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Michael Jackson Concert Rehearsal

6/29/2009 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two days before he died, Michael Jackson practiced his moves during a rehearsal at Staples Center in L.A. for the London concerts.

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uk fan    

I can't understand why the court has allowed the 3 children to stay with the grandparents if Michael Jackson spent so much of his life being abused by his father. In the UK we would have Social workers jumping up and down, is it the money that Joe Jackson is really after. I'm sure Michael would not wish his children to suffer the childhood he had.

1944 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

This whole thing about Michael is so sad. I have been an Elvis fan forever. However, I did not know until after watching all the videos on various stations the past few days, just how talented Michael was. OMG!!!! He was truly a remarkable man.. I had no idea of those absolutely amazing videos he did. I remember some of them, but the one that really caught my eye was Smooth Criminal. My God!!! Now I can kick myself for not watching Michael. I am such an Elvis fan and once your an Elvis fan, there really is no one else. I intend on buying every video I can buy. I really feel sorry for Lisa Marie Presley. She is taking this very hard. What a nice blog she has on my space. She tried to help him. She was the first one who came out and actually told it like it really was. She is such an amazing women. You should all read it. She is in a great deal of pain. All I can say is Michael I am really going to miss you. I really mean that. I feel so sorry for you and all your pain you had to endure in your young life. I really really dislike your father more than ever now. I still am in shock. I will be crying for you for a long time. I still cry for Elvis every day. You were both amazing individuals. We will never forget. May all your troubles be over and may you finally rest in peace. You deserve it....

1944 days ago


Angelsfan1 is a dolt. A true idiot

1944 days ago


I heard the VIDEO of this same rehearsals is going to be sold, For if anyone wants to see it. I wonder how true that is. I hope TMZ can obtain the footage, because that is crazy---if the footage is going to be sold. That is rediculous. The public should get to view & watch this footage without paying for it.

1944 days ago


It looks like he was working hard. It would have been amazing. RIP.

1944 days ago

Seb from France    

This rehearsal picture where MJ wears black suit and red shirt with his finger up and "THIS IS IT" behind looks so weird now :*(

1944 days ago

Elga Greece    

This group of photos is his last goodbuy! His message to all of us

Strong, vital, vibrant, legent!

1944 days ago


heck I would pay for the demo/footage of his full long has it been since we have seen him perform on stage?

It just dawned on me that Joe Jackson did not bring his lawyer, publicist and business partner to mourn/celebrate his son at BET he did it to "pitch" his new company to the talent backstage. I felt my stomach curdle as this dawned on me after reading quotes from the last press conference.

I will pay for the entire rehearsal if it comes out on dvd as long as it does NOT go to Joe Jackson..hows that?

1944 days ago

It's him for sure    

To the Person who asked why Michael took so many drugs:

He was simply very depressed and in so much pain at times, that is why he used so many drugs. Everyone around Michael knew he had problem, but he was in complete denial of his demons. When you're addicted to heavy drugs like Demerol, Oxycontin you become very delusional, disoriented and isolate yourself from those who care and want to help you. If someone does not want to be helped, you can't help them though. All you can do is tell them each day that they are on their death bed.

1944 days ago


"angelsfan1- If you would actually do you're research, you'd know AT THE TIME, no one danced like Michale Jackson. He inspired many of the great dancers you see today. Is their better dancers today then him? Maybe however, how many dancers do you know that can match the charisma and smoothness Michale Jackson had? And yes, people do actually care about about his music. Instead of writing down ignorance, actually watch the news and do some research.

Posted at 3:20PM on Jun 29th 2009 by Jay"

Hey Jay...If you are such a big fan, why don't you DO SOME RESEARCH and learn how to spell his NAME you DOUCHE!!!

1944 days ago


I will visit TMZ when it is done devoting the ENTIRE site to Ms. Jackson.....I guess I won't be back for a few months.

1944 days ago


Why is everyone talking about his weight? Michael Jackson has always been skinny. He looks no different in the pics 2 days before his death than he has most of his life. It is nice to see him doing what he loved. I hope they do have some video of the rehersals.

For those who are "over it" and want to move on then go for it. I suspect you have nothing better to do than read celebrity gossip and that is why you are so bothered by the coverage. How about taking your own advise and move on from the constant ridicule of celebrities. Tearing those down who are in the public eye won't make things better for you. It jsut shows how sad you really are.

1944 days ago

Better than you    

Michael was anorexically skinny since the mid 80s... to me, he doesn't look much thinner than he did during his heyday.

In regards to the rehearsal videos, i read an article on Billboard today, in which AEG Live states they have 100 hours of video, which they may release in some capacity.

Also, AEG announced that they are giving full refunds. But are also giving the option of giving the customer their printed tickets as souvenirs, in lieu of a refund. (Tickets were never mailed yet. They still have them all.)

1944 days ago


its very very sad...he looks soooo happy and enegretic in those sure that would be the biggest comeback in very sad that he just can'T make it...i would go one of his concerts in september,i really looked forward to a big dream become broken 4 me,and i think million oather fans too.
for me somethiing is really really strange around his SUDDEN death...if he just looked like this 2 days before his could just?OMG...Dr,conrad-->killed MJ!

1944 days ago

to little    

TMZ you are now up to 92 articles on Michael Jackson. And 91 of them are nothing but trash and rumors. Enough already ya worthless morons. Might as well rename TMZ to MJZ.. Nothing but a bunch of worthless junk your publishing with no regard to fact and verification.

You have Michael Jackson dying so many different ways it i ridiculous. Only thing clear is he is dead. It could be murder accidental or suicide who knows. Only the police have the information to figure it all out. So stick with fact and quit over reporting on anything MJ

1944 days ago
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