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Michael Jackson's Doctor -- Free to Go

6/28/2009 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson, Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray, the personal physician to Michael Jackson, is free to travel if he wants to -- but he plans on staying in town "out of the goodness of his heart."

A rep for Murray's lawyer tells TMZ there is "no need for further questioning" of Murray, but says the doctor "wants to help out as much as possible."

Murray was interviewed by LAPD yesterday for three hours. He is not considered a suspect.


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just me    

I just read today's New York Daily News and they are quoting from an article in London's Sunday Times:

Nanny Grace quit in December 2008. She had to "pump his stomach many times, he always mied so much of it. He always ate too litle and mixed too much." That he was so broke, she used her own credit card to buy birthday decorations for the kids. She reached out to Jackon's mother and sister to have an intervention, but he accused her of betraying him.

1881 days ago


The Dr. is not cleared yet, the police are only waiting for the toxicology reports to come in. IF MJ died because of the injection than the Dr. will be arrested.

1881 days ago


Alright, enough already about mike jackson. THis is just too much. Givew us a break. Not everyone is waiting for the next reporet with baited breath. Many of us don't care. ys he was talented, yes he was famous, but it don't mean a hill of beans to me, my family or my friends. Are you trying to tell me that there is nothing else going on in the world?? Please stop.

1881 days ago


Excellent doctor at what? GAWD!!!! Are you joking? I wouldnt allow this jackoff to give a biscuit to my dogs!! Its no telling what he stole at Michaels house before he left!! Of course, only to be sold later on!!

1881 days ago


Does anyone know who made that 911 call? Seems like that person might know some stuff, too.

1881 days ago


" "out of the goodness of his heart."???????? Cover up. He is right up there with Elvis's doctor. He knew what he was doing.

1881 days ago

Liberals Hate Free Speech    

How long has this man been his doctor? If not for the last 15 years, then leave him alone. This man was only doing what he was paid to do.

MJ is responsible for what happened to him. We are the same age: 50. He surrounded himself with "yes men" (including his family). He did not become a junkie overnight. Personal responsibility has taken a backseat to blaming someone else.

I personally believe Michael Jackson KNEW he wouldn't be able to pull off this huge endeavor and simply checked out.
He owes millions and millions of dollars and instead of shooting himself in the head, he had someone shoot him with drugs.

1881 days ago


Is he doctor really qualified...

1881 days ago


I think this poor broke down nappy headed azz bitch will say whatever the Media wants to hear, to get a few nickles her gravey train is gone.....She didn't speak up before hand so why say anything now people like this should have their azz kicked I saw this Isaw that but hell I liked my job so much yet he was broke as hell and couldn't pay me.

1881 days ago

Chân Rết    

who is the Michael Jackson's Doctor ?

1881 days ago


Who's the doctor he really good...

1881 days ago


Its no telling what he stole at Michaels house before he left!! Of course, only to be sold later on!!
Are you serious? When would he have had a chance to steal anything? While pumping Michael Jacksons chest? While in the ambulance on the way to the hospital?? He didn't even go back to get his car which was still parked there! I know Dr. Murray too and know that he would never do anything to harm anyone.

1881 days ago


20. who is the Michael Jackson's Doctor ?
Don't you read the paper? Listen to the news? Anything?

1881 days ago

just me    

Just like ANS DOCTORS ...They Finally was arrested! SO this Murray was just there to use a stethoscope daily for $50,000 or more a month....WHO ARE THEY BULL SH*T-N!!! PLEZZ SELL IT ELSE WHERE! THE PUBLIC WONT BUY INTO THAT CRAP!!!

1881 days ago

Thank you for the Joy Mr. J    

Until they know the results of the toxiology reports, of course the " doctor " is free to go.
I saw Deepak Choptra on Larry King Live and he spoke of the addiction and the enabling doctors.
It will al come out. If MJ was self medicating and exceeding the recommended dose on his own, the doctor might just be gulity
of nothing criminal. If MJ's entire system was weakened due to his abuse of drugs over the years, then it all has to come back to MJ. It is very sad, all of it. If MJ was on these various drugs all these years, then any brain thinking function must have been impaired. Probably an easy target for all the persons he surrounded himself with, not other entrtainers, but persons whose living was obtained by being a parasite and an enabler.
I hope I don't see Gloris Alred or her daughter on the TV this week or ever for that matter. They were the ones who put the squeeze on MJ in the first molestation case. They setteld for 20 Million. The attorney takes 1/3 ususlly. I am planning on despising them and writing to any Network who has either one of them on for anything. Blood sucking lawyers.

1881 days ago
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