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Cops Interested in Another Michael Jackson Doc

6/30/2009 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold KleinWe've learned the LAPD wants to talk to Michael Jackson's longtime dermatologist Arnold Klein about drugs he may have prescribed or given Michael Jackson.

We're told Klein has already gotten a lawyer but as far as we know the LAPD has not spoken with him.

Michael Jackson was seen repeatedly going in and out of Dr. Klein's Beverly Hills office in the months before he died.


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Michael Madsen    

MICHAEL'S KIDS ARE JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1919 days ago


10. he kind of looks like the older son

Posted at 1:45PM on Jun 30th 2009 by Laurie


I thought the very same thing Laurie

1919 days ago

Michael Madsen    

. Here's a wild theory - Klein is the father of the 2 oldest ones. He's the only one who has a biological claim to them other than the mother who is unknown. He's also giving Jackson all the meds he wants. Klein decides to kill Jackson by OD'ing him so he'll get custody of the 2 kids and the money that comes with it..

Posted at 2:08PM on Jun 30th 2009 by elkie

You write for LOST?


I wanna bang you.

1919 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Even if you were a guy... based solely upon being named ELKIE.... I would bang you.

1919 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Check this out.... What do you think Klein was looking at or thinking about when he came into a vile for MJ's future progeny?
You know how couples like to "Make Love" when they're trying for kids... so the kids will be conceived in "love" vibe.

Can you imagine what was going through this Doctor's mind when he Kerplunked into a jar for MJ?

1919 days ago

Michael Madsen    

What if MJ's kids were conceived by the sperm of a proctologist? Would they turn out to be ass*holes?

1919 days ago


He gave him his sperm and his drugs-what a pal! Too bad he didn't care about those kids.

1919 days ago


People has identified this guy as the biological father of MJ's kids, too.

1919 days ago


will miss you micheal, biggie smalls predicted the trade centre, a black presdent, and also micheal's death, if you listern to juciy friut remix of biggie smalls,you will hear it, the word as follows,_ black male misunderstood,but it's ok now, if you dont no now you no...listern to this record/cd of biggie smalls carefull and come to your own concludetion, i just wish micheal had true friends that was just after his money and poularity, but just a friend who he could really trust and was not out for themselves,micheal was all alone, he had no true friends, even his family turned there back against him (latoya) so dont cry now you had your chance to make things right,kathleen and janet, you was his strenght when need, but he didnt want to burden you will his problems, jermaine wanted the popularity that micheal had, and was shocked but glad that he wasnt as perfect as people made him but still was jealous of micheals popularity, and couldnt mate it, tito and rest of my brothers, you was once closed to me but kept your distance,i couldnt confide in you if i tried, so i had to trust what i belive was friends apart from, uri,from uk and elizabeth and diana,ross, and princess diana, who i missed dearly, when she passed, you all was my true friends, but you had your own life, so i thought who could be more trusting than dr murray, and dr klien, i thought you was my friends, i trusted you, you said dont worried, we will sort things out for you leave it with me, you said you was only going to make me ill enough so that i can postpone for a couple of weeks so that i can have enough time so put on a perfect and last show, why, why,did you do this to me my children my mother, your have broken her heart, why,...
there are some papers hiden in the third creek of the floor mum, you no where this is my true and last testonmy,and dad mr joe jackson, dont let my children end up and messed up like you made me, mum stand your ground, brother and sister i love you all, im in a better place now, janet you no what to do, dont let dad runied me in death like he runied me in life, im happy now im at piece, theres one last thing i did not touch those children in the was they said i did, my children are mine, and my last childs mothers name is maryann ruthley, maryann only comeforward if you really want the paps hounding you day and night, or you can just stick to whats at hand, see you on the other side...

1919 days ago


If Klein is the sperm donor then I'm most likely related to two of the little freaks. My grandmother was a Klein from Germany.
Ach du meine Guete!

1919 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Attention! Just in case any super rich a-sexual, f'd up celebrity needs some sperm for a kid... I just blew in a kleenex.

1919 days ago


Why isn't anyone picking up on the fact that this dermatologist has already been pegged to be the biological dad of michaels 2 oldest kids?????

1919 days ago


so this doc was the sperm donor too ?

1919 days ago


WOOOOOOW! It is so very sad that this goes on in HOLLYWOOD. & for Michael Jackson to end up dying from this type of drug MISUSE is SADER. DRUGS have always been made to get so "easily" in HOLLYWOOD California, especially to these celebrities. Its been going on for decades, even before MARILYN MONROE died from an apparent overdose of pills.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, is bigger in Holywood today more than ever. I would like to know what kind of drugs this DERMOTOLIGIST was prescribing for Michael. I guess these are the VAMPIRES & ENABLERS/LEACHES that LISA PRESLEY spoke about, in the past several days.

I say to the LAPD...take them all DOWN!! LOCK THEM UP & THROW AWAY THE KEY! So many Celebrities have been losing their life as a result of these prescription drugs. And it is so very sad.

We just lost Heath Ledger & Anna Nicole Smith just recently to this same disease---a year & what 2 years ago? This is soo rediculous. If the LAPD really & actually does something about these doctors this time around, I would be shocked. Because for years & decades, the LAPD would just write the CELEBRITY cases off as what it appeared to be..."JUST ANOTHER OVERDOSED VICTIM"---case closed. "Some celebrity done OVER DOSED on some prescription meds again".

I really didn't like the fact that Michael Jackson DIED in Los Angeles California, primarily because I already know what the LAPD is going to do. We all already know. If they do anything different this time around it will be a MIRACLE.

1919 days ago


It is not just celebrities who take prescription drugs. There are plenty of everyday people. Moms and Dads. People you'd never expect. To the addict, the addiction always comes first. Opiates are a very very common dependency. It is just that celebrities have access to more money and connections.

1919 days ago
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