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Matt & Sarah

Plus 3

6/29/2009 7:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and their ecstatic son, James, put on a happy face and welcomed the newest members of the family: twin sisters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge Broderick.

sarah jessica parker matthew broderick

Not pictured: SJP's surrogate, who gave birth to the adorable little ladies last week in Martins Ferry, Ohio.


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Jennifer Collins    

Someone teach him how to hold a baby!

1939 days ago


Is it just me, or is MB holding that baby like she's a slinky?

1939 days ago


These little douchebags have a great life to look forward to: Mom's a plastic surgery addict, Dad's a murderer...what more can they ask for?

1939 days ago


Wow something besides Michael Jackson. Too bad I don't care about these people.

1939 days ago


SJP is an ugly biatchh!!!! WTF ugly ugly ugly ugly!!!!

1939 days ago


Adorable! Thanks for sharing the photo...we needed some good news (yes we did...even you buttheads who posted above me).

1939 days ago


TMZ!!!! Thanks for some good news!!! Are you on the MJ payroll????
Just asking!!

1939 days ago

who gives a shit    

How come the twins have different last names? One is Broderick and one is Elwell, these hollywood celebs ( I know they live in New York) always pick out weird names........................

1939 days ago


#7, they don't have different last names, one of the twins has 2 middle names, and the other only has one. but they both have the last name of Broderick

1939 days ago


So bizarr-o! One minute he's cheating on her and she's looking at apartments then grasping at straws to keep their sham of a marriage intact. So what does she come up with? Yeah! Let's drag two innocent babies into this equation and see if it'll be the glue that holds us all together! But the imaciated girl can't (or doesn't want to) carry her own baby (ies) so they figure they'll just use their money to buy some. It really is tragic. What have they done for that poor surrogate girl anyhow. I'm sure they got paid handsomely but why didn't they afford her round the clock security if they were so worried about the "health and safety"? Now, what i REALLY want to ask is this ... If Sarah Jessica and Matthew are so over-the-moon then why is it such a secret whether both or either of them were parental enough to use their OWN egg and sperm to do it? At the very least, their surrogate was the vessel and so she shouldn't be forgotten like an old shoe now that the media whores can use their newly bought babies as a publicity stunt. There is something entirely misguided about them.

1939 days ago


TWINS! The newest celebrity must have! Sweet babies, they look like a happy family. Anyone know why they used a surrogate? She got pregnant and carried their boy so just wondering? Seems to me like most Mom's would carry their own babies if able. Pregnancy and childbirth are hard but rewarding and wonderful to experience. Just my thought.

1939 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Wow. All of you are all so perfect... sitting there in your underwear in your mom's basement clacking out smart ass things on TMZ. What a bunch of pathetic losers. And I am looking at you #4. I can only imagine what a pock-faced troll you are. I can smell your funky ass from here... Ewwwww you are one nasty human. At least I guess you're a human.

1939 days ago

Hayley B    

Cuuuuuuteness overload!

#7 - Marion has 2 middle names.

1939 days ago


Holy, is Matthew Broderick ever OLD looking! At least SJP doesn't look old.

1939 days ago


I'm happy for them and their success. it is good to see some good news going on in hollywood and newyork. Zsa Zsa Gabor was hospitalized today with flu symptoms. If I were a celeb id be in hiding right now they must have irritated something?!!!!

1939 days ago
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