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Michael Jackson's Will Surfaces

6/29/2009 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's lawyer has a copy of the singer's will and he intends to file it with the court.

We're told the Jackson family doesn't have a copy of the will in attorney John Branca's possession. It's unclear how many wills Jackson made but Branca believes it's the most current.

Branca has a long history with Jackson. In 1985, Branca brokered the deal for Jackson to purchase The Beatles' publishing catalogue.

Branca and Jackson stopped working together in 2006 but the singer hired him back just three weeks ago.


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Simply Being Real    

To juan locdog, dude, MJ had a whirlwind of problems and oddities. To even ask why he was taken from us so soon is almost laughable. At one time, MJ was all that, but then his popularity plummeted when his eccentricities surfaced. Questions about messing with children (no one still really knows the whole story on that), his multiple plastic surgeries, bleaching his skin to appear white and lying about a skin disorder when he was obviously a black man before he started screwing with himself, sleeping in an oxygen tank, popping pills, shooting up, and who knows what else. And, then you ask why Hilton and Lohan are still with us? Puhleez. MJ brought it all on himself. His folks may have not been the best of parents, but one must take responsibility for their own lives. Given the parents poor parental history, I don't think they would be a good choice as long term guardians, but what was granted is just temporary. The reading of the will certainly will shed some light on what MJs wishes were, but considering how twisted the man was, the will could be outlandish and ridiculous as well as how he lived his life.

1943 days ago


liza said "all hell is about to break lose" wonder if she was god parent or knows who is.. i am SURE machel did NOT leave his awful parents in charge... makes me sick how michael's mom would say "oh josheph please don't hit the kids" and did NOTHING.. arhhhhhhhh.. i'd slap her and go to jail if i saw her

1943 days ago


Micheal Jackson is not Jesus.
You are a nutjob.

1943 days ago


Why would someone with that much wealth, etc, just have a Will? I would think he had a Trust???

1943 days ago


Hired only 3 weeks ago? And the doctor was hired 11 days before his death? This all seems a bit fishy to me... was he planning his death?

1943 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

My mistake. I meant #21
Michael, you were too good for this world. When we listen to you now in interviews, we see that the reason so many hated you is because your innocence and genuine love for the world reminded us all of the jealousy, bitterness, paranoia, arrogance and selfishness that exists in ourselves. Rest in Peace.

1943 days ago


it so funny that people are so worried about getting his money but money doesnt buy happiness....i think he was taken to soon but at the same time you never know what he was going trough maybe he was tired of fighting and he was ready to go...

1943 days ago


So is Paul getting the Beatles catalogue back or what?

MJ said he was gonna put that in his Will.

1943 days ago


Well, Joe certainly implied that MJ was bigger than Jesus in an earlier comment when he said that MJ was the biggest "superstar" in history.

That's gonna come back and bite you in the ass, Joe. As well it should.

1943 days ago

MJ is ♥    

Where is Brian Oxman?

1943 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

He's got a kid stashed in that cleft in his chin (I read it in The Sun). I hope someone checked that out at the morgue.

1943 days ago


I hope he named a guardian for the kids, and that his nutty parents don't get them!

1943 days ago

Simply Being Real    

To MJFAN4LIFE30, if you're referring to my reference, I said no one really knows. You don't, I don't, but if there was some funny business going on, you can bet the children know and MJ knew. You need to face facts...MJ while a great entertainer was an oddball. Oftentimes, that's what money and fame does to a person, but then there are those with money and fame who live modest, normal lives.

1943 days ago


Oh give me a break about how bad his parents are feeling! How bad was Michael feeling when he was beaten and abused by his wacked out parents?!

1943 days ago

Interracial facial    

Perhaps he knew that this was the end for him. This reads like a last ditch effort to rehire a lawyer that he trusted. But my guess is that it was still too late.

1943 days ago
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