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Michael Jackson Search Warrants

6/30/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonSearch warrants were issued to search Michael Jackson's house ... the searches have already taken place.

The searches that took place yesterday and last Friday were performed as a result of the warrants.

The second search was triggered as a result of the interview LAPD had with Dr. Conrad Murray, according to law enforcement sources. The point of the search, in large part, was to retrieve medication.

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R.I.P FARRAH ......................... screw him........................ at least she was never accussed of touching children in a bad way....

1906 days ago

Fábio Santos    

FIRST! eheh

1906 days ago


What's left for them to find? I read that Jackson's parents had a moving van loading up much of his stuff a day or so ago.

1906 days ago


I still can't believe Michael's dead!

1906 days ago


According to Billboard Magazine, "Nielsen SoundScan's sales numbers won't be released until Wednesday (July 1) morning, but industry prognosticators indicate that three of Jackson's albums -- "Number Ones," "The Essential Michael Jackson" and "Thriller" -- each sold around 100,000 copies last week. The sales tracking week ended at the close of business on Sunday (June 28) night".

1906 days ago


enough already with Michael Jackson F*&%KING move on. Im sure Britney or Linsey are wondering where are the paps are.

1906 days ago


Dont you guys get it..................a person does NOT have a cardiologist(who is a specialist for heart problems FYI) unless there is an underlying heart therefore....he obviously had to of had a heart condition of some sort..........and as a CAN do CPR on a bed....esp. if you are a man with more force....true it does benefit to be on the floor...but if he was all alone like they say he was to begin with...thats the last thing on his mind.....think of how u would react if that happened????(even if u are a doctor) If Michael had o'd on would of been contradicted when the EMS arrived because most all paramedics will give the antidote to stop the opioid effects of the such as soon as they arrive to any type of unconcious/not breathing situation..(IMO i bet the paramedics didnt give it like most SHOULD when there is a suspected or symptomatic of OD).....NARCAN is the drug to stop it........demerol was prolly given to michael as soon as the doc arrived b/c mj was in pain....and if michael was in pain and used to getting such a medication his toledance was up so he may have a little more in his system..i dont think anything was done wrong or in a matter of disgust.....what disgusts me is noone will look up facts or get knowledge to back up their words....... MJ was ill...proven fact and if ppl would stop running with the rumors maybe things will get accomplished the right way and let this legend rest in peace....... Miss you forever Michael!!!!

1906 days ago


Crime Scene!

1906 days ago

love MJ!    

Michael Jackson is a real entertainer, even in death the news about him is still managing to be sensational and entertaining...
the stories after his death are really interesting...and you know what? they get better, and better...

1906 days ago

oh my    

You mean three days after the family came and moonwalked everything out? LOL Funny! It should have been designated as a crime scene since day one!

1906 days ago


the whole michael jackson thing is a fiasco. everybody is mourning the loss of a child molestor. the only reason he was never convicted is because he had some money. money can buy anything. now his ranch is going to be flooded with thousands of people hoping to get a look at his dead body on friday. don't see anything exciting about looking at the dead body of a person i never knew personally. and now that he has died, ohio is going to build a museum to honor him and rumors are that's where he'll be buried. and come to find out, the kids aren't even his. this whole thing is just a mess. and the sad part is everybody overlooked the things he did and let him get away with anything. now that he's dead, everybody is gonna be fighting for his children because whoever gets the children, gets the money. anybody remember the custody battle over anna nicole smiths daughter?

1906 days ago


"Search warrants were issued to search Michael Jackson's house ... the searches have already taken place."

Really? No kidding.

C'mon, this is news? It is recycling.

1906 days ago

oh my    

Hopefully the search on Fri. was beneficial. Supposedly the doc left his car at the scene.I bet it was empty...What could he have possibly left behind? He had enough time to prepare. How long does it take for him to pack his tablets and needles in his little medical purse? It's not like there are bullet casings and what not.

1906 days ago


I am still in shock as I type this and my eyes are beginning to fill with tears once again. I simply can't believe it. It's hard to explain what I am feeling to someone that isn't a fan or perhaps haven't admired someone like this but it's as if I lost a part of myself in some strange way - as if he was a close family member. I am incredibly sad and even though I want to go to Neverland Ranch for the memorial services, I don't think physically I can do it - it's just too much for me to handle. He was simply one of a kind, we may live 100 more years and never encounter someone like him so to have lived during his era is truly a blessing. What brings me some comfort is knowing we got the opportunity to enjoy him at the height of his career for decades. I genuinely love you MJ, will miss you, and pray every night for your family to be able to survive this.

1905 days ago


ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of all this MJ stuff. Move on TMZ!!!!

1905 days ago
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