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Jackson Doctor's CPR Technique Explained

6/29/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Dr. Conrad Murray administered CPR on Michael Jackson's bed, even though it's routinely performed on a hard surface -- it was a "firm bed."

Edward Chernoff: Click to watch
Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, was on "GMA" this morning defending his client's actions after finding Michael unconscious in his bedroom.


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Poor Micheal jacksin was a sick, tired person. he needed a long break to get his health back that he obviously never got. It saddneds me so tha the news said he was a skelton, and in such bad medical condition. he should have forgotten about fans. career, people should have left him alone. This man was pushed to no end to perform. His father pushed him since he was small to perform. I rem,ember friends of the Jackon family used to say Joe Jackson beat the kids for nothing. I am sorry because Joe has lost his son. However, Jackson was pushed to his limits, and he finally died.

1911 days ago


You don't give CPR to someone with a pulse. What a bunch of quacks. They knew Michael couldn't pull off those shows in London so they murdered him for the insurance money. The promotors (who will get all the insurance dough) are the ones who hired this doc. Think about it!

1911 days ago


This is not making much sense. I hope the truth comes out.

1911 days ago


The video said that the dr. was doing cpr for 25 minutes - I want to know how long it took for them to call 911. In the 911 call which wasn't very long - the operator had the ambulance about a mile away...........took about 3 minutes or so for the ambulance to get to MJ's place - how long did that dr. fiddle around before they called 911???????????????????

1911 days ago

Joe Bescophilis    

Does anybody really think after reading the Sun's column about MJ that he wasn't a death waiting to happen? If this Doc was the one giving him the drugs, then he should be hung out to dry. Anybody with an eye could see that MJ was a loon and killing himself with his surgeries and diet. So where the hell were they?
And the family wanting a second autopsy? What the hell for? Joe Jackson is an idiot. Celebrity does not mean that you have brains or common sense. The whole goofy Jackson family proved that.
Enough MJ already.
What about Sky Saxon? Doesn't he deserve some mention?

1911 days ago


A "FIRM BED"?! Are you kidding me?! This doctor is the living definition of a DUMBASS! I am a Nursing Assistant trained for CPR and I can guarentee you that NO medical doctor or CPR-instructor will ever tell their subordinates or their trainees that CPR can be administered on a firm bed. Unless Michael Jackson was sleeping on a bed made of concrete, CPR should not and could not have been properly performed on him. I am not buying this bull and I pray that the Jackson family and anybody watching this story doesn't do so either. This doctor needs to be ARRESTED for this just as any other medical professional would be had they done this.

1911 days ago

Michael Madsen    

String'm up!

1911 days ago


Sorry but this does not work for me. As an RN, I know there is no bed more firm than a hospital bed... yet, a board is placed under the patient for CPR. In any other scenario, a victim is to be moved to the floor before initiating CPR. And he only weighed 112 pounds so that would not have required too much effort.

1911 days ago

Steph McIntosh    

...I'm sorry, the Doctor had one hand behind Michael Jackson's back whilst putting enough pressue on his chest in order to break rips (which is quite common during CPR)

Something isn't adding up!

1911 days ago


#16. I have taken and was certified (albeit I did not re certify in the past two years, my bad) in CPR training. I took the class and continued to refresh the class because I had children and I wanted to make sure that if anything ever happened to one of them, I could help them immediately. My memory tells me, CPR is administered on a hard surface and there was/is no way I could perform it with ONE hand. Now if some of you, like the good (note the sarcasm) Dr. can effectively perform CPR with one hand, kudos to you...

And again, Dr. Murray is NOT board certified. That's been one of the things that has been stated from the beginning! He is NOT a board certified cardiologist and if he is, he isn't, as someone else posted, affiliated with the AMA.

1911 days ago


This guy is in a lot of trouble if that is the explanation of the lawyer who is defending him. The lawyer hasn't got a clue.

1911 days ago


#25 .. I seen it heard it a 1,0000 times on the news CNN HLN .. all of them.. he left his car there cause he did ride in the Ambulance , He insisted to the EMS to take him there after the EMS had tried at the home saying he was Dead... I will try and find this but .. If anyone else on this board see this on TV ? or was I hearing things wrong But I think not.. He was in the Ambulance with MJ I know this is what was told.. so many times over..

1911 days ago

A-town girl    

Andy from Texas. " That Dog won't Hunt" is a Louisiana saying :-) I used it all the time and totally agree with you.

As for the Dr. Conrad...Honesty is the best policy. I don't think he wanted to kill Michael. Let's think about this. This Doctor was struggling financially. He had a ton of lawsuits against him and his medical licenses was in jeopardy. When given a once in the lifetime opportunity to work for a celebrity like Michael Jackson....he saw nothing but dollar signs. Not only was he going to gain celebrity status from this position, write tell all books and get more clinics even celebrity. He was going to be able to afford that BMW he borrowed from his sister.

The truth is that Dr. Conrad gave Michael an overdose....not intentionally but HE DID OVERDOSE HIM. Then he panic, he didn't want to lose this job. He didn't want to be fired. He tried to revive him. He tried to save his life. The things he tried was ridiculous because he wasn't board certified. After realizing he messed up, he tried to clean up his mistakes. He got rid of the Demerol, Read a DSM- IV Medical Book. Found the information about Lidocaine treatment. Took it out for the paramedics to think he knew what he was doing. Then he called for help....he ask for someone to call for 911. Later he went to the hospital out of guilt and out of fear.

How do we know he's guilty? Well after UCLA confirmed Michael was dead....the negligent doctor...REFUSED TO SIGN THE DEATH CERTIFICATE. Next, he WENT INTO HIDING TO RESEARCH AN APPROPRIATE DEFENSE. Then he HIRED A TEAM OF LAWYERS. Finally, HE IS POINTING THE BLAME TO EVERYONE ELSE. ( Michael, his family, the body guards, etc.)

Think about it...when you are always say things like....I should have done more. I should have called for help sooner, It was my fault....I didn't love enough, study enough, tried harder to revive him, i should have made them try harder at the hospital, i should have stayed longer with the family, etc. DID DOCTOR CONRAD...THE UNITENTIONAL MURDERER SAY ANY OF THESE THINGS.

Dr. Conrad....Just call a SPADE A SPADE. We are tired of your lies.!!!!

1911 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Jackson's dr was a quack at the least and probably another "Dr. Feelgood". His practice was closed down because he was a pill pusher. The fact that he ran from the scene and disappeared shows how unprofessional he is, and that he is hiding something. What medical professional flees like that?

1911 days ago


He should have a medical bag with him and if he knew Michael he should have known what drugs he was taking and at least had Narcan on hand if he was administering/prescribing any narcotics to Michael. He obviously didnt have an office Michael went to to see him so he must have had some type of emergency kit

1911 days ago
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