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Jackson Doctor's CPR Technique Explained

6/29/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Dr. Conrad Murray administered CPR on Michael Jackson's bed, even though it's routinely performed on a hard surface -- it was a "firm bed."

Edward Chernoff: Click to watch
Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, was on "GMA" this morning defending his client's actions after finding Michael unconscious in his bedroom.


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Michael Madsen    

LOOK! It's obvious... this Black Quack F'd up BIG TIME. He abandoned his practice and all of his ither patients to be a "Cool" Rock Doc... he did it for Money and Notoriety... he should have his license removed immediately and he should be charged with criminal conduct...
He's a bungling, moronic drug pusher... thank God his old patients and now the world... know who this guy really is...
Take him down!

1942 days ago


If someone is unconscious and in need of CPR and lying on a bed, would the first thing you'd think of to do would be to check the firmness of the bed before proceeding? I don't think I would...

1942 days ago


#35. Thanks. I absolutely have not heard that the Dr rode to the hospital with him. Doesn't mean it didn't happen, just means I didn't hear it....

1942 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray is a very cool guy, eh? He performs CPR on bed and he doesn't afraid of anyone.

1942 days ago


That's not really a good enough explanation

1942 days ago

Dr. Kildare    

Why wasn't an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) available. An AED is inexpensive and practically idiot proof. CPR can't restart the heart; and AED can.

1942 days ago


#41 Thank you I guess you also heard he was in the Ambulance by his request ! and didn't flee till AFTER !!! the Hospital .. so many people are saying he took off from the home NOT TRUE! hes still a drug pusher and panicked !

1942 days ago


someone needs to check out the bed michael jackson died on to see if it actually firm or just a normal bed,the family have since been to the house,they need to just check this bed,and yes for the first 2 days i heard the doctor was missing,then the last day i heard he was not missing that he rode in the ambulance,please someone clear this up? which situation is true?

1942 days ago


what bull!why didn't they save that whimpy excuse for the courts? why tv so soon? the doc probably is not being very honest ... he found himself between a rock and a hard place and had no clue what to do .... he may have meant well, but as a hired doctor, he should have called 911 and done nothing he was not sure of ... he mishandled MJ, and it cost the poor guy his life. period. besides murray, all the other doctors before him should be summoned to court, too. they have lots of talking to do.

1942 days ago


What ever I have heard via the quack or his hired hand, is NOTto be believed, not at all. Why were the police looking for the quack for 24 hours if he was with the body in transit and at the hospital as he states? He's hallucinating. Perhaps he shot himself (Dr. Quack) up with Demerol too.

Unfortunately, MJ surrounded himself with 'me too's', Murray included and now he will pay the price.

By the way, the Jackson Father is also way off the mark ... some of the first words out of his mouth were, "my Superstar Son"
it took a family attorney to have his act cleaned up. Even with his superstar son dead, the father has only $$$$$$ in mind and heart.

Mr. Jackson should never been allowed to have children .. he's a piece of crap!

1942 days ago


The death certificate is not issued till many days after the death. To say the doctor "refused" to sign the death certificate is just ridiculous.!! People want to blame the doctor and not face the reality that Michael had been addicted to drugs for years. Where were the people around him? They didn't know of Michael's drug problems?

1942 days ago


There is so much unclear in this case... Here in Switzerland and on german TV they're saying that it was his oldest son seeing Michael having a break down.
The doctor says, he found Michael on the bed.
Then here again news are spread that it took an hour before someone called 911...

Very suspicious all those informations...

1942 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Can anyone say defibrillator? Where was this Black Quack's> Why wasn't MJ on the Floor... even AFTER the 911 operator requested it happen.

Why did 911 get called twenty minutes maybe 1/2 an hour after MJ pased out?
How did the Quack just "happen" to be in MJ's bedroom? and Just happen to notice he was breathing?
And just happen to be a cardiologist?
Why was he using only one hand?
Why didn't he use mouth to mouth if MJ had a pulse?
Why is anyone believing this guy?
Why did the LAPD let this guy go?
Why am I not going to work?
Why did my boss just call and tell me I'm fired becausde I've decided top post on TMZ all day instead of going to work?
Why did I marry the woman who jujst took 3/4's of my net worth in a divorce settlement?
Why doesn't someone answer my questions?

1942 days ago


for those of you coming to this quack's defense, the reason he hasn't been named a suspect is that until the toxicology reports come back and they are able to determine MJ's cause of death, technically there is no crime to "suspect" him of. i have a feeling charges will most certainly be filed within minutes of a COD determination.

1942 days ago


As a CPR/ACLS certified instructor, I agree with everyone else. You do not do CPR on a bed--the only reason it is done on a bed in a hospital is because you have a backboard on your crash cart to place under the patient or the headboard can be removed from the bed and used as a backboard. One of the very first things you do in an arrest situation is call for help, too. There were other people around who could have immediately called 911. And using one hand?? Only on a small child--sure--MJ only weighed a little over 100 lbs, but he was nearly 6 ft. tall!!! Total incompetence!!!!

1942 days ago
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