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Jackson Family: No Public Viewing at Neverland

7/1/2009 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson FamilyThe Jackson family has just released a statement via their newly acquired reps, saying there will be no public or private service for Michael Jackson at Neverland.

"Contrary to previous news reports, the Jackson family is officially stating that there will be no public or private viewing at Neverland.

Plans are underway regarding a public memorial for Michael Jackson, and we will announce those plans shortly."


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Lioness T    

What are The Jackson family playing at??? why they saying no public viewing for his fans to say Goodbye to The King Of Pop!!!!! Do they realise that Michael was special to us all aswell??? I am a fan from London who had a ticket for the 3rd night at the O2 and i am so gutted what has happend to Michael and i am watching sky news 24/7 to find out as much as i can about whats going on in USA. The Whole World is in mourning not just Michaels Family and US fans..... R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson.... We Love you x x

1917 days ago


Even after he is dead he is still canceling appearences. LOL

1917 days ago


Finally, the family comes to their senses! Neverland was a terrible idea. A public viewing should be held Friday at Staples Center, and a public funeral should be held there Saturday. The family can have the private service on Sunday at Neverland (or wherever they want), then he should be buried in Gary, Indiana. Museum and crypt would bring millions of tourism dollars to the city and state.

1917 days ago


Every Since I heard of this public viewing and heard about the long narrow road to Neatherland and how un kept the grounds were and all... and how they were going to pull this off by Friday ? Also How would he be layed out for Viewing ? Without Fans trying to jump on him etc... I thought maybe he Would have been placed in a Glass Coffin like Snow White ? With Air conditioning ? Just a Thought After All he has been dead almost a Week now and driven & flown all over Calf since he died ?

1917 days ago


wow 3 easy payments was first! now thats news!
he was always last and everyone hated him. so i'm sure his family is very proud!

1917 days ago


Not really a MJ fan and probably like a lot of people sat on the fence with regards to him being innocent or not,read a lot of comments regarding MJ saying he was guna die like elvis presley if you read what is written on elvis' death is elvis really dead?there is a lot of similarities between the two cases so am now wondering is MJ really dead?or is it a big cover up cos he aint up to performing in his concerts an maybe he has been removed from public life in an attempt to protect him an his health,been thinkin this 4 a few days an this breakin news..........

1917 days ago


WELL FINALLY! I THOUGHT THIS WAS WEIRD TO BEGIN WITH! WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT OF A PUBLIC VIEWING OF THE BODY????? THAT'S CRAZY!!! Hopefully, the person in charge just changed their mind about it or it was just a rumor to begin with...

Rest in peace, dear Michael Jackson!

1917 days ago


No viewing? Right! Since the family has no meal ticket, they are going to hold out for a payment, and then allow a viewing....Joe, Jesse, and Al are ALL CROOKED. When it becomes financially beneficial to the family, there will be a viewing at Neverland.

1917 days ago


is there no other entertainment news going on???

TMZ haz become the Michael Jackson memorial site!

Karl Malden just died - why aren't you reporting on that?

why has there been no mention of Farrah's funeral??

Let MJ rest in peace already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1917 days ago


Thank God, The family needs to have a private service, for just the family. A memorial later on for fans & friends would
be nice. His funeral would become a circus. Not needed at time of a death. Family should be aloud to grieve in private.
They loved him, he belongs with his family., RIP Michael.

1917 days ago

oh my    

Joe's still grieving about being excluded from the will.

1917 days ago


I forgot who announced the memorial/viewing in the first place! Have to find it unless someone remembers.

Okay, enough MJ news for me in one day.

RIP Michael. And to those who come here and diss TMZ for posting MJ news ... I heard Perez Hilton is looking for some new posters. Go away and quit griping for Pete's sake.

1917 days ago


Now that the will was filed and the family is getting crapola, they don't want to pay for a farwell for him, they are disgusting, the whole family except for MJ

1917 days ago


What else would you expect from a bunch of greedy bastards..I mean how easy they forget why they have what they have, and why their son did. "The People, The Fans"..Bury the damn guy, and lets move from all this Jackson drama.

1917 days ago

First whores!    

49. wow 3 easy payments was first! now thats news!
he was always last and everyone hated him. so i'm sure his family is very proud!

Posted at 4:00PM on Jul 1st 2009 by why

why you even respoind to the idiots who post first? you as dum as them why

1917 days ago
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