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No Plans for Neverland Ranch

6/28/2009 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Neverland ranchThe future of Neverland Ranch is still up in the air, according to an associate of the company that now owns it.

Tohme Tohme -- Jackson's longtime friend and a partner of Colony Capital, part owner of Neverland -- tells TMZ so far no decision has been made about what do with Michael Jackson's famous former home.

We're told one of the options being discussed is to make Neverland some sort of museum or shrine to Jackson.


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To make a museum would be a great news for all his fans and a incredible business for Neverland ranch owner

1909 days ago


SAhut up you idiots. all you do is call him a child molester. Do you or do you not watch the news? 2 boys already confessed their parents made them say he molested them so they could get his money. They even have one of the fathers on tape saying "No way can I lose This case" so think what you want of MJ. He was a good man with a good heart

1909 days ago


I honestly believe that Michael was mentally ill and I think there's alot about his life that people don't know that will explain what and why his life became so tragic. No matter what, I believe that this man's contribution to pop music cannot be denied. He was a musical genius and deserves a place in musical history!

1909 days ago


Why not? Elvis' Graceland is a #1 tourist attraction.Why not Neverland?

1909 days ago

Grim Reaper    

They should make Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson live there together since they both have their noses up each others ...

1909 days ago

you must stupid    

I agree 150% with Bigabear. Whatwouldudo is one sick POS!!! How dare you make such a disgusting comparison!!!! What the hell is wrong with you!?!?!

1909 days ago


Another idea.... make it the national headquarters for NAMBLA.

1909 days ago

you must stupid    


The fact TMZ would take my comments down, but allow whatwouldudo's henious comparsion to remain, says all I need to know about Harvey, but I'm not surprised.

I stand by my original point and challenge. Walk into any autism clinic and stand in front of a room full of parents and make that claim you gutless coward and see what happens. You should rot for that statement, and the TMZ mod that took my comments off while allowing that insanely insulting statement to remain is just as sick as you are.

1909 days ago


"For those of you who cannot accept others for being different...or "weird, odd" as you call it. Better get used to it since autism is on the rise."

Are you honestly comparing molesting children to autism??????? Is this a joke?

1909 days ago


Isn't Tohme one of the doctors under investigation in Michael's death. How did he become part owner in Neverland? Did he take advantage of Michael like everyone else when he was incapacitated? The family should look into the paperwork that made him a partner if that is the same doctor. I would like to see it become a museum. I think people would be eager to take a tour of a place they have heard so much about.

1909 days ago


Why not? Elvis' Graceland is a #1 tourist attraction.Why not Neverland?

Hmm....because most normal people don't want to see where children were raped maybe?

1909 days ago

sad about mj    

My mom always taught me if u don't have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all. This man have kids, sister, brother, mother and father... Please show them respect. If we are all sad just think what his family may be feeling. A museum

1909 days ago


I only said no because I thought MJ said he couldn't live there no more because it was violated but if they feel that's what MJ wanted then do it

1909 days ago

Grim Reaper    

They should put up at least a 20 foot fence around it ,change the name to 'CHILD MOLESTERS R US' and use this as a prison for child molesters

1909 days ago


Welcome to your tour of Neverland. Please notice the grand chandelier hanging in the foyer. It took 3 years to create. Now we'll head up to the master bedroom where the King of Pop played with little boys. Notice the refrigerator built into the wall. The lines flow so you can't really see it. That is where he kept the Jesus juice to loosen up the boys he played with. Well, that concludes our tour of the freak show-

1909 days ago
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