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Jackson Lawyer -- Katherine Wants Custody

6/29/2009 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Jackson family lawyer strongly indicated Michael Jackson's mother wants custody of his three kids. Londell McMillan was on "Today" this morning -- where he said Michael's three children will most likely remain with his mother, Katherine, who currently has custody.

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McMillan said he hasn't heard that Debbie Rowe has an interest in undermining "the best interest of these children." But as we first reported, Rowe never gave up her parental rights and it's not about "best interest" -- under California law, Rowe could get custody for the asking unless there's proof it would be "detrimental" to the kids.

McMillan also addressed concerns over Dr. Conrad Murray -- saying the family is "troubled with the circumstances surrounding the death."


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I can't believe this doctor is going to get the blame for this lunatic's irresponsibility. What an outrage!

1891 days ago


Michael's parents are too old to raise these children. They will die before they are grown; face another turmoil in their lives and then live where?....Provide them with a stable life. Can their birth mother do that? Don't know, possibly more stable of a life than the Jackson family.

1891 days ago


Once again Matt Lauer is full of crap....I saw Joe Jackson on the red carpet talking to CNN last night and I don't know what emotion was clearly on his face....he had money on his mind....and not one iota of sadness over his son's death. Janet, I'm sure is devastated as she loved her brother....but not Joe.

1891 days ago


That fat white cow wanted nothing to do with those kids. She should keep her mouth shut and enjoy the nice thoroughbred horse breeding ranch she has thanks to MICHEAL JACKSON. If she wants to keep running her mouth she might come up missing.

1891 days ago


Does this latest prick tv lawyer think the public is going to be tricked by his 'clever' lawyer-speak "she won't want to undermine the best interests of the children."

Lawyers think they're so clever and people are so stupid, and they can just put one over on anyone with the flip of a word.

Why is this dude even doing tv rounds? It's unseemly. Does he think he's going to try this is in the media?

The public doesn't like the Jacksons and wants the kids with their bio mom or with a nice family.

1891 days ago


First off, Michael LOVED Katherine..I think she was a GREAT mother. A black woman in those days with 9 kids didn't have much choice. She probably delt with his craziness just to feed them . However, she is 80 years old. Therefore, I think that Katherine should adopt the kids jointly with Janet or Rebbie. I honestly think that Katherine loves Michael and she really is grieving. On the other hand, I think Joe Jackson is insane and he can't bury his son first without thinking about a buck. If you think that Joe Jackson wants money, what do you think Debbie Rowe wants? She only married MJ and went through all that crap for a buck...she sold him her eggs. She could care less about those kids. I would much rather see his dad get the money versus Debbie. Also, to the person who said they need to be with a white family, that comment was ignorant. What about Madonna and Angelina adopting African kids? Kids need to be ANYWHERE they will receive a decent upbringing and LOVE!!!! I don't think they are biologically related to the kids only because they don't look like Michael or any of the Jacksons, not just because of their skin color and hair...LOOK AT BILLY BLANKS' Daughter. HE WAS FAR DARKER THAN MICHAEL AND HIS DAUGHTER LOOKS AS IF SHE HAS NEVER MET A BLACK PERSON. I think Katherine, Rebbie, and Janet would be the best guardians.

1891 days ago


By no means should those children be raised by Katherine & Joe. He is'was an abuser. He's not going to change.

1891 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Katherine is in her eighties, how can she raise 3 young children? I am sure she will have help, but c'mon, be real. Debbie Rowe should not ever get custody of children she did not want in the first place. I feel so sorry for the children. When and where will they ever have stability and a normal life? They sure didn't with Michael.

1891 days ago


Michael was emotionally and spiritually damaged his entire life, by many many people......his body followed, Michael was the gravy train....for all around him, I would like to see how many multi millionnaires he made. The "doctor" a cardiologist, reportedly doing CPR on the bed lol anyone knows you need a hard surface to do CPR least alone a cardiologist, the time delay calling 911 a reported 40 minutes wtf......he needed narcan, atropine but yet lidoacaine was seen on the floor by the paramedics...that alone would render Michaels heart flat line , and this Dr.Conrad Murray had to know Michael was taking pain killers...if not prescribing them and giving them or as reports say Michael would have replaced this Dr. to get what he wanted.............if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck it is This so called DR should be INDICTED

1891 days ago


Yes, Joe Jackson laughing and talking about HIMSELF and his latest business deal with his pimp friend. He's really upset about MJ's death. Definitely.

I think the fact that MJ was so ashamed to be black because of his father's abuse and all of the family hangers-on, that MJ didn't even want black children, he wanted white children. He never wanted to look into the faces of his children and see a hint of his father or the other Jackson leeches.

Every day I feel sorrier and sorrier for MJ. He was not perfect, that's for sure. But it's clear that all of his problems lie with his upbringing and his disgusting and vulgar family.

1891 days ago


The ONLY Jackson's who kept close to Michael are his sister's Rebbie and Janet. But the brothers admitted they were not close and two of the brothers said they had not talked to Michael is two years!! The courts are not going to place those children with a 80 year old woman, no matter how much she might want them. They are not going to put them in a unstable evironment, like they have been in. There are family members not in the limelight, that would raise them. Debbie Rowe, had visitation rights, but chose not to use them. She was paid 33 million dollars ,for those children...she got a large lump sum when they divorced. She got her shut up money ...and she is doing that , keeping shut up. She and Michael also know who the donor was for there children. Debbie says as Michael took it to his grave, so shall she.

1891 days ago


Matt, Matt, Matt...what grief did you see on Joe Jackson's face? I personally didn't see one ounce of grief, pain, or any other emotion that most other people would feel/wear after just losing someone they loved, especially a child, no matter the age!

Janet was clearly devastated, but Joe? All that abusing POS is interested in, as he always has been, is how much more money he can make off Michael. Michael isn't the only one who was abused by Joe Jackson, they all were abused by him. Verbally, physically and emotionally. Someone needs to shut him up because he's an embarrassment and if he were my family member, I would have absolutely nothing to do with him after his disgusting 'me me me' stance on the red carpet last night. Good Lord.........

Rebbie and Janet should share custody of the children. Yes, Michael loved his Mom...very much....but I wouldn't want my children left with the man that abused me all those years. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the will says. According to MJ's manager this morning, the will was being 'unlocked from the safe today".....

1891 days ago


Sure, why not? Look how well Michael turned out!!!

1891 days ago


Michael Jackson's mother files petition seeking legal guardianship of her son's three children, CNN has confirmed. 6/9/2009@ 11:54am

1891 days ago


Mr. Joe Jackson now has fresh meat to make money. I cannot believe this is what Michael would ahve wanted, he was afraid of his father his whole life.

1891 days ago
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