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Neverland Reps: Watch Out, Santa Barbara

6/30/2009 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The part owners of Neverland Ranch have released a letter to the residents of Santa Barbara, warning of the impending madness that will engulf the county if a public viewing of MJ's body occurs later this week.

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The letter -- sent by a rep for Colony Capital, LLC -- calls Neverland a "temporary sanctuary" for Michael Jackson fans who "will come, with or without permission or an invitation."

The doc also addresses Neverland's dark past by saying, "As we all know, the impressions left by Michael's last interaction with Santa Barbara County were not positive." But it goes on to say, "Michael was accused, tried and acquitted in our county and found innocent on all counts."


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Mr On it    

21 You are wise beyond your years ?
Truly in the know on all things MJ How so?

1908 days ago


Thanks you #18, I read that earlier. I should've posted it when I was going back & forth with someone earlier about Elvis.
Well Elvis lovers, there you have it.

1908 days ago


You have to have an invitation or permission for a public viewing? Yeah...I bet Joe will be there selling tickets.

I sure wouldn't accept a payoff if someone molested my child (funny that it was a civil suit and never went to a criminal). At the least I would have filed criminal charges against his a$$ if I didn't kill him first. Wouldn't that be like child prostitution (like the real freak from Duke that is all over CNN right now)?

1908 days ago


I feel sorry for the people of Santa Barbara for having to deal with this zoo one more time.

1908 days ago

Donna Re    

Firstly, at least someone has acknowledged that Michael was tried and round not guilty. Whether or not we chose to believe this hugely reflects on our view of our judicial system in the USA. Albiet, many are set free and/or convicted wrongfully but that's the chance that is taken. Unless one is proven beyone a shadow of a doubt, meaning that no other conclusion can be formed by the evidence, that person must and will be set free. Now, we may all have our suspicions but that is just what they are, unproven specualations which we are all welcome to, however, should it be at the expense of the acquitted repeatedly, over and over and over and over until it and the person is beaten to a pulp. Step right up folks you surely can take some responsibility for MJ's demise. Secondly, excuse me, but having MJ reside in this area only boosted it's profits and travel as a vacation spot to view Neverland. How dare this entity foreget that. They too can step up to the plate and take some of the responsibility for MJs demise. I know it may sometimes have been difficult to see MJ as a person, due to his ecentricities and mega talent but in the end, and we all knew this but refused to acknowledge it because of our own shortcoming, he was just like us all, only human. I want so much to attend his memorial but that will not come to pass. I will watch and sob in my own living room for someone that I've never met or gotten to know beyond the entertainment realm. I was born in 1958 and to think my life over at this age I cannot grasp. I'm am certainly not ready to depart this world as 50 years and not a sufficient number when the alternative is eternal. I think his family is probably the poster children for THE MOST DYSFUNCTIONAL family that ever existed. But as Janet says, to them he is family and every family has it's dynamics. The sadest part of all this . . . with all his so called friends (and yes Miko, I'm disapponted in you for your comment on Larry King admitting to STILL being compensated by MJ's Estate - - - ughhh) not one of them or 5 of them intervened . . . years ago . . what was wrong with these people. The more I live the more I understand the cliche "money is the root of ALL EVIL" actually it is PURE EVIL.

1908 days ago


In cas you didn't know Bubbles has been gone for quite some time. He has been plastinated by Gunther von Hagens of the controversial Body Worlds exhibition.

1908 days ago


Hey Shar
When someone in my apartment building plans on having a party, its always best and appropriate to let the rest of us tenants know (and invite us)... Its the polite/proper thing to do..
So... thats what they're doing... ;-)

1908 days ago


As a cultured Englishman, I would ask you Americans to be more respectful to the dead. Michael Jackson was a complex person. There may well be aspects of his life that will always remain in question. Whatever your views, he was a father, a son, a brother, an uncle and a son. How would you feel if people made those vile comments about your family members. My advice would be, if you can't say anything nice it is best that you do not say anything at all.

1908 days ago


Those poor residents of Santa Barbara that have to deal with the stupid circus! Throw him in the ground already and move on

1908 days ago



1908 days ago


I hated his music when he first came out --it was mainstream crap-- couldn't understand why people would pay to see him prance about grabbing his crotch and tittering on stage like a little girl. And then there were the bizarre stories. But he did one thing great in my eyes : He died right before my holidays so I can relax and enjoy all this great news about what a freak he was.

1908 days ago


"Michael was accused, tried and acquitted in our county and found innocent on all counts." This was considerate of the county to remind the locals that Michael was innocent and retained interest in Neverland upon his death. LONG LIVE MICHAEL!!!

1908 days ago


Why ??

Is this Just for a Viewing or are they planning on
burring MJ here? If so why.. Didn't MJ sa He Never wanted to go there
again ?????

1908 days ago


For those who are being disrespectful, to Michael Jackson and his Family during this time, remember Karma is "B*tch"!!!!!

1908 days ago


I'm so glad I live on the east coast!

1908 days ago
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