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Jackson Never Adopted Kids

6/30/2009 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson never adopted his three children, even though he's not the biological father.

We broke the story that neither Jackson nor Debbie Rowe are the biological parents of Michael Jr. and Paris. And Michael was not the biological parent of Prince Michael II either.

Now here's the rub. We've learned Jackson never filed legal papers to adopt any of his children. Legal experts tell us Jackson would be presumed the father but it's not conclusive by any means.

As for why Jackson didn't formally adopt -- we're told at the time the kids were born there was no third party whom he believed would try and claim custody. For some reason, Jackson never thought Debbie Rowe would mount a custody challenge.


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He had a lawyer pick up the last child. I would assumme the lawyer knew what Michael needed to do legally. Also, I don't believe you have to file adoption papers when it is an "in vitro" child. It falls under Civil Law in that they most likely had a legal contract in place that the surrogate signed. Michael had legal rights regarding the children. They were legally his on completion of the contract. Aren't you a lawyer? You should know that. That speculation you posted is rediculous and you know it.

1908 days ago


What a piece of NON news. You don't adopt children you are the parent of. And, despite the public's perception of parentage being all about biology, it is in fact about legality.

Debbie Rowe was married to Micheal Jackson at the birth of both children. She was the birthmother listed on the birth certificate and MJ,her legal husband would be on the birth certificate as the legal and presumed father, unless HE objected to it. They were never adopted because you can't adopt your own legal child.

As for Blanket, CA has some of the most liberal surrogacy laws. The surrogate contract itself was sufficient to have the intended parents placed on the birth certificate at birth. Again,no reason to adopt since he was the legal parent.

The point of adoption is to have the court confer legal parentage to the adoptive parent. As the legal parent of all 3 children, adoption was not an action necessary, not then and not now. So, of course he didn't adopt his children. All 3 were already legally his children. Biology is not what determines legality. Even if those who supplied sperm and egg were identified and came forward, they would have no legal claim on the kids.

1908 days ago

Hess Cukin    

He didn't adopt because he probably didn't beleive in incest, I heard he died from eating 12 year old nuts....

1908 days ago


OMG Leave him and HIS kids alone are they going to have to go thru all the crap the media pushed onto Michael? He is gone show some respect and piss off

1908 days ago


I agree with #80..What in the hell kind of source does TMZ have for such garbage...Either state your sources ...or stop printing all this so called GARBAGE

1908 days ago


Why would he need to adopt them? Isn't his name listed on their birth certificates?

1908 days ago


I feel so bad for those kids!! And sorry for Michael because wherever he is right now he cannot R.I.P because of all the chaos around his three children.I do beleive he is their biological father but even if he weren't he raised,cared, and loved those children all their life.

1908 days ago


LIVE THE KIDS ALONE!!! They have just lost their beloved father... you are so cruel to them... don't you know they have a heart... what are you going to do next?

I hope they dont end like some Lisa Marie.

1908 days ago

shelley california    


1908 days ago

Sand D    

this is just news......if there wasn't any bad news there would be a lot of people of of work........for sure!
I am sure everything is in place MJ was known for his lawyers and paper work...mountians of paper work......keep digging!

1908 days ago


72. TMZ should change their name to MJ gossip / entertainment because this is all you can talk about! TMZ you suck!!!!!!!

Posted at 12:18PM on Jun 30th 2009 by mly


This is actually the first interesting thing on this site in a long time IMO. They are trying to live up to being the 'story breaker' on MJ's death and they will throw any little detail up they can, whether it's true or not, i'd rather read about MJ (and the train wreck that he was) over which celebrity farted where.

1908 days ago


TMZ you all are sincerely pathetic. You have no respect for this man's MINOR children. I will NEVER read your site or tune in to your show again. I am deleting from my tivo. The children are innocent and are grieving they deserve to b respected at this most difficult time.

1908 days ago

Rock Singer    

All to there benefit !!!!

1908 days ago

get it together TMZ    

You guys are idiots. He was legally married to Debbie Rowe at the time of the birth. Couples decide all the time to use donor eggs and sperm for what ever reason. The children are his. This is a non issue.

1908 days ago


OMG brad and s disgusting!
*I think the fact is that Michael is not the biological father any of his children,is NOT IMPORTANT!!those children know him and love him as the only father of them,and they love(d) Michael very very much,and Michael was a great father..he loved his children,just like ANY oather parent in this entire world.I think they must stay with Katherine.
It s a shame,that The true King of Pop just cant rest in peace...

1908 days ago
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