory!

May you rest in peace with the Angels! May the Lord watch over your family always! Thank you for all the musical treasures you leave us with! You truly had a gift and thank you for sharing that gift of your music with the world!
We are the world, we are the children and we all shed a tear for you!

A Fan from Upland

1909 days ago


I can't believe MJ is gonna leave all that money to white kids that aren't his. They should take his money, if there is any, and give it to black kids across America. Jesse Jackson and the NCAAP should sue his estate so that his money goes to his people, the black kids who are struggling across America.

1909 days ago

the sea    

The one boy has had his hair dyed VERY blonde. You can tell because his eyebrows are black, and so are the roots on his head. Why would you dye a young child's hair? That's terrible.

1909 days ago


I can't believe MJ is gonna leave all that money to white kids that aren't his. They should take his money, if there is any, and give it to black kids across America. Jesse Jackson and the NCAAP should sue his estate so that his money goes to his people, the black kids who are struggling across America. His money is ours, not those white kids.

1909 days ago


I'm a huge fan of MJ but this is so insulting to black ppl. He should have just come out and said these were not his biological kids. For him to tell the world these were his biological kids plus the skin bleaching and plastic surgery means he wants the world to believe he is really white. The kids were his final SCREW YOU BLACK PPL. It's like he was saying "see on the inside i'm really white! I produce white children."

I hope Debbie Rowe fights for custody. All she has to say to the jackson family is "You are not even related to these kids!"

1909 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

IT seems the public and even some of the tress core has been awakened by MJ being a GOOD GUY even after the FACT is better then never.HE had money they took it by making up BS about him.He`s DOA they took the money again it`s thier SOP and the math shows the patteren,COME AND KILL the SON OF HOWARD ROBARD HUGHES governator right wing SS if you can.I`am NOT a MJ I`am a OPP and I been taking dwon bad guys since I was four.I knew MJ was never a BAD guy and I put in hundereds of hours defending him the last 20 years.SOME BAD GUYS KILLED MJ now is the time to change a rightwing mob system gone MAD again just as DAD and I stopped the NUKES MAD vs MAD.MJ saved his kids once again...he knew they would off him but he did it to save his kids.NOW the estate is a money bag again just as if he would have went back to work and had a HIT show.LOOK for the billion dollar movie soon about MJ your see.Just as you now see who he was a little too late but still better than never.

1909 days ago


Well know we know why Michael Jackson was living in a $100,000 a month Beverly Hills mansion. Advance money for the concerts from AEG as incentive even though he was clearly in no condition to perform 5 concerts, let alone 50. Previous to a few weeks ago he had been living in a house in Summerlin, an area of Las Vegas and left the house completely trashed and with Christmas trees still in the house. In May. Not at all unusual for a heavy duty drug addict. Tragic.

1909 days ago

Hayley B    

Cuuuuuuuuute kids! It's easy to see how much they all adored each other. I can't imagine how devastating this loss is to those poor little ones - I'm glad they have each other and their memories of their daddy.

1909 days ago


That's the Michael we never got to see. They look like a happy family. R.I.P Michael.

1909 days ago

Hayley B    

Exceptional photos, thanks TMZ!

1909 days ago

Harvey is a Jew    

# 7 I wish i could "Rate" Your comment... I would give it 100 Stars HA! You Hit the Nail on the Head! M.J. was misunderstood, He never had a "Normal" Childhood!

1909 days ago


# 27, you are right. He insulted blacks by using a white sperm donor. He could have at least fooled us by using a black donor. Did he hate blacks so much that he didn't even want to have light skinned mixed black kids?

1909 days ago

Jay D    

His doctor should be charged with murder for the fact that he spend 45 mins trying to resuscitate him. If he had called 911 right away maybe they could have saved him at the hospital instead of wasting all that time screwing around to save his own butt because he overdosed him.

1909 days ago


His money should go to us, blacks. Those white kids that aren't his don't deserve a dime. If it is possible, I will sue his estate so that we get some of that money.

1909 days ago
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