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No Plans for Neverland Ranch

6/28/2009 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Neverland ranchThe future of Neverland Ranch is still up in the air, according to an associate of the company that now owns it.

Tohme Tohme -- Jackson's longtime friend and a partner of Colony Capital, part owner of Neverland -- tells TMZ so far no decision has been made about what do with Michael Jackson's famous former home.

We're told one of the options being discussed is to make Neverland some sort of museum or shrine to Jackson.


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you must stupid    

Who are the sick bastards that keep saying Patrick Swayze is next? It must be that whatwouldudo fool on her other nicks since she got blasted with facts

1906 days ago

you must stupid    

MJ facts:

1. He hated being black, so he became white
2. Was a child molester who tried to act like he was mentally retarded to cover up his sickness
3. Was a moron financially and is in debt at least 400 million dollars
4. His family members (minus Janet) are lazy hangerons that took advantage of him
5. Can't even hold Elvis' jockstrap, as much as he would like to
6. Neverland will never become a museum. Not only for the unspeakable crimes that were committed there, but the location is horrible, which is exactly why he picked that spot to build it in the first place. Plus all the clowns that would actually be willing to pay money to see it can't even afford bus fair.

You are welcome

1906 days ago


I think they should melt it into legos so that... ha ha... but seriously, plasticize Jackson and make a mausoleum similar to what Lenin used to have. And put up displays of hyperbaric chambers and elephant man bones and whatever weird crap he used to collect.

1906 days ago


I'm not trying to demonize Elvis. I was just trying to point out that Elvis had his demons too and I don't think it's right for people to judge Michael in his death. The man inspired hundreds of today's artists and yeah he had a difficult life but he still has millions of people who love and admire him. It's not like he would profit from a shrine in his honor... it would probably be his kids. So what's it to you? Nobody said you have to go see it!

1906 days ago


Do any of you wanting a museum have any idea how remote Neverland is?...besides the fact it has ben stripped of most of EVERYTHING....even the original gates. The neighboring property owners would never go for that...big tourist money or not....I lived close to that property a few years ago...nice dream for some maybe, but it isn't going to happen.

1906 days ago


........CNN just showed an interview of Joe Jackson...lhe was ive at the BET AWARDS.........wasting no time to get the money & still promoting!

1906 days ago


Got blasted with absolute garabage and no facts..........this my only nick sorry. Never said anything about Patrick but hope he gets better.

1906 days ago

you must stupid    


you are a very sick person to compare autistic children to pedophiles. What is wrong with you? Do doctors have to put a jacket on you every night before laying you in the padded room to go nighty night?

1906 days ago

you must stupid    

whatwouldudo is a massive racist. I know this woman in everyday life and she's bitter that she's been turned down by the New Black Panthers every time she's applied. She even believes OJ is innocent for crying out loud!!

1906 days ago

Dennis Rog    

Turn Neverland into a place like Graceland. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!!!!!

1906 days ago


LMAO...Seem to have found the below average IQ thread...with people making up crap and CLEARLY cannot read....glad you feel better about yourselves....BRAVO....WHOOOO HOOOO...

1906 days ago


I hope they bring back the amusement park, except for the "Zipper" ride.

1906 days ago


It should be turned into a museum, His children can take the profits from it which will greatly help them in their futures. Obviously nothing private has to be with graceland some areas are off limits but other than that michael wanted it to be a happy place, it should be turned into a happy place. Or maybe some sort of summer camp for children with disabilites or know.. make it happy.

1906 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

@ EDUMACATED (#280 from before) :

I don’t want to argue with you or swap insults like others are doing. You asked me to address “the salient question” as you put it...and I’ll try. Sorry for the length.

Please understand I was never a “fan” of Jackson in the regular sense. I never attended any of his concerts; I have never owned any of his albums, memorabilia, etc. I still don’t. I eschew those surrounded by media hype. In fact, I used to think of him in the same way as you because, like you, I thought his behaviour with children was inappropriate. I thought, like you, that any adult man who sleeps in the same bed with pre-pubescent boys must be doing something unnatural. Here is what CHANGED MY THINKING.

1. I once briefly dated a man who confessed to me he was asexual. I didn’t believe him because I had never met anyone like him before. However, I now believe it to be true. Though rare, it happens in 1% of the population. Here is a link:

2. MJ had a terrible childhood from which, it seems, he never recovered. When he had enough money, he wanted to recreate the childhood he never had. Thus Neverland ranch and the sleepovers with kids. In his innocent childlike mind it was “pure” fun. Kids play with animals, kids have sleepovers, kids don’t have sex...and MJ wanted to be a kid because his dad never allowed him a proper childhood.

3. Here’s the answer to your “salient question”: Just because YOU and PARTS OF SOCIETY sexualize an adult MJ sharing his bed with kids doesn’t mean MJ did anything inappropriate. You are confusing the inappropriate IDEA of an adult having sleepovers with kids with the inappropriate ACTION of an adult sexually abusing kids. That is your mistake. The truth is, an adult doesn’t have to have a sleepover with a child in order to sexually abuse him/her. An adult can do this standing up, sitting down, in a classroom, etc. Why do you think MJ having sleepovers with kids AUTOMATICALLY means he is abusing them? Having sleepovers = sexual abuse? One does not necessarily follow the other. MJ had a lot of innocent yet weird ideas about a lot of things. Part of that made him extraordinarily creative; part of that made him weird to others.

4. In MJ’s childlike mind he may very well have just been having sleepovers with the kids. He may well have truly believed in Neverland and world peace and Santa Claus, etc. Ideas that most of us cynical people gave up long ago. INNOCENCE is IGNORANCE and MJ was very innocent about a lot of things. He didn’t see things the way other people did, that has become clear to me. Just look at his own face. He ruined it due most likely to his Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), something that most people would not do. Just like most would think adults having sleepovers with kids is inappropriate, MJ did not think that. Why is it so hard for you to understand that not everyone thinks like you do. Not everyone thinks like the majority. They may be WRONG in their thinking (if you so insist), but they are not lying in saying they think like that. I don’t think MJ was lying when he said that “sleeping in the same bed is completely innocent” – I think that, for him, it probably was.

5. As for lawsuits, etc. I gave an example of settling lawsuits even when there was no wrongdoing. That was an EXAMPLE to prove my point. My point being that sometimes people will pay so that bad energy “goes away”, even if they have done nothing wrong, even if there is no lawsuit YET. (I think I actually said that if you read back.) MJ had a lot of money back then. He mismanaged it probably due to his childlike state of thinking it would always be there. Why is it so strange to you that he mismanaged money? Most entertainment figures mismanage money – that is not new. They waste it on entourages, drugs, homes, cars, etc. I think for MJ – he paid that boy money because he didn’t want that type of thing to taint his good name. He always thought he could control the media and he knew he couldn’t control what came out of this boy’s mouth. MJ probably knew that if he didn’t pay $25 million, formal charges WOULD be pending (doesn’t take a genius to realize this). Please don’t quibble with the minor details when the gist of what I’m saying is quite obvious. Lisa Marie also alluded that MJ was very controlling of how his image was seen by the media. It was all about control, MJ paid that money because he may have had no witnesses back then to attest to what actually happened and he knew that boy could lie and it would be hairy. Also, MJ owns the rights to a ton of music including Beatles songs which is worth over 2 BILLION dollars or som

1906 days ago

you must stupid    

Notice how whatwouldudo is too gutless to say how she feels about OJ!! LOL!!!!! Too freakin' easy!!!

1906 days ago
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