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Neverland Ranch -- Where's the Potty At?

7/1/2009 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In preparation of Michael Jackson's body returning to Neverland Ranch for a public viewing this Friday or Saturday, a truck full of porta-pottys dropped off its first load late Tuesday night.

Neverland  Ranch Porta Potties
Jackson's body is set to be transported to the Santa Barbara estate early tomorrow morning.

Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch Launch Photos


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Enough with the pedophile slander. Without proof, that's all it is. If you believe this so strongly, present your evidence proving it, or SHUT UP. If your evidence is what you've heard, then you're more ignorant than any tabloid rag out there. Apparently you can't think for yourself; you let gossip and tabloid rags think for you. Gossip can make and break people. How would you feel if someone accused you of being a pedophile? You'd ask them to prove it, right? Well, I'm asking you to PROVE IT or SHUT UP. If you or anyone else had anything proving this, it would have come to light by now.

If you have evidence to back up your claim, maybe you should contact Mr. Jacksons attorney and file a lawsuit.
Yeah, I didn't think so.

Right now, all you're doing is making slanderous comments about a pop icon, and it needs to STOP.


1886 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

IC'mon, we gonna potty like it's $19.99!!! Woo!!

1886 days ago


.... I want to add a P.S. to comment #14...besides the 'POTTYS';whats next,a BEER & HOT DOG stand...oh, & don't forget the ELEPHANT rides! You all are freakin' PATHETIC trying to cash in on whats supposed to be a somber occasion,puttting a person to rest...Michael will be ROLLING OVER in his GRAVE! HEART goes out to his CHILDREN.GOD BLESS YOU!!!

1886 days ago


Dammit! I'm gonna sue! I had the porta potty concession!

1886 days ago

Heather N    

Any idea what time michael's body is comming thru the area?

1886 days ago


It's about time.................theres been sh*t going on there for years..........

1886 days ago

cozy powell    

What a sh**y story.

1886 days ago


I gotta take a big Marc Borg

1886 days ago


The local police will show people around. They've been to Neverland before.

1886 days ago


Thanks a lot. This is sooooo interesting, and sooooo important. I wish I could make you TMZ people waste part of your lives staring at a photo of my toilet.

1886 days ago


God Bless you Michael, you are now at peace!! Through the power of prayer may your family get through this difficult time.

1886 days ago

A Huge FAN    

I'll say this again. If you have nothing nice to say, SHUTUP. I'll bet not ONE of the people so quick to make derrogatory comments about a deceased Michael Jackson would be MAN or WOMAN enough to step up a speak to his loved ones faces in the same manner. It makes me sick to think there are such evil and SICK people in the world. Let the man rest in peace. And on the pedophile issue, I hope the greedy jerks that filed those claims don't have another peaceful nights rest for the rest of their lives.

1886 days ago


I read what Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson wrote and if i could meet her i would do some really bad things to her.Im may be 13 but i dont care. Here is what she had to say: THOUGH HE DIED TO THIS EARTH HE LIVES WITH MY FATHER [SATAN THE DEVIL] KHALID LUCIFER.
That was just...if i could ever meet her her world would be turned upside down!
i hate you Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson and i hope you dont get into THE KING OF POP:MICHAEL JACKSON'S FUNERAL!!!!!!!

1886 days ago


I never heard of the onion newspaper .... you know I had a dream that this Michael could be a fake who just died. I wonder if that is the real Michael Jackson that they found?

1886 days ago

shirley thom    

what he needed a good woman to care for him and love for who he was and he could trust he he needed to be loved not made fun of and to understand him wish he could have found someone special to his children they will always be jacksons and be pround of ther name and who thre father is and never for get him

1885 days ago
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