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Michael Jackson Concert Rehearsal

6/29/2009 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two days before he died, Michael Jackson practiced his moves during a rehearsal at Staples Center in L.A. for the London concerts.

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keep on tmz u r our only good source for MJ news

the others u can leave if u dont like it

1905 days ago

It's him for sure    

He is no skinnier than he was in 1987 or 1984! Once again get a grip some of you!

Michael is still ALIVE and doing and perfectly well! What has our planet come to? Everyone thinking Michael Jackson has died? I wonder if there is life on Jupitar. I will move there in a flash. Everybody who thinks MJ has died is nuts and crazy. I'm obviously sadly one of the only few sane people live here on Earth.

1905 days ago


videos? videos? come on. you're tmz were are the FINAL VIDEOS!!!!!?

1905 days ago

Grim Reaper    

Yo #91

Pass the bong

1905 days ago


Next Michael Jackson update by Joe will be on Wednesday morning where he'll have as guest speaker Don King, who'll be selling tickets for ringside seats at the funeral

1905 days ago


Is there any other celeb news besides Michael???

1905 days ago


The Encino home Katherine lives in is owned by Michael, according to radar !!!!
No wonder the parents are trying to get their hands on his money.

1905 days ago


TMZ spokesman on live on Sky News....See Jackos made ye world famous.

1905 days ago


Seriously TMZ... is there NO OTHER CELEB NEWS?!? I understand he was some people's "icon" or "hero" but 120 hours of NOTHING BUT Michael Jackson is too much! I can't be alone in feeling like I don't need minute by minute details of what's going on with his will/estate/children/court cases/wtfever else. Move on, find something else to talk about already. And yes, I know "if I don't like it don't come to this site"... I like celeb gossip, I hate the MJZ that this site has turned into.

1905 days ago


I believe TMZ is showing a touch of class by "omitting" any press or stories about Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton. Good job guys!

1905 days ago


Thank you grim reaper and your daddy for saying the truth!!!!

1905 days ago

It's him for sure    


You will see soon for yourself that MJ is still alive. I'm sure he is home eating supper or reading a book right now. He loved to read books all the time. All of you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking Michael Jackson has died. How can you go on each day and look at yourself in the mirror?

1905 days ago


I dont know why I should even dignify the previous poster. I am just so sick of reading comments by ppl who believe everything they see on tv and what the media feeds them. MJ was on Oprah back in 95 I think it was. And he said point blank that he is proud of being black and loves his color. Those were his exact words. He also talked about how his father beat the crap out of him, made fun of him and called him ugly. So the poor guy hated to even look in the mirror and was never satisfied with what he saw. To the point where he mangled his own face trying to be something other than he was. but I dont think it was a white man. And he really did have vitiligo. I have a neighbor and she is BLACK and has it and is white as a SHEET I tell you. Whiter than any white person I have ever seen. Lost ALL pigment. Check out this youtube video of Mike over the years, clearly with vitiligo. It didnt just happen; he just hid it well.

and even if he was trying to be white, what difference would it make to his black fans who loved him anyway? thats the thing about michael. people loved him regardless because his heart was pure. and ppl just cant imagine anyone being that good. but he was. and THATS why he is missed so much. THATS why people cant stop talking about his passing.

1905 days ago


sorry didnt mean you #95...

1905 days ago


Hate to say it, but I was actually relieved on Thursday to find out that the doctor who put the final nail in Michael's coffin was black, so the "man" (meaning white) doesn't get blamed for this tragedy. From what's been revealed so far, he sounds totally incompetent, like Kanye's mother's doctor. The person that put the first nail in was obviously his father, Joe.

1905 days ago
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