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Jackson Riddled with Injection Marks

7/1/2009 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMultiple sources tell TMZ Michael Jackson had dozens of injection sites all over his body.

As we first reported, Propofol, a powerful anesthetic, was found in the house after Jackson died. Various medical experts tell us there is absolutely no medical justification for Jackson to have had this drug in his home -- it is used to knock people out before surgery. It is administered through an IV.

We're told Jackson wanted the drug to sleep and that he had cravings for anesthesia -- whenever he had even the most minor medical procedure ... he had the doctor put him under.

It is increasingly looking like Propofol may have caused Jackson to go into cardiac arrest and die. The doctors we spoke with say it's reckless for any doctor to supply Jackson with Propofol and especially reckless to administer it to him at home.

The fact that Jackson had dozens of injection sites on his body would have made it clear to any doctor that Jackson had a drug problem.

Criminal manslaughter is defined as the reckless disregard for human life. The talk in law enforcement -- this case seems to fit the bill.


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Really TMZ enough!!!!

1907 days ago


Yeah, its surprising cuz based on what I've read from ICU personnel, the thought of Propofol being used at a residence is absolutely insane.

1907 days ago


If it's a reckless use of Proponol, then that means that MICHAEL JACKSON was MURDERED at the hands of Dr. Murray & Dr. Klein.

LAPD, do your job and arrest Klein & Murray for manslaughter!

1907 days ago


I meant I wonder if he could have been injecting himself. Long day!

1907 days ago

Yeti Lee    

So I guess TMZ now stands for The Michael Zone, nice of you guys to mention the passing of Karl Malden on the site.

1907 days ago


Must be coming from Dr. Klein and administered by Dr. Murray and the reason Dr. Murray spent the night and why he waited for Michael to pull out of the anaesthetized atate.

This is tragic beyond words because it was totally unnecessary.

Murder charges? Or will Dr.Klein get out of it because of his status as cosmetic dermatologist to the "stars" ?

1907 days ago


It was Bubbles the monkey in the Library with the needle!

1907 days ago


so the autopsy information that was leaked a few days ago WASN'T completely false. all of it was completely true.......and obviously so.

1907 days ago


Manslaughter?? I'd call it murder.

Thanks Harvey and TMZ for staying so on top of what happened to Michael. You're the best.

TMZ's Levin a smart, sexy interview -

1907 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

We find out after he died that he had a drug problem,where was everybody before this was disclosed,maybe all of the Jackson entourage should be jailed for accessory to murder. Somebody knew of this detail,this is really money motivated,why is Jessie Jackson not crying foul,how come Al sharpton is not standing up to the people that were by Jacksons side,Those two are just brown noser and ass kissers.

1907 days ago


A doctor is not suppose to take orders from his patient no matter what ...........Money talks greedy Bastard Dr Death Murray

1907 days ago


to L # 13

No you can not inject your self, because it knocks you out as Soon as it goes into you veins.

I had this once for an operation. I was out as soon as they put in into the IV.

So Someone Had to Give it to MJ....

He may have Injected Other Drugs.

1907 days ago


"Propofol, a powerful anesthetic". FTFY

1907 days ago



1907 days ago


Anyone know if Dr. Klein performed Michael's cometic surgeries?

Whoever did ought to have their license pulled for doing such a botch-job!

Or did they try to wreck his face to make him look like a freak?

1907 days ago
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