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Prince II's Birth Certificate -- No Mother Listed

6/30/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained the birth certificate for Michael Jackson's youngest son -- which only lists the kid as having one parent ... Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's son Click to view!

On the doc, Prince Michael Jackson II's father is listed as MJ -- but the space where Prince's mother is supposed to be named was left blank.

As we reported earlier this morning, Michael is not the biological father of his three children. In Prince Michael's case, the surrogate never knew she was carrying Michael's baby -- who was conceived in vitro.

And this is interesting ... Katherine Jackson apparently doesn't know Prince Michael's date of birth. Yesterday, in the guardianship papers, she listed his DOB as 1/21/02. The birth certificate says he was born on 2/21/02, one month later.


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There are some dumb*ss people posting here. Do you idiots not understand that the fact that blanket has long dark hair like his father's WIG/WEAVE and seems to resemble his father's PLASTIC SURGERY RESULTS if you squint means NOTHING? Surgery, skin bleach, and chemical peels DO NOT AFFECT DNA! So saying the kid looks like Michael Jackson is his most recent incarnations in defense of an alleged biological relationship just shows your ignorance!

1851 days ago

oh my    

Prince looks mulatto or "mixed" in this pic. Look at his nose and the dark hair..I wonder if Michael used his sperm?

1851 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

DEBBIE ROWE IS NOTthe biological mother of the first two kids.They lookNOTHINGlikeher.TMZisLATEwith this news because I have been saying this for years since the kids were photographedunmasked.ANYBODYcanseethekidswere not MJ's biological kids.Common sense- MJ bought anonymous European sperm from the sperm bank and European eggs from the egg bank. I suspect the bank was in Europe. MJ did not want Black kids and he did not want his own sperm used. He could nrisk DR laying monetary claim to the kids.They had to be all his andTHEY ARE HIS.HE BOUGHT THEM! Blakny got here the same way.
NEXT,no egg and sperm donors, who are anonymous,can come forth.Whenyoubuy eggsand spermyou are
MJ and DR could have used a false name as well. MONEY CAN DO ALL KINDS OF THINGS. MONEY TALKS and BULSH*T WALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1851 days ago


Prince is so adorable. I feel so bad for him because who knows if one day he will want to know who his mother is. Most people would. Michael loved him, but was a bit selfish in this thinking. Now all those poor babies are orphans, technically, maybe not biologically.

1851 days ago


Just because his name is on the certificate does not mean that he is the real father. These kids need to be tested. They need to know who their real parents are. What if there is heart disease or cystic fibrosis in their genes that they didn't even know about. I personally think that they are blessed not to be a freak like Jackson. He was a nut case. A pedophile to boot. His not being their father makes perfect sense. It's one thing not to know who your father is, but now we are finding out that the person they thought was their mother isn't really their mother. This is just sick.

1851 days ago


What is sick is people thinking that only common DNA can make a family.
Family is a social construct not a genetic one.

Are you against adoption ??

You don't even know what these kids have been told about their conception.

1851 days ago


Heeey, I was born at that hospital!

1851 days ago

TMZ Staff    

1851 days ago


ok TMZ.......she just lost a child, something a mother should never have to do is bury their own child! give her a break! r any of you grandparents yet? just wait and see if you remember birthdates!?!?!

1851 days ago


Why don't you find Obama's birth certificate next, then we can prove he was born in Kenya and we kick his socialist ass out of the white house!

1851 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Who is going to get custody of Corey Feldman?

1851 days ago


In not too many more years those children -- Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II -- will have a legal right to know their real parentage/heritage (for all of the obvious reasons, including health). MJ and his entourage may have been able to manipulate facts short-term ($$$), but the grown child's legal right will prevail over all of this obfuscation. Michael Jackson, for all of his talented gifts, appears to have been unbelievably short-sighted and naïve about so many serious matters that involve consequences and the law. It's tragic -- and lurid, and seemingly non-stop: his three-ring circus goes on and on.

1851 days ago


Some surrogate mother out there is probably wondering "Did I give birth to that child?"

1851 days ago


Oh my God, I can't believe it....Prince Michael II was born at Grossmont Hospital...I'm from there, in La Mesa...that is crazy. Now I will forever wonder who the mother was...

1851 days ago
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