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Michael Jackson -- Drugs Likely Cause of Death

6/29/2009 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonSources tell TMZ it increasingly looks like Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose.

We've already reported that Jackson got a Demerol injection the morning he died. We're told more than one drug may be involved.

The LAPD is still conducting an active investigation.


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Interesting...thought it was 4 to 6 weeks for a tox report? I think it is shoddy reporting like the false autopsy that went around...which by the way TMZ you reported as factual too at first...and STILL have it posted on your site.

Fuel the frenzy....get the ratings.

1837 days ago


Michael WAS NOT a CHILD MOLESTER. He was a PROTECTOR and ANGEL of children. Just watch his movie MOONWALKER. Those of you accusing him of being a pedophile are very foolish and naive people


1837 days ago


It is funny how Jerry Lee Lewis Slept with and then Married a 13 or 14 year old girl and NOBODY IS CALLING HIM A PEDOPHILE, CHILD MOLESTER....GET OFF YOUR SOAP BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1837 days ago

Sick Of It    

Perhaps the toxicology reports will reveal the level of drugs in his system, thus how recent they had been administrated?

1837 days ago


Skank Tosser,

You are a vile human being to say what you did. Sign your real name to that comment or go crawl back under your rock. Disgusting coward who hides behind your computer spewing hatred.

1837 days ago


You cite NO sources for this claim. Agreed, that is probably the truth, but stop the rampant speculation.

1837 days ago


It was obviously a drug of some sort that interacted BADLY with something else in his system. I am disgusted by the family. He is their SON, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, whatever. MAKE THE FRIGGIN ARRANGEMENTS already, put your family to rest and STOP trying to schedule, stage, maximize, politicize his passing. They rode his coat tails for SO LONG. Have the dignity for a private, family, funeral - then join the rest of the world in collaborating on appropriate memorial celebrations. JOE is a vulture. WHAT POOR TASTE for he and Janet to appear at BET with Michael somewhere on a slab. The Jews sit shiver for at least 7 days. Get a @$@#$ clue. I'm ashamed of them all. Judgment, people.

1837 days ago


Another superstar who can't handle life & goes for the escape, DRUGS.. it has happened many times before Michael & will keep on happening until these celebs stop surrounding themselves with yes people & keep true friends & family around them. Michael's family had to know for many years there was a problem, but did anyone do anything to get him help? I doubt it. The poor guy was used by everyone for his money & even his Father acted happy at the BET awards even though he just lost his son.. A very strange family. May he finally have peace in the hands of his real Father in heaven...

1837 days ago


K guys re-read the statement by TMZ. It never said Dr Conrad Murray gave him anything. It said that he received an injection the day of his death. He may have gotten that shot from another doctor or something.

Although I still believe it could have been Dr Conrad Murray who gave him the injection since he was the last one to see Michael alive that day and he was there when Michael was still trying to hold on to life. But don't quote TMZ saying that Dr. Conrad Murray gave him the injection because they didn't say that!

1837 days ago

welc ome    

You can't sue for a failed attempt at cpr, if you could health care workers would walk away anytime someone coded.
There is a good samaritan act that covers medical professionals.
Sudden death is the hardest to cope with, so many , I should have , could have , would have.
However I don't think suffering like Farah is the way to go.
If your going to die may it be quick and fast.

1837 days ago


His TRUE friend, Elizabeth Taylor, publicly acknowledge that he was addicted to painkillers and other prescription drugs over a DECADE ago. Check this out - What did his family do to help him? What did Joe Jackson do to get him off these drugs? Where was Katherine then? Those two are the same people who will now get to raise the MJ's kids??!?!!! The Jackson family are dancing VERY FAST now to try and appear to be such caring people for MJ (now he's dead) and his kids. And of course, to state all the control of the $$, MJ, his estate, his kids, $$$$, did I mention?, $$$$$$ it's all theirs now..... These are the people that abused him as a child. They did nothing to save him. This truly is the Mother of All circus acts...... What will they be buying the kids next Christmas? Jars of Baby Demerol to take after Grandpa Jackson has put them through months of practices for the Jackson Three? God help them and us.....

1837 days ago

Do you think it was a drug overdose? taking your live comments at

1837 days ago

welc ome    

Maybe blood tests will reveal anorexia, and cardiac enzymes

1837 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

i doubt its true...

Please don't be so naive. Dr. Chopra, who treated him. even said on several news shows that Michael wanted him to prescribe drugs for him. Dr. Chopra said no. Even his nanny said he was taking numerous prescription drugs. Why else would he need a "personal physician. Same thing as Anna Nicole Smith.Even Joe Jacskon, leech that he is, tried to arrange an intervention for Michael.

1837 days ago


#2 but he's NOT John Smith from next door, so the coverage will continue...get over it! Were you this angry when media had non-stop coverage of Princess Diana's death??? Or when they covered Britney shaving her head constantly??? You dont think that Elvis got tons of coverage when he passed?? Hell, the media still talks about Elvis today as if he just passed away...the same with Marily Monroe. Whether you like him or not and obviously you aren't a fan, this man was a global icon. He broke all sorts of records in his career. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records for a number of things including being the most charitable celebrity EVER!!!! He was a Humanitarian, someone who genuinely cared about helping people around the world who were less fortunate. Its just funny that now a black man is getting a lot of coverage some ppl have a problem with it but when a white person gets non-stop coverage its tolerated...why is that????

1837 days ago
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