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Neverland Reps: Watch Out, Santa Barbara

6/30/2009 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The part owners of Neverland Ranch have released a letter to the residents of Santa Barbara, warning of the impending madness that will engulf the county if a public viewing of MJ's body occurs later this week.

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The letter -- sent by a rep for Colony Capital, LLC -- calls Neverland a "temporary sanctuary" for Michael Jackson fans who "will come, with or without permission or an invitation."

The doc also addresses Neverland's dark past by saying, "As we all know, the impressions left by Michael's last interaction with Santa Barbara County were not positive." But it goes on to say, "Michael was accused, tried and acquitted in our county and found innocent on all counts."


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Some Girl    

The residents of Santa Barbara have no say in who comes to our city. But, individually, we can say that it's stupid for thousands of people to stampede the city because they're nosy and obsessive. "Grieve" my ass... Stay home and listen to Thriller!

1944 days ago


No one is "found innocent" of a crime. You're found "not guilty," meaning the evidence to convict wasn't proved beyond a reasonable doubt. There's a HUGE difference.

1944 days ago



1944 days ago


People are jumping the gun. Debbie Rowe has made no claims for the children, at least not yet, so cut her some slack. Its sad because clearly Michael did not spend much time with his family - for a reason, and now they are in charge of what happens to his kids. When Joe Jackson said they dont get to play with other kids, he should have said THEIR KIDS because I have seen many fotos of Mikes children with other children, just not Jackson family relatives. So maybe he avoided the famiy altogether. Who knows..I hope he left instructions in the will. It doesnt matter that the children are not his biologically, DNA does not a parent make. We all see stories of what bio parents do to their own kids...

1944 days ago


For those of you who are still hung up on the fact that MJ said he shared his bed, try to remember that when he lived in Gary, IN that house only had two bedrooms. Who do you think he shared a bed with then? This is a common practice amongst people that have lots of children but not enough bedrooms. It doesn't mean that bedmates have any sexual content. The man was found not guilty. Let Michael rest in peace.

1944 days ago


Actually he was found NOT GUILTY! Not found INNOCENT.

1944 days ago

A fan    

**How self-aggrandizing are the residents of Santa Barbara County (or perhaps just Mr. Barrack)?** “that visitors and fans will come, with or without permission or an invitation” -** Really, permission?** “Let’s adopt an attitude of hospitality, warmth, and tolerance” **– Adopt! SBs need to be told that the world is watching and they should be nice? Are they not normally pleasant or tolerant? **“Michael Jackson was accused, tried and acquitted in our county and found innocent on all counts.” **SB residents are lucky they have Thomas J. Barrack Jr. to remember the past or the residents would have no idea who MJ was.** “Let us all keep in mind that reputations are earned in decades and lost in moments of haste and bad decisions.” **So let’s act nice because….** “The consideration of the future of the Neverland property will be addressed in due time through normal process and with appropriate deliberation.”**… and we don’t want to risk losing any value in** “this magical valley.”

Yuck! The arrogance just kills me.

Michael, you are and always have been loved by those who felt your heart pour through all of your pain!

1944 days ago


If that child was really molested, the parents wouldn't rest until the guy rotted in jail. They would not have accepted money. They wanted money in the first place. In the case that went to trial, they were just looking for a payoff like the first one. He was acquitted.

1944 days ago


I agree with the letter, he gets more attention after death than he did while alive. it's a shame. people made crude yet humorous jokes, but somehow he's loved by everyone now. pathetic.

1944 days ago


OK TMZ!! I've been a fan for awhile, but enough of this Freak Show. Are ya'll in the will ?!? Some classer folks have passed away and I don't see any coverage. You're losing me- maybe for good.

1944 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I just heard that Anna Nicole Smith died. Why hasn't TMZ said anything about it?

1944 days ago

Some Girl    

to little- You're a loser.
"Plenty of 10 year old boys to play with"??? LMFAO... Wow.

1944 days ago

to little    

How many MJ fans with kids that would have let their children spend time with Michael? Without parent supervision since you all seem to know and trust him.

1944 days ago


Yes, there will be some nosey people there. There will also be some obsessive fans there as well. But there will also be thousands of people who genuinely loved MJ and want to pay respects. Is that so shocking? The other millions will be at home listening to Thriller and watching it on TV.

1944 days ago


to 81. by to little
did you teach little boys how to masturbate ????

Things must have changed since I was 10.....

You sound like you may have a Problem too...

1944 days ago
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