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Prince II's Birth Certificate -- No Mother Listed

6/30/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained the birth certificate for Michael Jackson's youngest son -- which only lists the kid as having one parent ... Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's son Click to view!

On the doc, Prince Michael Jackson II's father is listed as MJ -- but the space where Prince's mother is supposed to be named was left blank.

As we reported earlier this morning, Michael is not the biological father of his three children. In Prince Michael's case, the surrogate never knew she was carrying Michael's baby -- who was conceived in vitro.

And this is interesting ... Katherine Jackson apparently doesn't know Prince Michael's date of birth. Yesterday, in the guardianship papers, she listed his DOB as 1/21/02. The birth certificate says he was born on 2/21/02, one month later.


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There is a lot of bogus "reporting" going on..... 1st of all Paris in particular looks just like Debbie Rowe, so I'm not buying AT ALL that she is not the biological mother. I will buy the possibility that Michael isn't the biological father of Prince and Paris, but you never know, he might actually be. As for Blanket.... I do think he resembles Michael when he was a child. So my take is that...... Prince and Paris are Debbie's bio' kids with a slight possibility of being Michael's bio' kids (yes it is possible.) and.... Blanket is very likely Michael's bio' kid... either that or he hand picked a donor with features similar to his 'natural features" Either way, these children are his in every way that matters.

1919 days ago

don't they have to list a birth mother? i've seen the father's name blank before but never the mother's.

1919 days ago


Cute kids but I still don't see any resemblance to Michael. And it would be in true Michael style to use a sperm donor of someone he either trusted, loved or admired or just found to be physically beautiful.. and seeing how concerned he was over his own health and skin issues and the lengths he went to to change his physical features I can see him not wanting to pass those 'traits' on to his children. So I'm sticking with the idea that he is not the bio-father of any of his children. Doesn't mean he didn't love them , I'm .. Just Saying.

1919 days ago



michael loved everyones children

1919 days ago


Wow, you people never cease to amaze me. So what if Michael's children are not biologically his!! THEY WERE HIS CHILDREN! about everything else, but leave those children alone. Michael was the only parent they knew. Don't diminish that! MICHAEL WAS THEIR FATHER.....PERIOD!

1919 days ago


something is strange here, this does not look like any picture I have seen of MJ's kids and I have seen quite a few. What is up with this?

1919 days ago


Weren't the Jacksons Jehovah's witnesses a one time? Maybe that's why Katherine can't remember birthdates- when you don't celebrate, it's hard to remember birthdates...It's obvioius from the former nanny Grace's comments that Michael didn't know how to manage money or his life. Poppa dearest Joe said the family would, "see that the kids got an education" were they even going to school? These kids' life is so f'd up, they may never recover enough to write a book on it.

1919 days ago

Aussie Mom    

You fans are plain amazing. You must still think OJ is innocent as well. Michael Jackson "bought" these children. Plain and simple. Just like many many of today's entertainers who go to other countries to adopt -- they simply "buy" their children. I don't know the legal aspects of surogacy (sp?) and if adoption must take place when one's sperm or eggs are not used so I cannot attest to these matters. I do know one for certain thing... those who think Michael is some kind of idol need their brains examined. He was a product of this anomoly of child actor/actress malfunctioning socialistic behavior. These people who were raised as entertainers from a young age have mental issues from this pushing and prodding of parents into fame and fortune. It's devastating to their mental health obviously

1919 days ago

Prettydee7 she got his birthday wrong or got some numbers transposed...the woman is like 79 years old! Give this whole MJ think a rest Harvey.

1919 days ago

illestchamp (Champ-ion)    

Okay, thanks for this - but what is BLANKET; II race!? LOL

1919 days ago


"Yesterday, in the guardianship papers, she listed his DOB as 1/21/02. The birth certificate says he was born on 2/21/02, one month later."

Probably just a clerical error made by the person inputting on the form.

The paperwork was obviously done on a "rush basis"

1919 days ago


Is it seriously hard to believe that an 80 year old woman can't remember the birth date of one of her 30 grandchildren! C'mon, this is ridiculous!!

1919 days ago


I think the kids look like him, esp Blanket. If you look at their heads and features you can see similarities to MJ's when he was a kid. They aren't as white as people say. Look at all the Jackson fam including the whacko dad Joe. They all share a unique look. Like many African-Americans, they are not pure 100% decendenants from African slaves. Look at Obama when he stands alone he looks very black, with black features. When he stands next to Biden, he looks very white. Look at him next to Michelle Obama. She's had a lot of work done too, look at her hair.

1919 days ago


I think Blanket might the only Mj kid that shared mj's DNA.

1919 days ago


It might have been a clerical error - ever think of that. These forms are typed out by a secretary/legal clerk. We are human and we make mistakes on the computer and on forms. It is an easy fix. I'm sure Kathryn KNOWS when her grandchild was born and it is a simple error.

1919 days ago
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