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Autopsy Shows Billy Mays Had No Head Trauma

6/29/2009 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Mays autopsyThe Hillsborough County Medical Examiner just announced the results of Billy Mays' autopsy -- and said there was no connection between Billy's death and Saturday's rough aircraft landing.

Billy had admitted to suffering a blow to the head when the front tires of US Airways Flight 1421 blew upon landing -- but the doc said he found "no signs of internal or external head trauma."

Dr. Chrostowski said Billy most likely died from complications due to heart disease. He said the autopsy showed "hypertensive and arteriosclerotic disease of the heart" -- which is known to cause sudden death.

The doc said Billy -- who was scheduled to have his third hip replacement surgery today -- had prescriptions for tramadol and hydrocodone, but said Mays had no history of drug abuse and "the counts of remaining medication are correct."

The doc will announce the official cause of death once all test results are in.


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That Billy was such a nice young man. I didn't really think there was anything wrong with his heart but I think he suffered from some type of hearing loss, he was always yellin', everything he said was yellin'. I would tell him "I can hear you child" but he would just keep on yellin' whenever he spoke, yellin' and smilin', Pa said once that he thought little Billy was "touched", not in the mean sexual way but in the way others might use to describe a "special" person. That had to be it, everybody was always sayin' Billy was a "special" person, so I guess that was it, I guess that's why the young man was always yellin' and smilin'. Rest in Peace Son, we will certainly miss you, your smile and your yellin'. God Bless.

1907 days ago


"BTW all of the products you propped were all $HIT! Could not of happened to a bigger douche!

Real appropriate comment...youre turn is next

1907 days ago

who's on first    

To the Mays family. I have seen many mean statements .He does not deserve that. Please know you have my best wishes for the family.

To those making such outrageous remarks . You have the choice to mute or change channels.
I would hate to see if someone died of Cancer..what would be said.
R.I.P. Billy

1907 days ago


#69 Are you a doctor? If not then don't presume to say what can and can not be taken together. I happen to take those two medications together and am not dead. Of course I take them as prescribed and don't abuse them which by sounds of it is what he did, therefore I seriously doubt that was the cause of his death. It is extremely disgusting that people have nothing better to do but post this evil and idiotic stuff about a man that none of them knew who's only crime was living the American dream. I might add that they sound like a bunch of illiterate idiots who probably have nothing better to do but sit on their lazy a$$e$ and type this crap since they are too stupid and lazy to get a job so they sit around and mooch of society. I mean how hard is it to spell when most computers I know of have spell check. USE IT PEOPLE!! Oh and go ahead with your stupidity and hit me with your lame comments.

1907 days ago

Tampa Tony    

Bubba the Love Sponge already has a song out about Billy Mays and speculation that Oxycontin use might have contributed to his death. Too soon?

1907 days ago


I won't miss him. I hated him horrible SHOUTING commercials. What makes the advertisers think if someone YELLS the informationa at us it will make us want their product. The opposite is true for me, torture me and you turn me off. I sure don't want to run out and buy your crap!! I used to have to MUTE his ass whenever he came on and couldn't believe he got his own show....of what? SHOUTING AT THE AUDIENCE?????? Now if we can get rid of that sham wow sex creep!!

1907 days ago



1907 days ago


Bubba the Love Sponge has a song out??? Are you kidding me? A supposed "radio personality" with that name? He is lower than Stern, trash, unfunny in any redeeming way...Cool name man, how old are you, like 17? Billy may have been loud, but he worked his a** off to get what he had...Drugs had nothing to do with his death. He was taking some painkillers for his hip, but he didn't die of an overdose. He had too much going for him, and loved what he did....I f***ing hate "Bubba the Love Sponge" and wish that he would drop that very ridiculous name and go away

1907 days ago


"Hi I'm Billy Mays!".... Im so going to miss that phrase. RIP. Deepest condolences to his wifey.

1906 days ago


Why is that Micheal Jackson is the only one getting the big news. There has been great people that has died along with Jackson but no one is touch it like they are with Jackson. How come. Is it because of race?

1906 days ago


I will miss Billy Mays. I send my condolences to his wife and family. He seemed a very good man.
When they do hip replacements, they do an EKG but, unless there is some incidation of heart problems, they don't do stress testing or other advanced cardiac testing. Given his age and no cardiac history, I am sure they felt the EKG was enough. I wonder what age his father died at. That is a good indicator for early cardiac death. The only tfruly accurate test of his cardiac status would have been a cardiac catheterization, and I guess there was never an incidation for that. I'm sure his loved ones wish there had been, so the results could have been good.

1906 days ago


to all the disrespecting people who post comments on the internet about people who haved passed. it is a shame that american citizens can say any act the way some do like posting disrespectful comments about people who are no longer able to defend theirselves. everyone wonders whats wrong with the world today, WELL just look at yourself. we need some truth, compassion, and love in the world.

1906 days ago


Another way to see what's going on with your heart is to do a 64 Slice CT Scan. It's non-invasive and many places offer it. It produces a very detailed 3D view of your heart. Being catheterized can cause you to throw a clot and suffer an M.I. or Stroke.

1905 days ago


1905 days ago


Billy Mays was from McKees Rocks PA, not entirely far from where I am. His relatives still live there and no one who knew him has or ever had a bad word to say.

For all you ignorant pranksters who think this is funny and cute, he was an introverted gentle guy who happened to make a very good living pitching products. He was a showman and , while the informercials are hokey as hell, you REMEMBER THEM AND THE LINES THESE GUYS use....THAT'S THE POINT OF ADVERTISING! God....

But wait! There's more!

Have you heard any of the sick jokes about Michael Jackson? They are going around too and just as tasteless and tacky as this.

1903 days ago
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