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Michael's Doc Won't Attend Funeral

6/30/2009 6:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's doctor -- the one who didn't call 911 for 30 minutes after finding MJ unconscious -- won't be attending his funeral, this according to the doc's rep.

We're told Dr. Conrad Murray hasn't been watching the media coverage and has been "isolating himself" from the public. Also, Murray hasn't spoken with the Jackson family since he saw them at the hospital on the day Michael died.

Murray's rep said he's skipping the funeral to "mourn privately for the death of his friend."


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Catholic Girl    

He must know if he shows up there's a good possibility he'll get stoned to death....just say'in

1905 days ago

Mary Hamilton    

UNBELIEVABLE,.......that the Quack who did not call 911, immediately...Is not attending the Funeral...He's knows........That the Fans will tear him,apart...!!! Moron ,that he is..........This Tragery should be the Police..NOW...not in 4/6 weeks...And Everyone knew..That Mr.Jackson was heading to the Courts...To take over...Micheal will be turning over in his Grave,,RIP...

1905 days ago


He's guilty of something....

1905 days ago


Post # 75 by R.

Finally a post with meaning...other than my own....DR Murray should have called 911 STAT. That is what he is guilty of not doing...for whatever reason...I have not a clue...only the doctor knows that answer ....Jackson is responsible for his own demise as is anyone who dies from drug overdose.....not the doctor...we all have been educated about drug abuse..the way I see it...Jackson chose to ignore the teachings and payed with his life.

1905 days ago


This Doctor Wanted to clean up the crime scene from needles and vials that he has used. He had to steel money from around as well. That is why he took too long to call. He knew a celebrity case will involve investigations. He is hiding now because he knows that he is a murderer who earned some money that he could never do in his career as an unsuccessful Doctor.

1905 days ago


Megan, why do you keep replying to my comments?????

1905 days ago


OHHHHHHHH GEEEZZZZ people get a grip....Jackson is responsible for his own death...he was a drug addict...he O.D'd....people close to him tried to intervene...but what did Jackson do...EH?.....Jackson fired them for trying to help him....Jackson didnt want closed !

1905 days ago


that doesnt mean anything all it means is its too hard for him to go to the funeral a lot of people dont go to funerals well some and people always assume somethings up with that which is soo dumb, funerals are really tough and not everyone can handle them. That was his friend so of course its hard for him, everyone always assumes the worst I'm sure he did the best he could to try to save him, hes a trained doctor after all.

1905 days ago


What he's really skipping ot on is the whoop ass beaten that the fans would give him! He better stay home alone!

1905 days ago


regarding dat ignorant megan's comment..u r so off, u ignorant broad,, how dare u compare michael to those retarted heidi and spencer!! by u idolizing them so much shows us wat kind of a person u r....inmature disrespectfull piece of s**t!!!

1905 days ago


hey i just heard of a new show that would take your mind off the hurt break of mj death its called Nite Tales comes on augs 7 @11pm its kinda like tales from the crypt on channel tbs/wgn so dont miss out

1905 days ago


Only a matter of time before the real freaks and weirdos start posting comments. You guys are creepy and TMZ is the National Enquirer of the Internet.

Nice job. (thumbups way down)

1905 days ago


To Valkyrie:That was my point for people to read between the lines and figure it out... such as the authorities. Although they must realize this already if the media makes a big enough stink over how absurd the chain of events are with the 911 phone call then the facts can't be ignored, or swept under the rug!

1904 days ago


it's just a matter of time..
we'll be turning on the news within the next couple months and see this man dead.
dumbass doctor. rott in h*ll for what you did

1904 days ago


I think doctor feels guilty! No wonder he is not board certified.

1903 days ago
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