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Michael Jackson's Estate in Court

6/29/2009 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonInitial papers have been filed with the court to probate Michael Jackson's estate. But it seems Jackson's mom and dad don't know Jackson had a will.

The petition was filed by Michael's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson. But here's the thing. The papers say Jackson died "intestate" -- that means, without a will.

But we've learned Jackson's long-time lawyer, John Branca, who just came back on board 3 weeks ago, has a will Jackson signed that he intends to file within 30 days.

The petition asks that Katherine be named as administrator of the will ... meaning she wants to call the shots.

The papers say Debbie Rowe will be served with notice of a hearing.


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The courts should investigate Katherine Jackson thoroughly before giving Michaels children to her. She lives with Joe Jackson who has proven to be nothing but a child abuser, self serving bully. His goal now is to capitalize on his dead son and living grandchildren. Lets talk about jobs..what does Joe do to bring a paycheck home??? In 1999 they went bankrupt for overspending, credit cards etc.... I believe Michael has been subsidizing the Encino house for years. Michaels problems stemmed from the youth he was denied and the physical abuse... And yes, Katherine stood by and watched. So now we have Michaels children who need placement... To Katherine with Evil Joseph controlling these innocent children!! That would be a crime. These children need court appointed guardians and attorneys. RIP MICHAEL

1941 days ago


I feel for the children. I don'tknow that Katerine should get the kids if papa joe is going to be around them. Hopefully the court appoints someone to look after the childen's money. RIP Michael!

1940 days ago


I first saw The Jackson 5 while on Guam in 1970 on television and have been a fan ever since. Michael touched the world with his music, dance, incredible creative talents. Michael's love touched Millions with contributions both professionally and personally to the Entire World. I am 51 now and my 15 year old daughter and I both Love Michael, and we cant express enough how grieved and sad we are for his passing, but with great joy and thankfulness that Michael made the impact he has, and touched our lives in a powerful way. This we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.
My thoughts and prayers are for Michael Jr, Paris, and Michael ll, I pray that they live full , long, expressive and successful lives. God Bless the Jackson family. May the beautiful, fun and treasured memories see the Jackson Family through this very difficult time. Much love to you all.

1940 days ago


Edit White People got Elvis got Elvis Presley Blvd why can't Blacks have the Neverland Ranch
Posted 10:57 pm
I just recently moved to Memphis. White people all over America have taken over Elvis Presley Blvd in the neighborhood called WHITEHAVEN thats the actual name if you have never visit Memphis. The streets are horrible and raggly. On a daily basic literally Elvis Presley is swarmed with crowds of people whom could possibly bring harm to any citizen in Memphis. However, the police are never called for the over crowds of people. Some people fight in the middle of the street for parking spots couples jump out of their cars to take pictures while leaving the kids unattended. One incident a couple got car jacked while taking a picture outside of Elvis's mansion.There hasn't been any news stories of gun shots, fights or drug bust have ever been reported. But, all of a sudden Michael Jackson past.Millions of people whom never visited The Neverland Ranch will never get the chance to. Because of one loud month unhappy woman contesting against the making of his house a tourist attraction. I dont feel that it's right for this woman and others feelings and negative views of others should be a factor. over his fans. I understand that it is a private resident area. But, millions traveled to Memphisand invade our private residental area for years until families have moved out of their homes because, of the traffic. The high school he attended land developer paid less than half for the properties of the familes to move out of the area so they could build. I am thinking about doing a protest. Tell me what you think? What would you do? These people arent worried about the museum. These residents are worried about supporting blacks coming into the neighborhood. If whites can get Elvis why can't Black have Michael Jackson. Michael song often about the unity Black and White.He died unhappily wanting a unity it will never be a unity and fairness among u

1938 days ago



I just Pray in this Life God will expose what these Evil People have done to Michael Jackson and his Family. Michael Jackson I believe Loved Diana Ross but I doubt if he mentioned her in a Will because Michael Jackson NEVER had a WILL he had a "TRUST", The Will is FAKE and FRAUDULENT created by John Branca to Steal and DisInherit The Jacksons Family who Michael Jackson left as TRUSTEES Joseph and Katherine Jackson in a TRUST, John Branca CREATED a FAKE WILL and made himself as Executor a Will that Michael Jackson NEVER had and the WILL in itself is MOTIVE for Michael Jackson Murder. I believe Michael Jackson put everything in A Trust not A Will. Michael did his Trust correctly, John Branca destroyed his "Trust" and created a "FAKE Will" without Michael Jackson and handed it to a Judge in LA County. The Lies Men tell and The Evil they Do. I dont appreciate being a Witness to a Murder coverup by the Media and Music Industry Moguls with their Lying Attoneys, Killer Doctors and Paid Off Judges. As you will read below there is a huge DIFFERENCE in a "TRUST" and a "WILL". John Branca and Everyone who Co-Conspired with him from SONY, AEG, Paul McCartney,Frank, Tohme on down will be rewarded for their EVIL DEED they have done in this EARTH.

1897 days ago


Dont you find it interesting that the lawyer comes back with a will that nobody knew about. yea right. The estate people are crooks!! Just like Michael and his mother knew long ago. I want Howard Mann to sue the pants off of the estate for Kathrine and MJs children. He is the only real friend they have in this world.

1252 days ago


Finding a will that was not mentioned. spells "FISHEY!!!!""" sounds like the estate is trying to rake in more money from Michaels legacy for themselves. The more things come out the more I do not like those men that run that estate. Power to Mrs Jackson and that Howard Mann.

1249 days ago
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