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Jackson Doctor's CPR Technique Explained

6/29/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Dr. Conrad Murray administered CPR on Michael Jackson's bed, even though it's routinely performed on a hard surface -- it was a "firm bed."

Edward Chernoff: Click to watch
Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, was on "GMA" this morning defending his client's actions after finding Michael unconscious in his bedroom.


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A-town girl

# 49 Above is the link to ABC news talking about the doctor not signing the death certificate. Also look at CNN comments. When the reporter asked Dr. Gupta why would a doctor not signed the certificate, Dr. Gupta states it open cans of liability to the physician name listed on the Death Certificate in case any questions come up later.

To further clarify, my father passed away, he had cancer. They signed his death certificate the same day at listed the time of death.

1907 days ago


I enjoy his music very much. It is wonderful. I find that lots of his fans on club for professional athletes, movie stars and millionaires are talking about him. He is a talent.

His death does not mean that he has lost, he is the winner.I wish to express my deepest condolences and sadness at the passing of Michael jackson.

1907 days ago


Lawyer: It went on 25 to 30 minutes. How long did it take the EMTs to arrive? Just a few? The doctor should have had someone call 911 immediately. If MJ had been revived they could have sent the EMTs away saying false alarm. But to WAIT THAT LONG? Now we will never know if MJ could have survived this situation. Ultimately MJ was on a collision course with death. Who was the doctor protecting here? MJ or the concert promoters?

1907 days ago

Imani Sankofa    

I believe the doctor and the lawyer are lying. Every doctor knows you don't administer CPR on the bed. Why is it that this doctor broke protocol? Why does his story keep changing? The first 4 -10 minutes are the most important in the CPR time frame. So the reference to the 25 mins after that are irrelevant.

1907 days ago


why you american people belived CNN, ABC,etc. they are always telling false to you those american.
their is not a single medium would tell you truth in the world. there always is interest, rumor, hatred, jealousy...
what about the breaching skin?
what about the bankcorrupcy?
what about the 2 times sensual scandal?
and now what about his dead..
all american should know that the killers is themselves.
a nation with no genius is a hopeless nation. a nation have genius but was not treasured is the most shameless.

i am from China

1907 days ago

Cheryl Fox    

this guy is such a liar! and tv media is repeating this crap as true! it was reported by the ambulance crew that michael was cold and had been dead for quite a while when they arrived, and that the doctor insisted they treat him as an emergency and not call the coroner.

1907 days ago


This CPR story is getting worse! Any healthcare professional knows you don't do CPR with one hand under the the back to bracing it and one hand doing compressions on an adult. This is getting rediculous...his lawyer is making him looking even more stupid than ever.

1907 days ago


And don't forget, before they called 911 they called Joe Jackson in Las Vegas to ask HIM what they should do! This whole story stinks.

1907 days ago


I don't believe anything that Doctor's lawyer is saying nor the liar Doctor Murray. Murray is lying his no good ass off. He know's he gave MJ an injection of drugs than less than hour later MJ was dead and we all can tell that was a dead body being taken out and not alive person. Even the paramedics knew MJ was long dead. Send Murry to prison so he can't kill anyone else.

1907 days ago


Perhaps the news reports are conflating CPR and AR (artificial respiration)? To the general public they are the same thing, though those of us trained in first aid, etc. know the difference.

1907 days ago


i was under the impression that an overdose on synthetic opiods like demerol would not respond to Narcan. my guess is that this doctor hadn't done his homework enough to know that.

1907 days ago


OMG....yea sure...and we would believe you because......Dah!

1907 days ago


TMZ...who made the 911 call?

1907 days ago


This quack is just too much. There was an apparent pulse according to him which there was plenty of time to put him on the floor. This guy, I just cannot stand. Murder!

1907 days ago


This is totally OUTRAGEOUS! I am a registered nurse and work in a hospital and even though the mattresses in the hospital beds have are fairly firm, none of us wou´ld even DREAM of performing CPR without a board underneath the patient. We are required to use the board at all times when CPR is needed. And CPR with ONE HAND on an ADULT??! WTF??!! There is NO WAY one can get enough pressure on the heart with ONE HAND, and the other hand underneath will most definately NOT serve as a "hard surface" because it will give away during compressions. I would REALLY like to see this doctor demonstrate how he attempted to do CPR with one hand!! That is the most RIDICILOUS thing I've ever heard! WHY would he choose such an exhausting, ineffective and difficult way to do CPR, when all he had to do was to call 911 (which he SHOULD have done IMMEDIATELY), drag Michael on the floor and start proper CPR. Michael could have most likely been saved if this fool would have known what he is doing and would have done CPR the way it is SUPPOSED to be done! How can this person be a cardiologist?! If ANYONE....shouldn't someone who specializes on conditions of the HEART know how to do CPR?!! And if Michael was injected with Demerol ( which is an opiate and a very well known side effect of opiates is respiratory depression) and started to get breathing problems...why didn't the doctor inject Naloxone right away??! Naloxone reverses opiates' effect, so he could have saved Michael with a simple Naloxone dose, if MJ started to get probles from Demerol. The more I read about this doctor the less everything makes sense. He was up to something...something that was not good. It seems to me, he didn't want other people around? Was he trying to hide something? Maybe someone "walked in on him"; while he was doing something to Michael...and then had to quickly pretend he is trying to help Michael. THAT would explain doing CPR on the bed. And WHY didn't he want Michael to be pronounced dead at his home, but insisted they take MJ away? Because the cops would have been there too immediately in that case? Now there was a few hours gap before cops went to Michael's house. Enough time to conveniently get rid of evidence if someone so wanted? All this is absolutely horrofying and it makes me so sad Michael had to die. It is obvious this doctor killed him, but the bigger question is....why...and was he working for someone to get rid of MJ? The police really needs to get behind all this. Something's not right.

1907 days ago
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