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Michael Jackson -- Rare Family Photos

6/28/2009 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Over 20 never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson have emerged showing him as he lived his everyday life.

Michael Jackson

From birthday to costume parties, these pictures show a candid, unmasked, genuinely happy Michael as he interacts with his children, employees and friends.


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I love michael jackson but i Heard on Fox News that Debbie said he wasn't even the biological father. & Not only that, on that interview where the guy lived with him, he was asked was he there when the kids were born, he said yes he was and soon as they cut the cord he wrapped the little girl up and took her home becuz the doctors were okay with it and so was debbie. Then stats he was there when "blanket" was born, but then goes on to say in another interview with the SAME MAN that he never met the mother. Isn't that odd? Someone please comment on this..

1944 days ago


How come his "family" photos only have his kids, the staff and their kids? Where are Michael's brother and sisters and nieces and nephews at his kids birthday parties?

1944 days ago


I like the bottom left pics .... showing all three. The two oldest look like their mom.

RIP Michael. We all love you whether we admit it or not.

1944 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


1944 days ago


Did you guys steal these photos?

1944 days ago


these pics a so wonderful! if we could have seen them sooner maybe he could have been respeced for being a good father and single parent.comming from someone who just lost a parent i wish mj's kids love & peace

1944 days ago

get rich quick    

If you bought a ticket for one of his concerts in london, you should hold onto it and not try for a refund. Think of the money you can make on E-Bay in a few years.

1944 days ago


#51, I thought the same thing!

1944 days ago


TMZ stole these photos

1944 days ago


#27 and #37 sound like a bunch of haters...obviously not MJ fans who are trying to stir up need to go and listen to his lyrics in his song " It Don't matter if you're black or White" does'nt matter if they weren't his biological kids or if they were balck or're a hater who tries to get people to join your hatred...

1944 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

1. Micheal probably did not bleach his skin. I also thought that vitiglio should occur in blothces, but I was wrong. I know for a FACT that it can occur evenly as it did with Michael Jackson becuase I had a friend here in Toronto who had the EXACT same condition. She did not have Plastic Surgery however and had typically African features but was paler than I (and I'm VERY pale) and I was always wondering why she had to stay out of the sun. She explained to me she had "Micheal Jackson's disease" and that's how I know it's completely possible.

2. Whoever said that little boys head is bleached is crazy. He's obviously naturally blond and is towheaded. His brows are barely there they are so blond and his "roots" are NORMAL since the sun bleaches towheaded kids even more blond but only bleaches the outer hair.

3. Whoever says those kids are not Michael's are WRONG. They may not be his BIOLOGICAL kids, but he is probably the only parent those kids know and they seem to ADORE him. Since one is parentage simply a case of DNA? What about all the ADOPTED kids in the world? What about Ricky Martin and his kids by a surrogate? Why is that okay but not MJ's kids?

4. MJ supported a lot of black kids like Boys II Men and others. So he had white kids, so what? OJ Simpson dumped his black wife the moment he became famous and married a white woman. You want to blame someone? Blame societal racism.

5. MJ was NEVER convicted of doing anything nefarious with kids. I feel TERRIBLE because even I believed the hype way back when, but after his deah I did some searching and all the evidence against him was so tenuous and flimsy. Even experts say he never fit the profile of a pedophile (hate even using that word in connection with MJ), he just had a case of arrested development as he never had a childhood. Sure, adults sleeping with kids is bizarre but MJ wasn't thinking like that. He thought it was an innocent sleepover like the kind he never got to have as a kid. He was trying to relive his childhood since he never had one. It's so sad :( . Everyone who knew him said he was a child-man.

6. Asexuality is a real condition and affects about 5% of the population (I think), so I believe that MJ was just asexual. I actually know of a man who is asexual as well so, again, I know it's completely possible.

1944 days ago


They post his personal pictures that werent for the public right after he died, you had to have stole these photos.

1944 days ago


Sorry, I can't sit by and listen to people keep denying he had Vitiligo. Google 'PopSpiracy', I posted numerous pictures that show the patches. I can confirm he had it also as I stood right next to him and saw it on his hands (the rest of him was covered). My aunt has it and it looks exactly the same.

To the angry people claiming MJ insulted blacks by using a white donor, no one knows what the deal is with those kids, and you have clearly missed the message the man always had to share. He didn't care about skin color. And he proudly stated his love of his race when asked by Oprah on an interview. You can clearly see his skin disease in my posted photos. Michael may have had self-loathing, but not towards his race. He was a proud man with many black friends and someone who paved the way for African Americans. RIP, MJ. I feel sympathy for people hung up on race in 2009. Clearly, you are the ones with the issue.

1944 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

Oops, sorry for the spelling mistakes in my post. It's very late as I'm writing this. I meant to say Vitiligo not Vitiglio.

Also, MJ's plastic surgery was due to his probably suffering Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Read up on it, it's very sad! :(

Oprah did a segment on it way back when. So sad, poor MJ :( Reminds me of Elvis.

1944 days ago


@ 42 You are so IGNORANT!! Please stop posting those STUPID comments!!! GET A JOB!!!!!!!

1944 days ago
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