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Billy Mays 911 Call -- 'It's Too Late'

6/29/2009 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made from the home of Billy Mays, where he was found dead yesterday morning.

Billy Mays -- play audio

During the emotional call, Billy's wife is asked to move his body from the bed to the floor so she can perform CPR -- just like in the Michael Jackson 911 call -- but then an unknown male takes the phone to tell the dispatcher, "It's too late."

We're told by Tampa police officials the mystery male heard in the call was a family friend who was visiting from out of town.


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Mrs Butters    

The surest way to know someone is gone is if they've pooped their pants,no poop and there's still hope

1757 days ago

hook on TMZ    

OMG! how very sad. RIP Billy. Prayers for Billy's wife and family. He will be missed.

.....that said....the voice of the 911 operator has got to be the most annoying monotone whiny condescending voice. Do they not screen operators not only for knowledge but voice quality as well?

1757 days ago


At the end the dispatcher says something about, "Put away the family pets"

Anyone know why?

1757 days ago


In case the dogs may attack while trying to protect the owners.

1757 days ago


The "power of orange" didn't work.

1757 days ago


They told them to put the pets away so that paramedics wouldn't have to worry about coming inside the house. Some people have dogs that don't like strangers entering, for example.

1757 days ago

Mrs Butters    

pets go right for the poop source,nobody wants to see their loved one with Fido'd nose planted up their butt

1757 days ago


They were asked to put the pets away so that they do not go after the body. That happens ALL the time when people pass away and their animals are in the house.
The 911 operator is more annoying than Billy ever was, but there is no way she could know what is truly happening on the other end of the line. When people are hysterical/sad/confused, you HAVE to start talking to them as if they are children because in essence, you are like a child in that you don't know what to do.
Also, as much as this tape is a total invasion of privacy, it is a public record which makes it accesible to anyone. i don't agree with it, but I do know that if more people were prepared to deal with 911 operators they could maybe get help quicker when they do call. my husband is a first responder and I have met more than 20 dispatchers who all have said people do not know what to say during a 911 call. Half the time, people can't remember their own name and address! So listening to these tapes might help, although it would be nice to just have a short class or something about it...
And to the family, I am so sorry for your loss. No words can express it. I just hope that you are allowed to grieve in your way without a bunch of press hounding you.
People, go hug your loved ones right now and tell them how much you love them!!! Peace.

1757 days ago


I'm very upset at the passing of Billy Mays. My heart goes out to his family. I heard the autopsy is saying there is no evidence of head trauma. I find that hard to believe just after he get's hit on the head he passes away during the night. I hope the family get's a second opinion ASAP.
Prayers to the family.

1757 days ago


That is absolutely my worst nightmare. My heart breaks for his wife. I am so scared of that happening that I have a habit of checking on my husband to see if he is still breathing when he is in a deep sleep. And if I can't tell just by touching him, I shake him a bit to get him to wake up. It makes him crazy. But it scares me. This is so damn sad.

1757 days ago


I Love Billy Mays. Billy Mays Here....Forever. Check out this slideshow tribute to the great mad man.

1757 days ago


I think that this is one of the saddest years for hollywood. Farah, Michael, Ed, Natasha, etc!!

Be careful Lindsay!!

1757 days ago

Saint Subversive    

Billy to God: "but WAIT .. "

1757 days ago


49. I think that this is one of the saddest years for hollywood. Farah, Michael, Ed, Natasha, Bea Arthur!!

Be careful Lindsay!!

1757 days ago


I used to work for TFR and have known the operator who took the call for 7 yrs. And yes she really does sound like that,even in normal conversation, but, she is really good at calming people down when they are upset.
I don't think this call was a particularly good call, but CPR calls are hard.TFR utilizes the AEMD dispatch protocol which Dr Clausen developed for optimizing emergency dispatching. In that protocol, a set of cards helps the dispatcher decide each step and instructions, based on the callers answers. Per the cards,you are supposed to keep offering to help the caller with CPR no matter what, even when the caller advises that the patient is cold and stiff. That can vary with different agencies, but at TFR we asked the medical director for the clarification/permission at one point that if the patient is "cold and stiff in a warm environment" could we not have to push the callers for CPR but that was denied. She never asked if the caller thought he was beyond any help, and according to the protocol, she should have, but clearly he was gone,so that is neither here nor there.
As far as the animal the end of each call, protocol dictates "put away any family pets" "unlock your door" turn on an outside light" and"meet the paramedics". Animals bite, get loose, etc; unlock door so they can get in; lights at night, and during the day make the house easier to spot, and if someone is there to meet them, it saves time. It isn't because animals will eat the deceased, nor is about excrement and I amazed that anyone would even think so...come on, really?
That said, I do police dispatching now, but would like to take a minute to say that everyone needs to give medical dispatchers a break. They listen to the worst of the worst and have to try and process the info, while calming the caller down so that a life can be saved if possible. You cant be stupid or lazy and do this job, and unless you've done it, don't be so quick to judge.

1757 days ago
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