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Jackson/Rowe Not the Biological Parents

6/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. And Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore for Michael. All three children were conceived in vitro -- outside the womb.

Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie's eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.

In the case of Prince Michael II (the youngest), we're told the surrogate was never told of the identity of the "receiving parent" -- Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson's lawyer came to the hospital to pick the baby up and deliver him to Michael.

We do not know if Jackson chose the sperm or egg donors or if he even knew who they were.

Although Rowe is not the biological mother, it's not a slam dunk that she would lose a custody battle. This type of case has never been litigated in California courts. Since Rowe was married to Jackson when Michael Jr. and Paris were born, there's a presumption that she's the biological parent. That presumption can be rebutted by other evidence.

We know there are documents outlining the whole arrangement for the birth of all three kids. Nonetheless, it's still an open issue with the courts.

Michael Jackson's kids


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Those kids are not a mixed race kids. Ok let's say they can be white BUT those kids have no african features, none, where are the thick lips, the big wide nose, the hair. I think you do not know genetics because it is impossible that a kid from so difference races only looks like one and on top of that BOTH kids look totally white. Come on!! you really have to be kidding when you say that they ARE MJ kids.

1903 days ago


I never believed that Michael would allow someone as ugly as Debbie Rowe to be the mother of his kids. I also believe that he didn't want to father children for fear that they'd end up with his "real" nose. I don't believe that Michael had any skin issues either other than teen and young adult acne. People with vitiligo don't gradually "lighten up" over a period of time as Michael did. They radically go from black to white after receiving treatment. Look back on the transformation photos of Michael going from black to white. It was not SUDDEN, it was indeed a PROCESS. He was a great entertainer for sure but a shallow, self-loathing person who squandered his money and resources on nonsense.

1903 days ago


THIS BICKERING HAS TO STOP!!!! I'm just to tired of people passing judgement. I guess its time that everyone plays the RACE card when it comes to the kids!!!! When Michael preformed he didnt play the RACE card. He appealed to EVERY RACE. If one would take a look, "AT THE MAN IN THE MIRROR" I am sure they would find fault there also. Can anyone honestly say that they don't have issues in there lives??? Michael on the other hand, his issues were made public for all to see. I have to say THANK GOD that he did bridge the gap amoung races. Now about Ms. Rowe, I wish she would just keep her mouth shut. She has done this for many years so why now must she open the whole in her face to speak untruth. Whether Michael is or isn't the father, he is the ONLY father that those kids know. Fragile like they are no one should take that right away from the kids or Michael. With that said I pray this negative posting stops. Grow the hell up and remember this, DESPITE THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN, WE ALL BLEED THE SAME COLOR!!!

1903 days ago


Wow this story about Micheal just keeps getting deeper and deeper. I knew the first two kids were not his but the youngest kind of looked like him. I can't believe he never actually adopted the kids, that does not sound right, he was on the birth certificate as the father. Usually if a father is on the birth certificate at the time of birth they are assumed to be the father and no adoption of the child has to be done. But I don't know in this case it may be different. I just hope whoever get the kids will take care of them and not turn greedy like most do when money is involved. People turn evil when the all mighty dollar is a factor. I really liked Micheal's songs I thought over the last few years he was not doing so good, but that is what happens usually when a person has a drug addiction. Which is another story I can't believe everything is coming out now that he has passed. Why now?
I hope the kids are well taken care of.. And hopefully Micheal's father won't try to turn them into pop stars to being he has a record label. He does have a recording studio in the house they are staying. If the kids wants to do it then that should be left up to them. RIP Micheal!!! In Heaven you don' t have to worry about everyone trying to take advantage of you, sue you, or mistreat you.

1903 days ago

toni bentley    

Anybody who has ever seen these children knew that Michael's genetics weren't involved. That's not exactly breaking news to anybody with a brain. You know what else? So what?!? People use alternative means of having children every day. In vitro, donor egg or sperm, adoption, and probably a dozen other methods that I can't think of at the moment. Nobody would dream of accusing any of these other people of not being parents. Take the Jolie-Pitt children for example. Half of them are adopted, but it wouldn't enter anyone's mind to say that Brad and Angelina weren't their parents. It would be hypocritical and wrong to hold Michael to a different standard. He loved and provided for these beautiful kids from the day they were conceived. They were his world. That's what makes a parent, not a microscopic speck of genetic material. He was a loving, wonderful dad, and now that he's gone, his children should be taken care of by his family. Just like any other child who has lost their parents. I can't imagine why anybody would think anyone but his family should have them. I can only hope that any judge who oversees this case understands this too. The courts need to leave this grieving family alone and let them try to put their lives back together.

1903 days ago


Yeah I knew the kids were not for Michael....duh! But not for Debbie??? Ok, I could believe that one! Something crazy like that is just what the doctor ordered! It's like watching a train can’t look, but you can’t turn away! And as far as looks....looks don't mean anything! DNA does not lie! Maybe they can go on Maury!

1903 days ago

earnest b    

you people should be a shamed of your self what if the kids
watch tv and see that there daddy the man they new all there life is
not there dad heres the way i see it he is there dad hes the only
one they ever none as dad and you should have never said that so
people could see you you know the media is going too run with that
its a shame i am angry that media would even air that no respect for
anyone not even a child that could see that about the parents i am
talking about michael jackson and his kids shame on tmz and all the
media hope you all happy if the kids see this on tv

1903 days ago


The frenzy over the death of Michael Jackson is mind blowing – the question about his children’s genetics, incredibly distasteful.

Nancy Grace, Larry King, TMZ, US Weekly, People Magazine – they are all saying things like:

“Who’s the real father?” “Who’s the real mother?” “Who’s he biological father?” “Who’s the biological father?”

And I say “Who cares? And it I any of your business?”

Michael Jackson was the legal, social and only father those children had. He loves his children and the only concern he should have ever had was selecting the right guardian for his children in the event of his death – which he did. He chose his mother Katherine Jackson to be his children’s guardian.Just like every other family –
Michael Jackson was the only one entitled to select that guardian.

Aside from the fact that Michael Jackson the King of Pop died – there are three children who have been orphaned in this tragic situation. And if in fact these three children are the product of donor sperm or donor egg for that matter -- and their father hadn’t for whatever reason had and important conversation with his children about their story and their origins then they are certainly finding out in one of the most damaging ways ever.

There are lines you don’t cross and those lines are to do with children. These kids didn’t sign up for this – and I want to ask the Nancy Graces of the world if she would want her children talked about like this, in this fashion. After all, there’s question about Nancy Grace and her children because Nancy was almost fifty when she conceived her twins – You can bet your bottom dollar that Nancy would be the first to shut down every single question or conversation that came her way in regards to the genetics of her children.

Where is Debbie Rowe in all of this? Who knows, but I would like to think something like this would be private and not become a spectacle for everyone to leer at.
In the meantime, the media needs to learn the basic definition of what the term Mother and Father mean, and they need to butt out of Michael Jackson’s reproductive life. Pick apart his personal life, his alleged drug use, his big spending, his eccentricities, but really do the right thing and leave his children alone.

They just lost their father for God’s sakes.

1903 days ago


anyone posting horrible things like this about a person who has just passed and his kids has no self-respect or respect for the deceased. it isn't necessary to this. what do you gain from it? -a few minutes in the spotlight. people cannot be serious!! its not as if you'll be receiving any of that money so just let the man rest and let his children (which his raised so it DOES make him the father) mourn in PEACE.

1903 days ago

Johnny V    

Wacko Jacko was a FREAK SHOW!!!!! Everything about this guy was bizzare.

1903 days ago

Keys' Charly    

I too think this post is shameful. However, that which makes the news and sparks debate is arguably newsworthy to some extent...and let's not forget: profitable.

All three children are Michael's. Some children are born to us via C-section, adoption, high forceps, sperm/egg donor, matter just how the manner of their birth to their parents...they are their creators' children. Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe were a married couple and "created" two children. Debbie Rowe was very candid and public in saying they were Michael's children, not hers for them to call Mom.

Michael Jackson is not the biological father of the two eldest children (nor the third). It's quite obvious that someone who loathed his looks would not take the chance to pass those genetic traits on to his own children. That is his choice. Michael's first plastic surgery was for a broken nose. Why not tweak it a bit...millions of others do and it is quite normal to enhance one's appearance these days. Because we can!

As far as Michael's whiteness. Michael Jackson did suffer from vitiglio. If you go back and look through old photos you can see when this began and how blotchy his skin was becoming. African features on a flour white face could look rather odd, that one must admit. If you notice, Michael is whiter than caucasians because he has no pigmentation in his skin. The melanin is gone and he's whiter than white. Bleaching doesn't do that. We may not agree with his choices and he clearly went overboard with the plastic surgeries...but it was his body and his right to do what he wished.

Michael's two eldest children are indeed of mixed race, either 1/4 or 1/8th African heritage. With that being said, if Michael's dermatologist is their biological father -- as TMZ claims -- then Debbie Rowe is not their biological mother. Their mother would have to be half or a quarter of African descent. The problem, though, with this is that the two kids actually look very much like Debbie Rowe. So...if Debbie Rowe is their biological mother, then the caucasian dermatologist cannot be their biological father as the children are of mixed race.

It may all be interesting for us to speculate on...but does what we think actually matter? NO! It truly is none of our business. Bottom line: They ALL are Michael Jackson's children and should be with their paternal grandmother. I do not feel Joe Jackson is a threat to his own grandchildren at all. Michael's allegations of abuse by his father (something that happened over forty years ago, mind you) are somewhat suspect. Michael has claimed and said a LOT of things that were completely untrue over the years. He was known for duping the public (i.e., elephant man's bones, oxygen chamber...all stories planted by himself). I believe that Michael felt he was abused, but speak with his siblings and you will hear a different story. In my own family you will find the'd think we all grew up in a different house from the vast variations of an event being recounted. Yes, Joe Jackson was a strict disciplinarian. So was MY father. Forty years ago we all got our butts beat when we were taught a lesson. It was the way it was. But do I feel I was abused even though I was whipped with ironing cords? No. I really didn't feel that way. And the lesson was learned. I do not believe in corporal punishment at all...and never physically whipped my own children...but I do not feel that every adult who was ever beaten as a child has an exclusive on it and that it is the root of their problems as adults.

For most of us, our parents -- right or wrong -- got us to adulthood. Life is the ultimate gift. What happens in between that and our deaths we get over and move on...and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! No amount of bickering or blaming will make us better people. We can only be truly mentally healthy by first loving ourselves and others, forgiving others, and enjoying the time, family, and friendships we have on this tiny planet.

Enough of my two cents. Thanks for reading.

1903 days ago


OMG!!! Leave him alone his dead now. Who cares who the biological parent is at least the kids had the love of Michael and his family.

1903 days ago


i wonder if the children knew this, and now that this is out in the public they must be crushed if they didnt know. i wish people were sometime now so into this crap. i mean i know they have to find out whats going on but i just feel bad for those kids. Debbie Rowe shouldnt get them, give em to his mom like in the will. and keep them away from mj's father.

1903 days ago


How does that taste Jamie Foxx?? All that Michael is ours crap. He's all yours, didn't want black babies though!! HA HA

1903 days ago



1903 days ago
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