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Prince II's Birth Certificate -- No Mother Listed

6/30/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained the birth certificate for Michael Jackson's youngest son -- which only lists the kid as having one parent ... Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's son Click to view!

On the doc, Prince Michael Jackson II's father is listed as MJ -- but the space where Prince's mother is supposed to be named was left blank.

As we reported earlier this morning, Michael is not the biological father of his three children. In Prince Michael's case, the surrogate never knew she was carrying Michael's baby -- who was conceived in vitro.

And this is interesting ... Katherine Jackson apparently doesn't know Prince Michael's date of birth. Yesterday, in the guardianship papers, she listed his DOB as 1/21/02. The birth certificate says he was born on 2/21/02, one month later.


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It doesnt matter if hes the BIOLOGICAL father or not ! That is the Father those children have Loved and known there whole lives. There are Plenty of BIOLOGICAL fathers that are dead beats and dont care for there children at all. ! He is there father and always will be in there hearts. Leave the poor kids alone, he isnt even in the ground yet ! Let him rest in peace , no wonder he secluded those children with masks and stuff To keep them safe from terrible horrible people !

1938 days ago


Halle Berry?

1938 days ago

Charles G. Pfeiffer    

Why don't you lay off his kids? Don't they have enough to deal with?

1938 days ago


The mother's was left blank because when there's an adoption, the biological parent's are no longer listed on the certificate. Once an adoption is final, a new birth certificate is issued if a previous one existed, and the adoptive parent's are the only one's listed, and in MJ's case, he was the only adoptive parent. I know this because I am adopted. If you research adoption, my statement proves to be true. Also, no one knows who the kid's belong to until there is DNA testing done. For all you know MJ may be the father of the 2 older kids.......don't jump to conclusions until all the FACTS are on the table!

1937 days ago

Hayley B    

I thought Blanket was born in Europe??

1937 days ago

dead toenail    

Dah! we all knew that when we seen the pics, if you're mixed you're more than likely to have kincky hair(no not sexual hair) black hair. Lets use these investigative skills to find out if Harvey is gay and when is he coming out of the closet.

1937 days ago

ho hum    

The narcissism of the "adults" (and I use the term loosely) involved in these kids' llives, including Michael Jackson himself, is truly sickening. A little boy who does not even have the name of a mother on his birth certificate?? Are you kidding me? Surrogates, Jackson didn't even bother to go through the legal adoption process, one so-called mother giving them up to a clearly disturbed man to raise himself? Exactly what is wrong with this picture? When all the over-killed adulation for Mr. Jackson fades away, these kids will be left with the wreckage of how these people have *****d up. I hope Mr. Jackson rests in peace, but there was really no excuse for some of this.

1937 days ago

Hayley B    

Katherine is a Jehovah's Witness and they don't celebrate or acknowledge birthdays, so it doesn't surprise me she forgot the exact birthdate.

What a bummer for the kids - no more birthdays, Christmas or holidays....

1937 days ago


Who cares who is their biological father!
They are loved and cared for dearly from a person who love them to death and more than any others parents could possibly do!

Please, TMZ, it would be moral to report something based on fact, not what you assume and ruin the innocent kids' lives.


1937 days ago


I am sad that MJ died. He was the one person who I really wanted to met one day. That will never happen. It saddens me that TMZ scrutinized and made jokes of MJ molesting kids. I am 17 years old and people seem to be heartless. Some staff of TMZ are horrible people who instead of making him feel better about his life, made him feel even worse. He already had a terrible childhood and to have a terrible life of being publicly humilated and attacked was to much for a person to handle. MJ R.I.P. My love joes to the Jackson family.

1937 days ago


I don't think it really should matter whether or not he is the biological father or whether he adopted his kids or not.. He is the only father they have ever known and will ever know.. These kids have gone through enough and this should not even be an issue to anyone.. They are his kids no matter which way it is looked at .. he was there for birth and was there to nurture them through their joy and their tears.. and he is with them now.. in their hearts.. Leave these kids alone and let them mourn their father in peace!!

1937 days ago


POOR POOR Michael Jackson's children. With all the horrible coverage on whether or not Michael OR Debbie are the biological parents of the children, is terrible.

Do you realize what you (MEDIA) are doing to these children? All this negative coverage on WHO the biological parents are is really going to leave a bad effect on these poor children.

Michael is their father, and he was a very good father to them. Let the kids REMEMBER Michael as their father and to hell with whether or not Michael and Debbie are their biological parents.


Michael would turn over in his grave if he knew what was going on.


1937 days ago

MJ Fan's    

Why you people so busybody of people matters? The kids will go to who custody, I believe MIchael Jackson himself knew and has decided.

Michael Jackson didn ill-treated kids. He loves this 3 kids as his own fresh.

You guys should sympahty of our King of Pop. Why he leave so suddenly? He looks so healhy in his rehersal picture as shown. Not look like a ill patient.

Someone up there, please investigate MJ case. Investigate throughly. Find out the real reason why MJ dies.

I believe he is innocenced.

1937 days ago


Birth certificates list the legal parents, not necessarily the biological parents.

Since Michael was not married at the time of "Blanket"'s birth, guess what, the mother's slot should be and is empty. The surrogate has no rights since she's not listed. The kid also looks like a young Michael Jackson, so........... guess what, he's Michael's kid!

As for Debbie's kids, she's listed, so she's the legal mother. If you look at the comic shop pictures, they look like young, skinny versions of Debbie. Guess what, they're her kids!

And all of this is moot. You can leave fortunes to stray dogs -- so he can sure leave it to three kids he considered his.

1937 days ago


it doesn't have a mother b/c he had a serogate mother and neither michael jackson or that mother wanted to know who each other were and so incase something like this happened there wouldn't be any knowledge of who she was!!!!!! think about it it makes sense! DUH!

1937 days ago
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