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Michael Jackson Concert Rehearsal

6/29/2009 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two days before he died, Michael Jackson practiced his moves during a rehearsal at Staples Center in L.A. for the London concerts.

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Timothy McQuire    

Other news websites have already confirmed that this pictures are fake. They were taken in 2003 and not hours before MJ died. You're sooooo behind with this one.

1880 days ago


I have realized one thing in seeing these pictures and all of the footage on TV, MJ had never updated those dated dance moves from 1984. Every single concert video and picture is the same thing. There are people now who would dance circles around his circa 1984 robot moves! He also dresses like my crazy Grandma who is senile and gets all of her clothing at the Goodwill. Who really gave a crap about this guy since 1988?

1880 days ago


He's a dead drug addict and child molester. Who cares?

1880 days ago


There will only ever be one........ This makes me incredibly sad to look at.

1880 days ago


He looks good. Extremely thin but looks to be performing all out. RIP MJ!

1880 days ago


Really guys? Stfu.

TMZ is a CELEBRITY website. Michale Jackson, being one of the biggest performers/controversial DIED. So of course there will be news about it.

Ugh, some people just stupid. Gtfo if you don't like it.

1880 days ago


His dad was just having a press conf with Rev. Al Sharpton. What a joke. Both were smiling and laughing and cutting up. You would never know his son just died... and has not even been buried. Papa Joe is so happy to have the cameras on him, and Al Sharpton will run to where any camera is rolling. Poor Michael may not have been perfect, but look at his role model and the company he (papa joe) keeps. Al Sharpton, this is not about YOU!

1880 days ago


he looked good and happy. that's just so sad. kinda lookin hot too.

it's all so sad :(

1880 days ago



Why don't you jump infront of a bus and get admitted into a hospital, that way you can fidn out first hand how Patrick Swayze is doing and we don't have to be subjected to your dumbass comments anymore.

1880 days ago


I am a Big Michael Jackson fan I love him and Janet! I really wish the Jackson's would HIRE a PR person and stop allowing Joe Jackson to speak. Al Shapton is always trying to be in everyone business. Joe and Al look like old Pimps. Michael wouldnt have want it this way. Michael love his kids, Katherine, and Janet to be honest. The rest of the family are HATERS!!!! Remember the tell all book LaToya wrote. Jermaine hated on him. Marlon wanted to be him. I feel so sorry for Mike his family is to blame for his downfall and the Media. TMZ readers lets praise Michael and stop saying harsh things about him. Mike never had a childhood and was a BIG kid at heart he never hurt any kids. RIP Michael your Music and Moves will live on FOREVER! He's in a better place...A higher power understood Mike because others did not.

1880 days ago

Aaron L Myers    

One can only wonder if he knew that he would never be on stage again!


1880 days ago


HEY, what happened to the joe /al press conference ?? I cannot find it here, youtube , news etc was it all promo of his record company like on BET?

1880 days ago


Those who are tired of reading about him, dont and what about taking the time to comment. We are many people who want to read about him and his life and get a few things clearer in all this tragic. Miss you Michael, King of pop.

1880 days ago


His fans enabled him more than anyone. By turning a blind eye to his evident mental illness (obviously apparent from 1986 onwards) and continuing to buy his albums and make excuses for his behavior you have played a massive part in this tragedy. If you cared you'd have begged for him to get the help he so obviously and desperately needed. I include his celebrity fans in this. People like Justin Timberlake could have done something instead of pretending that everything was normal when it so clearly wasn't. Michael Jackson was a sick man and his decline and need for help could not have been more obvious. A true fan would have been the person who refused to buy his albums until something was done about his health. Michael Jackson was not the King Of Pop. He was the King of celebrity culture at its most appalling. In the same way that society is judged by its prisoners, we must judge the cult of celebrity by its casualties, the people destroyed by their own celebrity. People like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, and now Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson's death is a wake-up call.

1880 days ago


TMZ, thanks 4 being on top of this MJ saga, as it continues to unfold, although I have one question: who were the parties suing MJ and opposed to the London concert promoters?

1880 days ago
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