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Michael Jackson's Estate in Court

6/29/2009 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonInitial papers have been filed with the court to probate Michael Jackson's estate. But it seems Jackson's mom and dad don't know Jackson had a will.

The petition was filed by Michael's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson. But here's the thing. The papers say Jackson died "intestate" -- that means, without a will.

But we've learned Jackson's long-time lawyer, John Branca, who just came back on board 3 weeks ago, has a will Jackson signed that he intends to file within 30 days.

The petition asks that Katherine be named as administrator of the will ... meaning she wants to call the shots.

The papers say Debbie Rowe will be served with notice of a hearing.


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Joanne Zarola    

TMZ would you please reveal if the rumor all over the internet, about Jordan Chandler, admitting he lied about being molested by Michael Jackson, is true? Please, Vindicate this sweet man...We love you Michael...You Angel

1851 days ago


What an f'n mess, that lawyer should have been right down to the courts after he heard of the death. It would be a double tragedy if MJ wishes were trampled because the opportunistic fam filed the no will petition first. Ugh, get down there lawyer and file it!

1851 days ago


I hope Michael gives everything to the children. His father showed no remorse at the BET awards interview....Joe deserves nothing! All he wanted to talk about was his control of the Jackson estate and his new "Ranch Records" business.

1851 days ago

What about the kids??    

I couldn't agree more about Janet getting custody of her nephews. This is truly a sad situation for everyone from his family, friends and fans.
Michael may now rest in peace, it becomes more apparent everyday the deep sadness you sufffered at the hands of your father. Childhood abuse stays with a person forever, even when you've been thru therapy.
Your legacy will live on and with any hope your children will not suffer the way you did. God watch over his children.

1851 days ago


What I'd like cleared up is whether or not Michael "actually" adopted the two children Rowe had with him. If Michael didn't "legally" adopt the children because remember Rowe had stated that she gave the two children to Michael as a "gift", which doesn't denote parentage, then not only is this whole situation going to get even more murky to say the least, but also last time I recal selling children isn't legal.

1851 days ago

Still in Shock    

9. I hope Michael's lousy abusive parents winnd up with zilch!!!!1

Posted at 2:18PM on Jun 29th 2009 by Ron

@ Ron #9
Me too...I hope they don't get a da@n dime..

1851 days ago

juan locdog    

the child molestation charges were all fabrications concocted by money hungry villians in the form of the parents of those 2 boys who lied about Michael doing things to or with them. the truth is the kids were lying, All you haters are too stupid to realize this. I bet you are the same people who would've killed Jesus and been there cheering on his death.

1851 days ago


Damn those greedy parents!
But the court will not allow them to proceed as they want.

If Debbie files for custody of her two kids, there will be battle royale.
But she IS the biological mother, NOT a surrogate as some seem to think.
So her wishes and ability to take care of her kids will carry weight.

1851 days ago


Okay, okay! Enough about Michael Jackson! There ARE other things going on in Hollywood. Unless he comes back to life, I'm sick of hearing about it. He's not getting any deader.

1851 days ago


Maybe the will lets Lisa Presley run the estate ha! They have done a bang up job on Elvis's and it is still raking in money.
Who is the Jacksons lawyer anyone catch his name? They filed custody, estate papers all today all the paperwork done and filed wow.

1851 days ago


Michael hasn't been laid to rest yet and the family, especially Joe wants control of his Estate. How pathetic !!! At the BET award Joe, his lawyer and Al Sharpton were seated in the front row. Joe was interviewed by CNN and was more concerned to plu his music company than about MJ's death. He is using Michael even in his death.

1851 days ago


#23. Umm I REALLY hoping that you didn't mean to use Jesus in a comparison to MIchael Jackson. If so, Wow, you are a total fool

1851 days ago


IF I were debbie rowe i would get me a good lawyer, the only problem is that the jacksons are a powerful family and have connections that can be intimidating for someone as ordinary as her...she is not in show business and has no ritzy friends who are ready to go up against the jackson clan... good luck to her for the greedy grandparents well, enough said about them cos we all know the result of their love for their son and were it got him... i dont think there is anyone ready to say a good word for joe jackson what a vulture... the whole family are vultures... all scavengers ready to eat at the corpse not yet buried...

1851 days ago

Wanda W.    

Whatever demons Jackson had he deserves better than this. I mean, the man is not even BURIED yet but people are fighting about his childrens custody,whether or not he has a will,what killed him,his family paying lip service about his death while hawking their own record company, opportunistic black leaders suddenly appearing and trying to share the spot light.Why his family just wont bury him and shut up I dont know,but we are all witness to why Jackson was estranged from his family to begin with. They are vultures, and the whole situation is so, so very sad.

1851 days ago


My prediction as to "who" the sperm donor is? I think it's one of Michael's siblings. Michael was as much wanting to preserve the Jackson dynasty and what better way to do it.

1851 days ago
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