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MJ's Animals Won't Flock Back to Neverland

6/30/2009 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Neverland Ranch is turned into a memorial site for Michael Jackson, don't expect MJ's once beloved animals to make a triumphant return.

Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch Click to view!

We spoke to Tippi Hedren -- who runs the Shambala Preserve in California where MJ's former tigers (Thriller and Sabu) live -- and she said, "The animals will not be going back ... they're staying with me at the sanctuary."

We also talked to Freddie Hancock -- the owner of the Voices of the Wild Foundation in Arizona which houses MJ's giraffes, birds and reptiles -- and she told us, "These animals have become a part of our lives as they were a part of Michael's ... [the return to Neverland] would depend on a variety of circumstances."


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Posted at 4:24PM on Jun 30th 2009 by Harvey Lee Roth
Dude bubbles has been dead since early 2001 but you still can see, he is a plastic model in las vegas thanks to michael

1878 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth    


1878 days ago


Oh Yes plzzzz bring the animals its going to be a circus anyway! This is really getting ridiculous. Bury the man for HEAVEN~S sakes! Who in the world leaves a body out this long, bring bubbles hes only been dead a few yrs by the time this man is buried he is going to be dripping....Oh I forgot theres $$$$$ to be made could I be so stupid!

1878 days ago


bubbles is in a sanctuary michael could not control him as bubbles was getin out of order so he gave him to a sanctuary
in Los Angeles

1878 days ago



1878 days ago


I love the exclusive coverage and all, but did everyone else fall off the face of the earth? There's gotta be more stuff out there than MJ... Although it's all quite interesting.

1878 days ago


They should just sell the property & get on with life. The animals should never return to "neverland" & should never have been there in the first place. Long live "wacko jacko."

1878 days ago


indeed, the animals should remain where they are. during the time they were at neverland they were well cared for until money stopped coming in. employees were having a hard time getting paid let alone caring properly for exotic animals. don't think bubbles is around anymore, but wonder how A.J., Alex, and Max are doing.... as well as patrick and brandy.

1878 days ago

A Las Vegan    

What about Farrah's Funeral going on today.

1878 days ago


Can we learn more about Jackson's relationship with his father??

1878 days ago
26. & g.reaper are c*nts    

there are alot of filthy comments on here about people really should f*** off and read something that actually interests you! such c**ting retards!!

1878 days ago


For ALL of you who keep asking where Bubbles is:

Posted June 26, 2009

Sadly, Jackson had to move Bubbles out of his house in fear the chimp might hurt his children. Bubbles is still alive and living on a ranch in California with an animal trainer.

One of the more interesting relationships Michael Jackson had during his life was not with his famous sister, his movie star friends or other musicians, but with a tiny furry friend named Bubbles. Jackson rescued the three-year-old chimpanzee from a cancer research clinic and kept him on as a pet and friend. Bubbles famously made a cameo in the video for “Liberian Girl” and accompanied Jackson during the recording sessions for Bad. He made occasional appearances in public but generally kept to Jackson’s home.

However, he did accompany Michael on a tour of Japan in 1989. In this clip, it’s evident that the Bubbles is thought of as an almost-human companion (he has his own chair and is fully dressed), but also understands Jackson’s sign language.

1878 days ago


You can read all about Bubles here. He's alive and 26 years old...


1878 days ago


Just wanted to say that if you dont know that Michaels children are not his biological kids then your not been staying on top of this story ! thats a bombshell you will see coming in the next few days , to me i was obvious , do i get like a free a bonus check or something ? ther are no blood ties !


1878 days ago


Just wanted to say that if you dont know this Michaels children are not his biological kids then your not been staying on top of this story ! this is a bombshell you will see coming in the next few days , to me it was obvious from the start ,so do i get like a a bonus check or something ? there are no blood ties !


1878 days ago
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