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Inside Neverland Ranch

7/1/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Far from the lavish zoo/theme park/mansion it once was, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is now a barren, forgotten property that was once fit for a King of Pop.



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62. The house looks dark and creepy,and quite small, it definitely needs to be updated if the family plans to make it a museum like Graceland. It would be cool if they bring back the animals and the rides.If its a way for the family to make some money than why not?

Posted at 3:33PM on Jul 1st 2009 by Maritza

Umm, if you update it, then it's not the same. Graceland isn't updated, it still has the old furniture, shag carpet. Everyone is sayin' how dark the house is. Look, it's dark there is no lights on. Put the furniture back in and turn on some lights, it's a actually a nice house. I actually like it. -Steve

1904 days ago


I dont think you all realize that EVERYTHING is gone from Neverland!!! Even the ornate front gates are SOLD! All of this stuff went to auction, so I think it would be virtually impossible to make Neverland what it was. Like Steve said, the whole idea of Graceland is that it is ACTUAL stuff that Elvis walked on, slept on, etc. Not updated or "made to look like".

He even had a museaum in Neverland with all his stuff. EVERYTHING sold from there also.. including his crystal glove, his outfit/clothes, his awards, etc. So, what could you possible put in Neverland to make it an attraction? Rides? They wont even be the rides Micheal rode or put there. They are gone...

1904 days ago


Spoooooky would be awesome to see it turned into a bed and breakfast for MJ fans. There's just something chilling about it that even re-modeling won't fix. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

1904 days ago


58. Barren means empty, you douche bag. Not whether there are walls and a floor.

Posted at 3:14PM on Jul 1st 2009 by Dallas


"Empty," is the least-accepted meaning of "barren." Per Funk & Wagnalls, the first (or most-accepted) definition of "barren" is one who is "sterile" or incapable of producing offspring. The second accepted definition is something which is "unproductive or unprofitable." The third accepted definition is something which is "lacking in interest." And the FOURTH, or least-accepted definition, is "empty or devoid." And some sources, such as Encarta, do not even bother to list "empty" as a definition, because the word "barren" goes beyond merely "empty."

I see the sad state of our educational system is on display yet again, so listen and learn, Einstein.

One does not describe as "barren" something which is only in a TEMPORARILY unproductive state. A 20-year-old woman who does not have kids is not described as "barren" simply because she has no children AT PRESENT. She could have children in the future, so she is not BARREN, merely childless. She is barren only if she is inapable of EVER producing offspring. A vacant lot that is awaiting construction is not described as "barren land." It is merely a vacant or empty lot that will become productive in the future.

Similarly, an empty house is not barren merely because it is temporarily vacant. As with the 20-year-old woman or the vacant lot, the empty home can be furnished and occupied in the future. A barren house would be one which is "incapable of being productive" -- i.e., no walls, no plumbing, no floors, no moldings, no innards. Stripped BARE (the root of barren) and unable to acquire the crucial elements of productivity. Therefore, for the erudite person, the adjective "barren" would not be used to describe a home that is only temporarily unoccupied. It's just an empty house. Period. (To be even more precise, because of Jackson's public comments about the home, the most accurate adjectve would be DESERTED . But to call it "barren" is simply linguistically inaccurate

Every word in the English language is distinct. No two words mean EXACTLY the same thing. Barren and empty do not mean EXACTLY the same thing and barren is incorrect in this instance. (I'm guessing the language portion of the SAT was a real head-scratcher for you.).

Now, if you take a moment to expand your limited knowledge of the Englishh language, you might not have to rely on fifth-grade pejoratives such as "douchebag" when you wish to insult someone. Now why not tax that little pea brain of yours and try to come up with something more creative next time.

1904 days ago


I so wish Michael could be buried here to rest in peace in the only place that apparently brought him some kind of peace, even though it turned bad for him.

No matter what you think of him, he was the most innovative, creative and exciting person the world has known since John Lennon, so why not honor that instead of feeding the hate that we already have too much of in our world?

Michael, bless you and do please rest in peace...

Children, when you read the hateful things you'll find about your father, remember he loved you enough to have you in his life and would never want bad to be part of your lives. Be strong, love life and always know he loved you more than life itself!

1904 days ago


I bet Michael had all those animals as a cover to abuse vet meds.

1904 days ago


I'll admit, at first I was all for a Neverland Museum. But now, I don't care. The place will never be the same. It's so sad looking at those pictures.

With all Michael's personal items scattered around from the auction....his costumes, furniture, records, awards, and so much more. Without those items, it doesn't really matter. That's the only way I'd wanna go visit it, if I could see all the items.

Oh well, at least I still have the music. May you rest in peace Michael... -Steve

1904 days ago


71." Do any of you people that think MJ was innocent, "
Posted at 4:23PM on Jul 1st 2009 by MizB

YES WE DO; he was NEVER proven guilty and one "victim" has since recanted AFTER his ABUSIVE father admitted to the scam, so...

Michael did what every other "star" had done through the years (check out abortions paid for by 40s stars, etc.) and because there were other issues, everyone changed it into other issues.

Rest in peace, Michael. We DO love you and will miss you so much!

1904 days ago


Michelle at 1:4pm July 1st. Exactly what I wanted to say! Michael was poorly misjudged! He is definitely in the right place now- where he is free and unridiculed! We'll miss you, MJ! Rest in Peace!!

1904 days ago


Of all the people in this world Michael Joseph Jackson (8-/29/58 – 6/ 25/09) shouldn’t have any enemies. But, he did and this is what caused his financial failure and his death. His death was not of natural causes. The same organization that killed Anna Nicole Smith killed Michael. Michael displayed the same symptoms as Nicole, persistent insomnia, weakness, a form of incoherentness, and off-balance. Just watching them in the media revealed this. They were targeted by a well-known organization ( I believe this site belongs to this organization. They have been after Michael since 1990. My belief of Michael being a target and his death was because of this, was confirmed after reading these words of Michael, “One side of my body is hot, it's hot, and one side of my body is cold. It's very cold.” In this same report I read of his insomnia problem. I personally have experienced these same problems. They are caused by too much exposure to electromagnet forces or radio waves (micro waves). Continuous exposure will cause our health (heart) to deteriorate. I’m a target too and have found that this is one of the methods this organization use on targets. There are no evidences from it use and the haters enjoy torturing the victim. I have known for sometime they have been sending harmful radio waves over power lines that were causing my problem. By the way I have observed one city block being activated only, lead me to the concluded that the circuits to do this is in the gray Cans (transformers) seen on top of telephone poles. From my knowledge of electronic those Cans should contain 2 coils of wire, around an iron core, and filled with oil. If a Can was cut open and revealed a circuit board embedded, this is what killed. Since his death the transformer may have been removed. Still, they will be one wherever he has lived that is controlled. If you are a target often, you will have your own transformer coming to your dwelling so they can play with your life at will. The true I believe they have xformers coming to everyone’s dwelling. This is what can be experienced when exposed; hot flashes, warm or hot on parts of the body, sting like sensation, irritated sensation, headaches, certain body parts aching, hot on a cool day, aching around base of teeth, fingers locking, weakness, depression, sickly, off-balance, heart irregular beating or fast, can’t sleep, sleep but wakes up with heart beating fast and breathing hard. If you really wants know what is going on, you’ll download this PDF report:
By the way this was also the cause of James Brown death. You may be a target, just look around and see who is following you, especially when going on the road. Here is a list of people that I believe is a target: Hershey Walker (NFL), Linda Ronstadt , The Dixie Chicks, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, MC Hammer, anyone having to do with the making of National Treasure II, Patrick Swayze, Michael J. Fox, Mohamed Ali, and many others or anyone that possesses the qualities of those on this list. Oh, yeah, O.J. Simpson is a victim too. Here is a list of people this organization has killed: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X , Martin Luther King, Jr., James Brown, Anna Nicole Smith, Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr., Bernie Mac, and now Michael Jackson. Of course there are others I cannot think of names. If you look closely, you will find the similarities that caused this organization to kill them. One of Michael qualities giving, he donated and raised millions of dollars for beneficial causes through his foundations, support of 39 charities and he could dance. Haters don’t like this. Whitney has done the same thing with charities. Those who are up there, but haven’t given, are haters. MC Hammer gave too much.

1904 days ago


Welli think Micheals death was very sad and terribly shocking, but i do agree that there is other news to report on, and people, especially the media should stop capitalizing Micheal's death. Anywho, the ranch looks really dark and depressing, and now with Micheals death the family could say that Micheal haunts it and turn it into some haunted museum...i'd visit it.

1904 days ago


The grounds are beautiful......the house not so much........very dark.

1904 days ago

ShamWOW is next    

I dont like MJ or hate him, i just dont give a flying rats ass about him or his never-ending media. I will say this to all the people out there, just because someone is acquitted of charges on a crime doesn't mean they are innocent it just means the evidence wasn'nt strong enough (or he paid the judges and jury enough money...jk jk all). There have been murderers and rapists that have been acquitted simply because lack of evidence but it doesnt mean they didnt do it. Just saying.....

1904 days ago


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm according to #98 one of the reasons Michael Jackson was targeted to be eliminated by the "organization" that stalked & killed him is because he could dance.......and the "haters" don't like that. This ancient "organization" is also responsible for the deaths of Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy & Martin Luther name a few.

beam me up Scotty..................

1904 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Nice house if I were filthy rich.. I would buy it and live in it.. and fix up what ever needs repairs and enjoy the gardens... How beautiful.. and how sad all at the same time.. He felt he could never live there anymore... and all you sick haters... He is dead ok! The wage sin pays in is Death... so he has paid for his sins what ever they are.... We only know that our Legend, Icon, Childhood friend, brother, son, father, cousin. childhood identity, symbol of carefree moments in youth. OUR KING OF POP is dead... And the disgusting haters probably is what killed him. No one can live under such scrutiny and pressure from all the stress you sicko's put him threw. And just to educate you, the Boy who claimed M.J molested him all those years ago came forward and said his dad made him say those things just to get money, And now he is sorry and feels very badly! So you are crusifying a man who is actually innocent of those sick charges... Those of us who have always loved him and his music... The REAL fans knew this all along! NOW SHUT UP!!

1904 days ago
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